What to say when you are selling?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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You could describe how big the item is, how much it ways however the best way to make an item stand out is to describe (in detail) the things that make it unique.

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Q: What to say when you are selling?
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How do you say Great selling in French?

in french to say great selling its vente de grands

Best selling US fighters?

I would say the F-16 is the best selling US fighter.

How do you say selling in Spanish?

Vender=To Sell

How do you say the money you get for selling something?

"The money you get for selling something" can be expressed by using the words "payment", "revenue", or "proceeds".

What does it mean when you say hi to someone and they say NO?

They don't want to buy whatever you're selling.

Can a manufacturer sell to anybody?

It depends on where they are and what they're selling. If they are selling something dangerous or otherwise regulated, then those regulations will say who can be a customer.

Is it against the law for a dealer to sell a car with transmission problems?

Not if they say that they are selling it "as is" or if they say that it has transmission problems.

Say sell cars in spanish?

to say sell cars in spanish is to say, vender auto. Vender is selling can auto is car.

How do you say Celling in Spanish?

Check your spelling - do you mean: selling or ceiling?

What is the best selling rifle?

A very broad questioin. I will say the 22LR

Is it legal to sell wet diapers?

It depends on how you market them. If you say your selling wet diapers and someone buys it, it should be legal. If you say your selling diapers you can be sued for false ascertainment and probably some other chargers.

What is the best selling beer in Asia?

I would say its San Miguel Beer!