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restoring torque is k theta

the value of k depends upon the nature of the material used for suspension strip

value of k is very small for quartz or phosphor bronze

so in galvanometer phosphor bronze wire is used.

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Q: Why is phosphor- bronze wire used in moving coil galvanometer?
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What is the difference between the construction of a moving coil galvanometer and a ballistic galvanometer?

What is the difference between the construction of a moving coil galvanometer and a ballistic galvanometer?

What are the disadvantages of a moving coil galvanometer?

major disadvantage is that moving coil galvanometer is not suitable for a.c measurement

Write the construction of a moving coil galvanometer?

A moving coil Galvanometer consists of a coil PQRS which is wound over a non metalic frame having soft iron core in the middle. This Coil Is suspended in b/w a powerful magnet poles N-S with the help of Phosphor Bronze wire. Concave mirror is fixed on d suspending thread upside the coil through which deflection can b noted by Lamp and Scale arrangement. The lower end of the coil is connected by hair spring.

What is weston galvanometer?

The weston type galvanometer is a moving coil galvanometer in which a pointer is attached to the coil for measuring deflection due to torque .

A moving coil galvanometer can be used as an ammeter by adding?

a series resistence with its coil

What will happen in the absence of iron cylinder in a moving coil galvanometer?

it will not work

Moving coil galvanometer converted into a multi range ammeter?


What is coil galvanometer meter and its application?

Moving coil galvanometre is a device which is used to detect current in a curcuit.

What are the important questions in inter 2nd year physics?

moving coil galvanometer

Working of moving-coil galvanometer?

A moving coil galvanometer is a type of scanning device used in the transportation and trucking industry. The vehicle is pulled through a fixed scanner while an operator watches a closed circuit television.

Why is it necessary to have some form of controlling couple in the moving coil galvanometer?

To stop the moving coil from movement as if there wasnt any opposite couple the coil will complete rotating and this wouldnt help measurement.

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