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When a liquid is cooled, the average energy of the molecules decreases. At some point, the amount of heat removed is great enough that the attractive forces between molecules draw the molecules close together, and the liquid freezes to a solid. Microscopic view of a liquid. Microscopic view of a solid. The temperature of a freezing liquid remains constant, even when more heat is removed. The freezing point of a liquid or the melting point of a solid is the temperature at which the solid and liquid phases are in equilibrium. The rate of freezing of the liquid is equal to the rate of melting of the solid and the quantities of solid and liquid remain constant.

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When a substance freezes it enlarges.

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Q: When a substance freezes what causes the liquid phase to change into the solid phase?
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Which process causes a substance in the liquid state to change to a gas?


When a substance freezes it goes from?

It goes from a liquid to a solid.

The temperature at which a substance freezes is also its what?

The answer is that the temperature a substance freezes is also its melting point. Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius into ice and if you heat ice up to 0 degrees Celsius it MELTS to give you water. Evaporation is the change from liquid to gas and condensation is the change from gas to liquid (for water this happens at 100 degrees Celsius).

What causes a substance to change to gas?

The addition of heat or reduction in pressure can cause a substance to change from either a solid (sublimation) or liquid (evaporation) into a gas.

What state at degrees Celsius does a liquid change into a solid?

it depends on the substance. water freezes at zero degrees Celsius, 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why is freezing a physical change?

Freezing is a physical change because although change obviously takes place, what something is made of does not change when it freezes. Liquid water and ice are the same substance for example.

When does A liquid changes to a solid state at its?

A liquid will change to a solid when it freezes.

What property of water that causes roadways to deteriorate more in winter than in summer?

When water freezes it expands, the only substance know to do so when it changes from a liquid to a solid.

Are the melting and freezing of a substance the same?

Yes. A substance melts and freezes at the same temperature. Melting is as it changes from solid to liquid, freezing is from liquid to solid.

A substance change from a solid to a liquid at its?

A substance change from a solid to a liquid at its boiling point. This is when it reaches a certain temperature.

What change happens to liquid water when it is cooled to 0 celsius?

It freezes.

Is it physical or chemical when water freezes at 0 degree celsius?

When liquid water freezes to form ice, the chemical composition of water does not change. It will be H2O whether it is in liquid state or solid state. So it is a physical change and not a chemical change.