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It means: what are you eating?

You would answer by saying either: "Como....." or "Estoy comiendo....." followed by whatever you are eating


Estoy comiendo fresas. (Strawberries)

Como papas fritas. (Fries)

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Q: How would you answer Que comes?
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What does fais ce que dois advienne que pourra?

"fais ce que dois, advienne que pourra" is an old French sentence meaning "do as you ought to, and then comes what may" I would use the subjunctive "come what may".

Que comes mucho?

Que comes mucho means, "That you eat a lot." BUT, Qué comes mucho means, "What do you eat a lot (of)?" Be careful because the accents are important.

'Quién es el que viene con usted' in Spanish?

Quién es el que viene con usted would translate to mean 'who is he that comes to you' in English.

How do you respond to que to gusta hacer?

Te gusta comes from the verb gustar which means to like or to please. Hacer means to do or to make. So Que te gusta hacer would be "What do you like to do?"

What does que viene mean in spanish?

"que viene" literally means "that comes". When preceded by a day, month or the word year, it means "next" as in next month (El mes que viene). Next Tuesday (el martes que viene) As part of a sentence such as "el que viene tarde compra las bebidas" the meaning is "that comes" (the one that comes late buys the drinks)

What does Que comes en el desayuno?

What do you eat as breakfest?

DE QUE in English?

"De que" would be "Of what" in English.

How are Que questions answered?

"Que" means "what." So you answer how you would answer a "what" question. For example: "Qu'est que tu fais?" (What are you doing?) You would answer with an activity.

What is the French translation of let it be?

By use of a translator - it comes out to que ce soitTranslating this back to English comes out to whatsoever

What does que comes en el recreo mean?

What do you eat during recess?

What does que comes para la cena mean?

in english is "what do you eat for dinner?"

How do you spell que as in que the music?

That would be CUE. A queue is a line.