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The strongest and most stable bonds involve carbon (C) to carbon bonds. C in sp, sp2, and sp3 hybridization, that is single, double and triple bonds, are the most stable.

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Q: How many bonds would a carbon atom make when it is most stable?
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How many bonds must a carbon atom have in order to be stable?

4 covalent bonds result in a stable carbon atom.

How many covalent bonds can a carbon atom from to become stable?


Why does a carbon atom form four covalent bonds?

A carbon atom has 4 electrons in its outer shell, and requires 8 to make itself stable. As all elements want to be stable, they need to find electrons from elsewhere. As carbon is a non-metal, if it bonds with another non-metal then it will form covalent bonds, where the two non-metals share the electrons between themselves. Also, as carbon needs 4 extra electrons, it will form 4 of these covalent bonds to make itself stable.

Why are six atom carbon rings more stable than 3 or 4 rings?

The stress on the carbon=carbon bonds is minimal in a hexagonal carbon ring. Fewer carbons raises the stress and increases the likelihood of bonds breaking.

How many bonds can one one carbon atom have?

A carbon atom can form 4 bonds at maximum.

What attributes carbon atom to allow it to form varied molecules?

It has the ability to form stable bonds since it has 4 valence electrons.

Why a carbon atom cannot make 4 bonds with another carbon atom?

Its all because of the electron dencity around the nucleus.when a carbon atom makes 3 bonds with another carbon atom there exists 1 sigma bond and 2 pi bonds,but it needs very high energy to have 1 sigma bond and 3 pi bonds that's why a carbon atom cannot make 4 bonds with another carbon atom.

The carbon atom is capable of forming how many covalent bonds?

The carbon atom can form up to four covalent bonds.

Is carbon a stable atom?

very, one of the most stable.

How does a carbon dioxide molecule have a stable set of eight valence for each atom?

Carbon dioxide is a molecular compound with covalent bonds. This means that the oxygen and carbon atoms share electrons so that each atom has a stable octet. Molecular compounds exist only between non-metals.

Which molecules show an appropriate number of bonds around each carbon atom?

The molecule that shows an appropriate number of bonds around each carbon atom should show the carbon atom with 4 total bonds.

How does a carbon atom become stable?

The only way a carbon atom becomes stable is if they gain or lose electrons. Typically carbon will bond with other elements to do this.

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