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"Punto". But if you use it like "You have a spot there in your shirt" then spot would be "mancha" in that case.

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Q: What is spot in Spanish?
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What is the Spanish word for spot?

visto... for example he was spotted in the park. el fue visto en el parque

How do you say from here on in spanish?

De aqui en adelante (from this spot on forward).

What does alla' mean in spanish?

alla means "[over] there [in that direction]. alli means "there [in that spot]"

Why Lump behind head know bald spot?

Lump behind head went to high school with bald spot. They took Spanish together their junior year.

What is the spanish word alla mean in English?

"Alla" means "over there". "Allí" means "There in that spot"

What language does the word pinta come from?

Spanish for "marking", "spot", "appearance", "look", "pint", "aspect", or "facet".

When translated from English to spanish how do you say your happy spot?

go to google translate it should come out as su lugar feliz

Why are the spanish steps famous?

The Spanish Steps is the most famous staircase in Rome, Italy. It was built to celebrate the peace treaty between France and Spain. It is a popular tourist spot because of its unique and elegant design.

How do you say i hope i get a spot on the team for cheerleading in spanish?

Espero que yo recibo un puesto en el equipo de porristas.

Where is an A spot on a women?

What do you mean by the 'A' spot? What do you mean by the 'A' spot?

Do you have a list of spanish names for dogs?

Beauty Rocco rose wind kiki key-ko diva Rosa usi baby pami lils Leo spot cal

Did Elizabeths people spot the Spanish Armada while they were in Calais?

Yes. They had spotted them before that and had chased them up the English Channel until the Armada had stopped in Calais. Whilst the Spanish were in Calais, the English sent burning ships into the Armada and the Spanish panicked. Only two-thirds of the Armada made it back to Spain alive after being chased around Britain by the English.