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How long is a piece of string? - twice as long as half its length.

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Q: What is length of thread?
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What is the length of a tea bag thread?

A tea bag thread measures a few centimeters or inches in length.

How do you find the circumference of a ball?

Put a thread arround the ball and measure the thread's length.

How is the length of thread cone calculated?

First take a piece of thread having length of 10 yards. Weight it. then devide it at 10. now you have the weight of one yard. now multiply it to your desired length.

1000 m spool of thread is what stitch count?

This question cannot be answered. It is the thickness of the thread that matters, not the length.

Define Warp and a weft?

wrap is the length wise of longitudinal thread in a row while weft is the transverse thread.

What is the standard thread length on a pipe?

americanNPT pipe thread i want how much taper it has depends on the pipe size/diameter

What is a length of thread called?

A particular length of thread or yarn conforming to the kind of fiber is called a hank. For linen, it is 274 meters (300 yards). For cotton, a hank is 768 meters (840 yards).

What is the smallest snake in world?

The Barbos Thread Snake is the smallest snake in the world, reaching only 4 inches in length.

What direction is the warp on a garment?

The direction for warp is the thread that goes the length of the fabric

What is the maximum length of continuous silk thread obtained from cocoon?

It is from 300m to 900m

Will cotton shorts shrink in length or width?

they will shrink in the way that the thread is running

What is the temperature of the mercury when the length of the mercury thread is 8cm?

The mercury is at ambient temperature.

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