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One way to translate Chinese to English is to use Google Translate. To do this, simply go to Google Translate and type what is wanted to be translated between the two languages.

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Q: Is there a website that will translate Chinese to English?
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Can anyone Translate this from chinese to english?

translate what?

Is there a webite to translate names from English to Chinese?

Yes, the link of such a website has added below. It is for your reference.

How Tagalog translate to mandarin Chinese language?

english to chinese

How do you write a letter to you mom in Chinese?

You translate it from English into Chinese.

How can you translate the Chinese characters in an email you received?

There are a few ways to translate an email you have received from Chinese to English. 1. Ask someone who reads Chinese to translate it for you. 2. Email the email to someone who reads Chinese to translate it for you. 3. Buy/use a program that will translate Chinese to English on your computer. 4. Use an online Chinese-English translator (Use any search engine and search for 'Online Chinese English Translator'.

How do you translate English names into Chinese?

what are you doing

How do you make ttds cheats English instead of Chinese?

you don't translate the cheats you update them i no a website were you can download them http:/

How can a person translate Chinese writing into English?

A person can translate Chinese writing into English by using one of the many online translations websites. This can be done on 'Google Translate', 'Babylon' and 'MDBG'.

How do you translate to pinyin from English?

Pinyin (拼音) is romanization of Chinese characters. Basically, it spells out the sound of the Chinese word. To translate from English to Pinyin, you would have to know what you are translating in English, the translation in Chinese, and then the romanization of the Chinese characters.

How do you translate English words to Chinese words?


How can you translate Persian sentence in English is there any website?

google translate

What website tranlates American words to Chinese?

Google translate can

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