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You may buy them online from DVD stores or you may be able to find them in local DVD stores. Some fitness stores may also carry the workout DVDs if they are popular.

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Q: Where can I get dance workout DVDs?
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What are the best dance workout DVDs?

The dance workout DVDs with the best reviews tend to be belly dancing. Some DVDs that come highly recommended are The Bellydance Shimmy Workout Starring Sarah Skinner and Belly Dance For Beginners Starring Leila.

Where can I find some good dance workout videos online?

You can find some great dance workout videos online at the following sites I have included . This one is the ten best dance workout videos.

Where can I find the best workout DVDs?

You can find the best workout videos on the web sites I have included for you at the following sites.

Who are some celebrity trainers with workout DVDs?

Some of the most well known celebrity trainers with workout DVDs include Tracy Anderson and Ramona Braganza. Their workout DVDs are suited for many types of people.

Where can one purchase Cathe Friedrich workout DVDs?

You can purchase Cathe Friedrich workout DVDs online from retailers such as Amazon. Once on the website, type "Cathe Friedrich workout DVDs" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the DVDs.

Where can I buy a kickboxing workout DVD?

You can buy a kickboxing workout video at the following sites online. I looked up some for you to look at , and

What are the best Fitness DVDs available?

Here's a list of different Fitness DVDs from a website. These are definitely worth buying as reviews for them are very good.

Does playing Dance Dance Revolution be considered as a workout?

Yes, dance is a great form of fun and is an intense workout!

Hip hop abs?

Hip Hop Abs is a workout routine by Shaun T. This set of DVDS is put out by Beachbody a company that is well known for workout DVDS.

What is a more intense workout football or dance?


What are the best workout DVD's?

This website gives you 10 of the best workout DVDs. Each and every one provides you with what part of the body the DVD is best for. For example, the "10 Minute Solution: Rapid Results Pilates" is best for Core Strength. The link is here:

My DVD player plays workout video but not DVDs?

I wish i could see answers to this. I have the exact opposite problem. My dvd player will play movies but not any of my workout dvds.

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