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A theistic religion is one that believes in one or more Gods. A monotheistic religion, like Christianity or Islam, believes in one God. A polytheistic religion, like Hinduism, believes in many Gods. A theist describes a person who believes in a God or many Gods. The opposite would be an atheist, who does not believe in God.

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Q: What is religion theistic?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of looking at human nature at the theistic point of view?

OpinionAdvantages of looking at human nature form a theistic point of view include that people and their motives can be compartmentalised, ready assumptions made and dogmatic solutions, such as prayer or forgiveness, offerred for personal problems. A disadvantage is that the theistic viewpoint can be wrong.

Who is A person or society that worships many gods?

I believe the word you're looking for is "poly-theistic"

How is a religion defined?

Each religious group defines itself internally, and there is significant difference between what the word "religion" means across faiths. In general, a religion is "a system of belief and/or practice which seeks to explain the cause, nature and/or purpose of the universe and/or human existence." By this definition, the existence of God is only one possible answer and many belief systems which fit the name are non-theistic. Note that this definition also contains several "and/or" statements as some religions are more or less comprehensive and some seek more or less to influence beliefs or practices.

What are you if you have no belief?

There is no technical name for it. If you do not believe in any God, plural or otherwise, you are an Atheist, but if you have no belief either way I don't know of a term for you. -- Some people prefer to be called Agnostic, though it seems the term is more commonly associated with people who question the belief of various theistic denominations rather than those who choose to simply not subscribe to a religion.

What is religion or beliefs?

A religion is a religion and a belief is a belief.

Related questions

The definition of theistic?

Someone who is "theistic" is a believer in the Creator God, regardless of which religion s/he identifies with.

Is buddhimsm monotheistic or polytheistic?

Buddhism is not a theistic religion. There is no deity.

What is the term for a religion that does not have a god Buddhism for example?

Non-theistic is the term used for any religion that does not believe in a god.

Which religion believes in God most?

All theistic religions believe in a god or gods.

Is Buddhism montheistic?

Buddhism is a non-theistic religion, that is, we do not believe in a God that oversees the universe.

Who is the god that buddists believe in?

Buddhism is a non-theistic religion. It does not deal with belief or disbelief in God.

What is Confusianism mono or poly theistic?

Confucianism was not so much a religion as a philosophy which was fused to a religion. In terms of the gods of China it was a Poly-theistic philosophy. However, it's ideals could equally well be applied to a monotheistic population, or an athesistic population as China is, largely, today.

How are theistic religions identified?

Not all religions are "theistic".A religion is not a theism.Theism, though, just about always causes the formation of a religion.It might help to look up "theism", which is a belief...and compare it to "religion," which is an organized system...They're not mutually exclusive terms.There are polytheistic religions too. And nontheistic religions.

How does kindness is your religion bumper sticker show tolerance?

By suggesting that you don't judge people automatically based on their theistic preference.

What ethical laws do agnostics follow?

Typically humanist, but if they have chosen theistic beliefs despite their absence of knowledge in that area those of the religion they chose.

Is Hinduism polytheistic?

Yes.... It is. Hinduisum is decidedly theistic; the difficultly lies in determining whether it is a Polytheistic, Pantheistic, or perhaps even Monotheistic Religion.

Differentiate the theistic and atheistic approach?

Theists belive in some sort of supernatural being or god. Atheists do not. As a consequence atheists must rely on their own judgement to determine a path between self-interest and altruistic behaviour. Theist are unable to make this judgement and rely on instructions provided by a religion which claimes to have all of the answers.

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