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Q: What countries don't have nuclear power plants?
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Is new zealand the only nuclear free country?

no, there are many countries that dont have nuclear power, or nuclear weapons

What do Australians use nuclear energy for?

What you are a f@#k head australians dont have nuclear power plants

Why dont people use nuclear power plants anymore?

A lot of people use nuclear power daily throughout the world.

Find out how hybrid computers are used in nuclear power plants?

i dont know mabye

How do nuclear power plants destroy the world?

Nuclear power plants do not destroy the world. While there are risks associated with nuclear power, such as accidents and radioactive waste disposal, when operated safely and responsibly, nuclear power can provide a reliable source of clean energy. Stringent regulations and safety measures are in place to minimize these risks and ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plants.

Why dont we use nuclear fusion in nuclear power plants?

Because no one has been able to produce a continuous fusion reaction so far.

Why dont you use nuclear fusion power plants?

Because we do not have the technology to build them. It may be 50 years before we do.

Nuclear power is dengerous?

# i dont think nuclear power is bad i can bring jobs to your area.

What are the benefits of a nuclear power?

i dont know, somebody has to answer this question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

What radioactive metal is used for nuclear power?

Uranium is the radioactive element used in nuclear power plants these days. This element has a very high energy content.

Why do other countries use more nuclear power than the US?

Other countries may use more nuclear power than the US due to factors such as proactive government support and incentives, energy security concerns, and a desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, some countries may have less access to alternative energy sources, leading them to rely more heavily on nuclear power for their energy needs.

How do you use nuclear power at home?

you dont!! indirectly, via your electric outlets.