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Q: Did Pope Benedict XV want Austria to win World War I?
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What did Pope Benedict XVI do to become a pope?

He did nothing to seek the papacy. He did not want to be pope and was preparing to retire at the time he was elected.

Why did Pope Benedict XVI want to be a pope?

He actually did not want to be pope. He was planning to retire at the time to read, write, study and pray. However, once elected he could not refuse the wishes of the Holy Spirit and accepted the position.

Why did Pope Benedict XVI want to join the Church?

He had no choice. He was baptized a Catholic shortly after he was born and has been a Catholic ever since.

Did Pope Benedict XVI always want to be the pope?

No he did not. In fact, at the time he was elected he was preparing to retire and return to Germany and spend the rest of his days reading and writing. The Holy Spirit had other plans.

Why did Pope Benedict XVl choose the name Benedict?

The current pope (Benedict XVI) chose this name himself. He said he was thinking of two prior Benedicts: (1) St. Benedict, the Father of Western Monasticism; and (2) Pope Benedict XV.Why St. Benedict? Because he was a simple monk who desired to live a quiet life of prayer and work and lead others to do the same. He developed the practical "rule of life"(guide) that became the "standard" for thousands of monks and monasteries worldwide (most notably the great monastery at Monte Casino, located outside of Rome, Italy, and in existence from 529 AD to 1944 when it was destroyed by the Germans). These monks, following the Benedictine model/rule ultimately evangelized and educated Europe during the centuries known as the "Dark Ages." Pope Benedict XVI (elected in 2005 after the death of Pope John Paul II) didn't really want to be pope. He wanted to return to his birthplace (Bavaria) and devote himself to prayer and theological writing. Benedict XVI (formerly known as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger) is a brilliant academic and theologian. He wanted to return to a life of peace, solitude and academic/theological pursuits. Didn't turn out that way. Another key to the pope's choice was the focus of St. Benedict (and the Benedictine monks) to evangelization of western Europe. Benedict XVI's focus is on the re-Christianization of Western Europe.Why Pope Benedict XV? He was pope during WWI and witnessed supposedly Catholic nations warring and attacking each other. Benedict XV's focus was a call to peace and reconciliation. He also vigorously sought to heal the divisions and wounds among the various Christian denominations and called for Christian unity between The Orthodox Church and The Catholic Church. Benedict XV called for an era of Christian renewal with prayer, intense Scriptural reading as the means to healing.That is essentially why Cardinal Ratzinger chose the papal (new) name of Benedict XVI.He wants to follow the good works Benedict XV had done before.

What country did Hitler want to conquer?

Austria and subsequently the world.

Did the pope want the Jews killed during world war 11?

did the pope conspire with hitler to kill jews

Which pope is the only one to quit as pope?

There have been about a dozen pontiffs before Benedict XVI who either resigned or were forced to abdicate for one reason or the other.One of the better known was Pope Celestine V, whose tomb Benedict XVI visited shorlty before he resigned. Pope Celestine V managed to resign as he really didn't want to be Pope He was a Benedictine monk and hermit and at his election the monks and Cardinals literally showed up at his cave and dragged him out. He made a valiant effort at being pope but was obviously over his head and finally the senior cardinal (who wanted the position) accepted his resignation.

Why was Pope Benedict XVI chosen as God's representative on earth?

Since the election process is secret we will never know. We do know that Cardinal Ratzinger was Pope John Paul II's personal choice to succeed him. However, the College of Cardinals can choose whoever they want.

Why was Pope Benedict homophobic and covering for pedophile priests?

well that's a bit of a shan quetion and im not even catholic lmao go and ask him yourself if you really want to know

Why did Hitler focus on gaining austria into the 3rd Reich?

I think Hitler want to test the reaction of the world for violating the Treaty of the Versailles and he wanted Austria because he was from Austria.

What did Benedict Arnold want to see?

Benedict Arnold wanted some respect for what he did.