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He is a justice of the peace, marrying them to other people.

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Q: How did a man legally marry three women in Michigan without divorcing any of them becoming legally separated from them or any of them dying?
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How did Mark legally marry three women in Utah without divorcing any of them becoming legally separated or any of them dying?

he is a judge or a priest - performing the marriage, not actually getting married to the women himself. Mark was either the judge or priest who married the 3 couples.

If a women is legally married but separated legally and has a baby with another man can the other man be put on the birth certificate in the state of Michigan?

No he can not be put on record as the father as he is not legally married to be a father. See related link regarding presumption of paternity in Michigan.

Are you legally emancipated once you have a child at the age of 16 in the state of Michigan?

No. Becoming a parent does not emancipate a minor.

How does legally separated differ tax wise than being divorced?

If you are legally separated you are still legally married.

Can a husband be put on child support if he is not legally separated?

Yes, as being separated, and legally separated are two different items.

Are brad and Angelina divorcing?

Brad and Angelina have never been legally married.

You live in NC can you drop your spouse from health coverage because you are legally separated?

As you both are legally separated you can do it.

Legally separated can you get married?


Can you remarry if legally separated in Arizona?

No you can not go and get remarried in the state of Arizona, if legally separated , you must remember you have to legally divorced to get married anywhere.

How does a woman legally marries 5 men without divorcing any?

If the previous four have died.

Is Lil Wayne still legally married?

yes he is still legally married but is legally separated

Can legally separated share the same house in PA?

You are permitted to share the same house with anyone you want, whether legally separated or not.

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