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Waves can travel through many media, depending on their nature. Sound waves can go through solids, liquids and gases. Transverse shock waves can only travel through solids. Electromagnetic waves can go through some solids, liquids or gases, or through a vacuum.

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Q: What are the three mediums that waves can travel through?
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What are three mediums that waves can travel through?

Not all waves require mediums to propagate.Sound waves can travel through solid, liquid and gaseous mediums, while, electromagnetic waves do not require any medium to travel through.

What are the three mediums waves can travel through?

empty space, air, and oceans

What mediums can an earthquake travel through?

It can travel through seismec waves.

What are the mediums that waves travel through?

Waves can travel through all the three medium that are known as solid, liquid and gas. Only the speed differs.

What are mediums that waves can travel through?

This depends a lot on the type of waves you're talking about. Sound waves, for example, can travel through water, solid, and air mediums, but not through a vacuum. Electromagnetic waves, however, can travel in a vacuum.

What are mediums that light waves can travel through?


What mediums did the waves in the Exploration travel through?


What mediums do sound waves travel through easiest?

Metals such as iron

What kinds of mediums can a sound waves travel through?

It can travel through a solid, liquid, gas, and plasma

Can Seismic waves travel through space?

NO! Seismic waves can't travel through space. They are mechanical waves. Mechanical waves require going through mediums and there isn't a medium in space.

What are some of the mediums that ultraviolet waves can travel through?

Alabama is east of Germany.

What form does sound travel through a medium in?

Sound travels through mediums in sound waves.

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