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The boiled peas lost their energy, whilst being boiled. Energy gives out heat, yet the peas did not have any more energy, leaving them to remain as the same temperature as they were.

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Q: Why do boiled peas remain at the same temperature when placed in a vacuum flask for 72hours?
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Does alcohol remain after a drink is heated or boiled?


What property is the same after water is boiled and evaporated?

The molecule remain the same.

Will a cell placed in an isotonic solution grow shrink or remain the same?

it will remain the same

What is the meaning of boiling and of boilingpoint?

Boiling is to heat an liquid to the point where it will turn from a liquid to a gas. Because the substance cannot be at temperature higher than its boiling point the temperature will remain that until all the liquid has been boiled away. That is why if I were to heat some alcohol and water the temperature would remain at about 60oC until all the alcohol had evaporated away. Then the temperature would go to 100oC and the water would boil. The boiling point of substance is the temperature at which the substance will turn from a liquid to a gas. This is about 100oC for water.

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Probably. Scrambled eggs are the same thing as hard boiled except hard boiled is in the shell and the yolk and white remain seperate.

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They tend to be equal in temperature.For a start, it will remain hot.

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The volume decrease.

What must remain constant for Boyle's law to be true?

1. A more correct name is Boyle-Mariotte law. 2. Only the temperature must remain constant.

Why is that when a pure liquid is boiled its temperature remain constant?

The energy/heat being added to the liquid is used to convert the liquid into a gaseous state, rather than to heat the liquid (you get something similar when you melt ice). Once a gas, the temperature of the substance will start rising further if heat continues to be applied.

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The temperature remain constant.

The variable that Boyles law holds constant is?

Temperature remain constant.

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The temperature and speed remain constant.