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no they live in the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean too

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Q: Do puffer fish live in the arctic ocean?
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Are puffer fish from the rainforest?

No. Puffer fish live in the ocean, not in rainforests.

Where puffer fish live?

in ocean

What ocean zone do Puffer fish live in?

what zone does the puffer fishmlive in

In which zone does the puffer fish live.?

Pufferfish are typically found in tropical and subtropical ocean waters around the world. They can inhabit reef environments, seagrass beds, and sandy areas along coastal regions.

Is the water salty where puffer fish live?

yes it is because it lives in the ocean.

What fish live in the arctic ocean?

all sorts of fish you name it and its in there:) i promise.

What is the habitat of an ocean sunfish?

There are a few different fish species named Sunfish the ones that live in the ocean live in the rockier more cavernous areas and eat jellyfish and puffer fish.

How long does a puffer fish live?

Puffer fish have a lifespan that typically ranges from 5 to 10 years in the wild, but they can live longer, up to 15-20 years, in captivity when given proper care.

Why do lobsters live in the arctic ocean?

Lobsters will live in any ocean where they can find food. Lots of fish live in cold waters.

How large is a puffer fish in the Atlantic ocean?

yes there many species of puffer fish that live in the Atlantic. i caught a few at Jones beach myself.

What part of the ocean does a puffer fish live in?

puffer fish are mostly found near shore in temperate and tropical seas worldwide. though some are oceanic or live in the deep sea .A large number of puffers are found in brackish and fresh water.

In What climate does the puffer fish live in?