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in that order from slowest to fastest

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Q: What are three mediums waves can pass through?
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Do sound waves lose energy more quickly in stiff mediums or in less stiff mediums?

in stiff and not stiff mediums stiff mediums are too strong to let the sound wave molecules pass through, whereas less stiff mediums eventually leave the sound waves to loose energy as they pass through. the atmosphere would have to be just right from mediums, no more, no less.

What type of mediums do sound waves travel trough?

All matter. However, sound waves cannot pass through vacuums, such as space.

What are 3 mediums that sound waves pass through?

Anything made up of atoms will allow sound to pass through. You can classify such materials any way you wish.

How do you know that light is an example of electromagnetic waves rather than mechanical?

Light does not travel as a mechanical vibration. It can pass through some mediums, but through a vacuum as well.

When do waves bend traveling through a medium?

Waves bend when they pass from one medium to another. This phenomenon is called refraction. It occurs due to the differences in molecular density between the two mediums.

Shear waves will not pass through the?

Shear waves will not pass through the molten outer core of the Earth.

Do secondary waves travel through solids but not through liquids?

Secondary waves are transverse or shear waves which are able to pass through solids, but are not able to pass through liquids.

S waves cannot pass through?

S waves can only pass through solids. They cannot pass through liquids (e.g. water, molten rock).

These waves pass only through solids?

s waves

What kind of waves can pass through a vacuum?

Electromagnetic waves

What waves can pass through a vacuum?

Electromagnetic weaves can pass through a vacuum.

What is s waves and p waves?

P-waves are faster than s-waves. Both can pass through solid rock, but only p-waves can pass through gases and liquids === ===

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