How many ounces of lo mein in a pint?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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1 pint = 16 ounces

1 ounce = 0.06 pint

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1 US pint - 16 US fluid ounces

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Q: How many ounces of lo mein in a pint?
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How many carbohydrates are there in chow mein and lo mein?

In one cup of chow mein there are 30 carbs.

What is healthier beef lo mein or french fries with chicken wings?

Beef lo mein

How many grams is in one ounce of Veggie Lo Mein?


What is a good Chicken Lo Mein recipe?

I found a few sites online that can help you with chicken lo mein recipes , Recipes , ... Chinese Chicken and Poultry

What country does lo mein come from?


Why do Chinese people eat lo mein?

Because its fun. And soup is good YEAH Kittys :3 =^-^= Rawr lo mein is my favroite food.

When did lo mein come to the US?

Lo Mein came to the Untied States around 1947 but was introduced to the Tied states eight years earlier.

How does one pronounce lo mein?

One pronounces the word "lo mein" as "low main". These are a type of Chinese noodle that usually have a meat or vegetable cooked with them, and sometimes rice.

Can someone give me a chicken Lo Mein Recipe?

You can find a good chicken lo Mein recipe from many different places. The Cooking Network is a great source to use to find all types of delicious recipes. If nothing on the television is of any assistance, you can always try the internet.

How do you pronounce lo mein?

[Low Mine] I know this because my last name is Mein and its pronounced like the English word Mine.

What is the difference between chowmein and hakka noodles?

Chow mein - main ingredient is noodles with vegetables and option of meat. Chop suey - main ingredient is bean sprouts with vegetables and option of meat. Subgum. - main ingredient is vegetables (usually with cooked celery) and option of meat. Depending on the Chinese restaurant more authentic restaurants include bean sprouts. My grandpa owned 3 Chinese-American restaurants in Michigan, and is from Shanghai, China

Where and why is rail transport the most convenient means of transport?

moo mein lo ge