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Probably none. It's certainly not a blueprint for other countries. The situation in Germany was most unusual in two respects: 1. Germany had an earlier (though unsuccessful) democratic tradition of sorts. 2. The country that had prided itself on its cultural, academic and scientific achievements, the country that had liked to see itself as the pinnacle of civilization, was exposed as morally bankrupt through and through.

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Q: What lessons can other countries making the transition from authoritarian rule to democracy learn from Germany?
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In which countries did authoritarian leaders come to power?

Germany, Soviet Union, and Spain.

How did the governments change in Europe during 1937?

There was a major retreat from democracy. All Eastern European countries, with the exception of Czechoslovakia, fell to an authoritarian government. In addition, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and Italy were totalitarian states and adding to that, Italy, Nazi Germany, and Spain were also fascist.

What is a represntive democracy?

a representative democracy is where there is a leader to look after the country. some countries that are with representative democracy's are The phillippienes, Australia, ISA, UK, Canada and Germany.

Was Poland a democracy in 1930 before Germany invaded?

Germany invaded Poland in 1939, and before that, since 1918 (when Poland gained its independence), it was a democratic country (however, wioth a kind of authoritarian government).

What stage is Germany in the demographic transition?

Stage 4; the same as most Western European countries.

Is Germany authoritarian or democratic?

The answer is democratic

What countries have a representative democracy?

The Philippines, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, and Greece.

Was the Holocaust caused by democracy in Germany?

No. In Germany, as in many European countries, democracy failed in the interwar period. In Germany (unlike, say, Italy) the dictatorship that came to power was antisemitic, but that doesn't make democracy or failed democracy a cause of the Holocaust.(In the late 1940s the view that 'democracy caused Nazism' was popular among some ultra-conservative hardliners in Germany, who equated democracy with 'mob rule').

Is Germany a democracy or republic?

Germany is Republic not Democracy.

What countries are representative democracies?

The Philippines, USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Germany are some examples of countries with representative democracy.

What are examples of authoritarian countries?

North Korea, Burma, Zimbabwe. There is also at the moment in Libya with Gaddafi and in the war Germany was one with Adolf Hitler

What stage is Germany in the demographic transition model?

Stage 4; the same as most Western European countries.

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