What is oil vacuum?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Introducing the "Oil Vacuum":

The Best Way to Tap an American Oil Reserve 3 Times the Size of Saudi Arabia's Time named the "Oil Vacuum" one of the Best Inventions of 2007.

And the U.S. Department of Energy says the only company that has it could be key to unlocking an 800 billion barrel oil deposit in the Rocky Mountains. It could make you $65,500 inside of a year. But time is short. This "Oil Vacuum" will produce oil by May 31, 2008... Dear Friend, Just a few short weeks from now, a revolutionary "Oil Vacuum" will start producing oil in places no drill can reach. In time, it could prove to be the one and only way America ever gets close to energy independence again. I'll show you the only company that has the inside track on tapping a huge oil deposit within U.S. borders - one estimated to be triple the size of Saudi Arabia's proven reserves. This alone could deliver you a gain of 1,310%. A $5,000 investment would turn into a gain of $65,500. And that's just one of three ways this breakthrough technology could put thousands of dollars in your pocket. Today you can get in on the company that makes what I like to call the "Oil Vacuum"... for under $3 per share. But don't wait too long. By May 31, 2008, the "Oil Vacuum" will be literally producing oil from junk. That's right. The "Oil Vacuum" can squeeze oil from landfill trash - using just pennies of electricity to make $5 of fuel and other products. Time named the "Oil Vacuum" one of its Best Inventions of 2007 - based on just this one capability. And that's only the beginning. Because, you see, this technology can also be used to pump oil from old wells that were thought to be dry for decades. That alone could potentially add several hundred years to America's oil supply. And it gets better still. The truly awesome potential lies in this fact: The "Oil Vacuum" could prove to be the only way to economically extract an oil reserve on U.S. soil that amounts to three Saudi Arabias. The U.S. Department of Energy says anyone who can pull this off "could contribute nearly 3 million barrels per day to reduce oil imports, improve energy security and fuel economic growth." Many have tried and failed. But they don't have the technological advantage this company has. And here's something else this company has - a signed contract to put its "Oil Vacuum" to use, producing oil from a very similar kind of reserve in Canada as early as this autumn. If my conservative estimates work out, this could turn a $5,000 stake into $65,500. I don't know about you, but I like it when a "conservative" estimate can generate a 1,310% return. One of the smartest guys I know - a Harvard-educated geologist who's parlayed his oil-prospecting skills into some very profitable stock picks in the energy and natural resource sectors - has prepared a special report about this tiny company and its breakthrough technology. It's yours FREE for the asking. Joseph Schriefer


Energy & Scarcity Investor Kate Incontrera,

Managing Editor, The Daily Reckoning

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Q: What is oil vacuum?
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When was Vacuum Oil Company created?

Vacuum Oil Company was created in 1866.

What does sacony vacuum mean?

It is Socony-Vacuum. The name of the Oil company formed by the merger of Standard Oil Company of New York (S-O-C-o-N-Y) and the Vacuum Oil Company in 1931. Search for "Mobil" and/or "Vacuum Oil Company" in Wikipedia.

What type of oil is recommended for a high-vacuum pump?

Specifically formulated, it is called, ironically, Vacuum Pump Oil

How do you check for vacuum leak on a 1990 Ford Mustang?

you can take oil and put it where you suspect there to be a vacuum leak. If there is a leak the oil will be pulled into the engine or hose

Why need to vacuum in transformer chamber before filling transformer oil and how long need to vacuum?

we need vacuum to remove moisture from tank

Is there oil in the air of a sealed vacuum system on a 2004 Ford Escape?

What sealed vacuum system are we talking about?

Why is it important to change the oil on a vacuum pump after each evacuation?


How do you save the used transformer oil resource for reuse?

