What is an infrared mouse?

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The mouse uses infrared light to pick up signals of movement from the mouse and transfer them to movement on the screen. It is much more accurate and can be faster than the response on a standard ball mouse. If you pick up the mouse and it has a red light shining from the bottom it is an infrared mouse.

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Q: What is an infrared mouse?
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Which type of port is used by an infrared mouse?

A USB port is the type of port that is used by an infrared mouse. This type of mouse does not require batteries and uses infrared light in order to operate.

Can you replace a ball mouse with an infrared mouse?

Technically, yes. I doesn't matter whether it's a ball or an infrared mouse, I'm pretty sure they hook up to the computer the same way, and they both work rather similarly, but I really like infrared mouses better.

Mouse Repair?

form_title=Mouse Repair form_header=Whether your tech repair need is big or small, a professional repair service can help you fix it. Brand of mouse?*= _[50] Model of mouse?*= _[50] Is your mouse wireless?*= () Yes () No Do you have an infrared or ball mouse?*= () Infrared () Ball () Other What problem(s) are you experiencing with your mouse?*= _Please Explain[100]

How do you measure a temperature of a mouse?

You can use a non contact infrared thermometer.

How Cordless Mouse work?

it uses infrared sensors like a tv remote

Which type of pointing device has crisscrossed invisible beams of infrared light that are?

optical mouse

What is a optical keyboard and mouse?

It means it uses "Infrared" light instead of a "wireless" radio signal to connect to the computer.

Example of an infrared technology?

If your looking for a source for a science project I would recommend a TV remote. A wireless mouse, a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Is laser keyboard real?

No. I'm thinking you're associating the idea with a laser (optical) mouse. Keyboards can be wireless but it's not accomplished by infrared.

If a wireless keyboard and mouse combo malfunctions what could be the cause?

the cause can be from the infrared connection, the bettary of the keyboard and the mouse, the software also included. these are the main causes of the malfauction of the said quetion. Ebroh Bazza, Nigeria Adamawa [+2347034581974]

Where can I learn more about mouse electronics?

There are 3 different types of electronic computer mice. The old and reliable mechanical mouse has a rubber ball. The newer optical mouse uses a LED sensor. The infrared mouse is a cordless option that requires batteries. To find more about computer mice visit an electronic store, such as Future Shop or Best Buy.

How are infrared waves and infrared radiation related?

infrared waves and infrared radiation both are same

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