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Gardening can be either a profession, if you earn your living at it or a hobby if you do it for pleasure.

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Q: What type of activity is gardening?
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Is getting paid for gardening an economic activity?

Yes that would be an economic activity.

Where would gardening be on the physical activity pyramid?


How does gardening contribute to the creative and aesthetic values of the family?

Gardening itself is a very creative activity. It is a very diverse and colorful activity which shows your creative side.

Why is vegetable gardening a profitable activity for a family?

Vegetable gardening can help a family afford healthy food, get exercise and sunshine, and learn valuable skills.

Should gardening taught as a school subject?

Yes, teaching gardening in schools can have many benefits such as teaching students about food production, nutrition, sustainability, and connecting them with nature. It can also promote physical activity, creativity, and responsibility among students.

What are the essential gardening accessories?

This depends on what type of gardening you are trying to do. Usually a hoe, hose, and a shovel are quite essential.

Name an activity for which people wear gloves?

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What type of gardening is good for children?

Children can enjoy any type of gardening but they often like gardening where they can eat what they grow or something like pumpkins where they can decorate them for Halloween. Some children really enjoy entering local county fairs where they can win ribbons.

How does knowledge of gardening help improve the life of most famillies?

Gardening knowledge helps with saving on the grocery bill by growing vegetables. The act of working in the garden is a good family project , healthy activity and togetherness.

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