Transformers oil conditioners, purification and reclamation addresses the higher cost for oils and ever increasing environmental regulation and liability. It is no longer economical to replace electrical insulating oils to renew their dielectric strength. Restoring these oils to their original strength through purification is now a necessity. High Vacuum transformer oil purification systems are designed specifically to meet the operational, economic and environmental needs of industry in purifying insulating oils. Through proven dehydration, degasification, and filtration techniques, the hi-vac oil purification systems quickly and easily remove: ZY series high effective vacuum transformer oil purifier is just such a type machine, which is designed for recycling used or dirty new oil unused for long time. This machine is special for purifying various of insulating oils including transformer oil, mutual inductor oil and switch oil etc. It is widely applied to the areas of power station, transformer substation, railway, petroleum, chemical and metallurgy. Also it is the best choice for filling oil into power equipment and drying moisture of power equipment. It can quickly and effectively removing the impurities, gas and water, which can benefit to improve the withstand voltage of oil and prolong the lifetime of oil. It is mainly applied for oil purification in fields of electrical apparatus manufacture factory, power station etc... The machine, which is suit to electrical apparatus manufacture factory, power station, power supply department, transformer in railroad station and other department. It can can filter insulation oil for transformer, mutual inductor, electricity capacitance and hi-pressure switch. For special applying, it also can deal with vacuum filtering and dry the heating oil circulation for the large electrical apparatus. Distinctive removing the impurities technology filtering through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by high polymer without the mechanical power. Bi-infrared liquid Duplex 3D stereo-evaporation technology, dewatering and degassing very effectively. All grades of insulating oil can be treated on line at the working site. Various colors for choice as per customer favor, and different structures as enclosed type, enclosed + trailer type for purpose of indoor and outdoor use. Kinds of industrial oil purifier product list we can offer: 1: Insulating oil purifier 1-1: Single stage vacuum insualtion oil purifier Series ZY: Zhongneng vacuum insulation oil purifier Series ZY-A: Zhongneng PLC type automatic vacuum insulation oil purifier Series ZY-R: Zhongneng vacuum insulation oil regeneration purifier Series ZY-W: Zhongneng weatherproof enclosed type vacuum insulation oil purifier Series ZY-M: Zhongneng Mobile trailer type vacuum insualtion oil purifier 1-2: Double stage vacuum transformer oil purifier Series ZYD: Zhongneng Double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier Series ZYD-A: Zhongneng PLC type double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier Series ZYD-I: Zhongneng double-stage vacuum insulation oil regeneration purifier Series ZYD-W: Zhongneng Enclosed type double stage vacuum transformer oil purifier Series ZYD-M: Zhongneng Mobile trailer type online transformer oil purification plant 2: Turbine oil purifier Series TY: Zhongneng vacuum turbine oil purifier Series TY-R: Zhongneng vacuum turbine oil regeneration purifier Series TY-A: Zhongneng PLC type automatic vacuum turbine oil purifier Series TY-W: Zhongneng weaetherproof enclosed type vacuum turbine oil purifier Series TY-M: Zhongneng mobile trailer type vacuum turbine oil purifier 3: Lubricating oil purifier Series TYA: Zhongneng vacuum lubricating oil purifier Series TYC: Zhongneng vacuum lubricating oil regeneration purifier Series TYA-A Zhongneng PLC type automatic vacuum lubricant oil purifier Series TYA-I: Zhongneng vacuum phosphate ester fire-resistant oil purifier Series TYA-W: Zhongneng weatherproof enclosed type vacuum lubricant oil purifier Series TYA-M: Zhongneng mobile trailer type vacuum lubricant oil purifier 4: Engine oil purifier Series LYE: Zhongneng vacuum engine oil purifier 5: Special application oil purifier Diesel oil, gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier Series TYB Transformer oil regeneration device Series BZ Muti-Functional oil purifying machine Series ZYB PL Plate pressure high precise oil purifier JL Portable oil purifying and oil filling machine TYA-S Fully stainless steel type vacuum oil purifier IIJ-II Automatic testing oil machine Keywords: Oil Regeneration machines, Oil Purification system, Oil Dehydration, Oil Disposal, Oil Filtering, Oil Filtration, Oil Preprocessing, Oil Purification, Oil Purifier, Oil Reclaim, Oil Reclamation, Oil Reconstituted, Oil Recycling, Oil Regeneration, Oil Restoration, Oil Resuming, Oil Separation, Oil Treatment, Oil Filter, Oil Recovery, Oil Recuperation Plant, Equipment & Machinery, Transformer oil purification system, oil drying plant, oil purification plant, drying of oil, oil drying, oil drying device, purification of oil on transformer, transformer oil drying, mobile oil plant, mobile oil purification device, device for drying of oil, vacuum oil purification plant, vacuum degassing plant, vacuum degasifier, oil degassing, degassing of transformer oil, removing of water from transformer oil. Contact name: Mrs. Cathy Huang Phone: 0086-23-68060729 Fax: 0086-23-68060921 Mobile: 0086-13512336824 E-mail:, Instant Talking tool: MSN: Yahoo messenger: Google talk (gmail): Skype: hyt728 Alibaba Trademanager (Ali talk): cn1000546676 Web:

How do you change oil in a Kawasaki 1500 STX Jet Ski?

vacuum pump through the dipstick or oil access port.

Can oil pass through a filter paper?

Yes it will, especially if you help it with a vacuum

How do you change Vacuum Modulator on 350 engine?

The vacuum modulator is located on the passenger side of the transmission, just above the tranny oil pan. It has a vacuum line going to it. It actuates a valve in the tranny for upshifts.

Can a hydrogen filled balloon float in vacuum?

no it will not. because a balloon filled with hydrogen floats only because it is lighter than air so when there is a vacuum it will not float. it is like oil and water if there is no water oil is on the bottom if there is water it is on the top.