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It violates the 1st amendment.

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Q: How is the first amendment being violated in censorship?
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What is the relationship between the First Amendment of the US Constitution and censorship when doing business?

what is the relationship between the first amendment and censorship when doing business

What Amendment is being violated if federal dollars are given to a Catholic school to purchase Bibles?

The First Amendment Establishment Clause

Which amendment was violated by Congress during World War 1?

Freedom of speech. The first amendment

How does the first amendment apply to censorship?

It does not directly address censorship. However, the 1st Amendment's prohibition on restrictions of freedom of speech and press indirectly restrict attempts at censorship. Thus, indirectly, the US Constitution prohibits censorship except in the case where it can be shown to directly support other competing Consitutional guarranties - such as the National Security exception, where the right of national self-defense is seen to trump free press/speech in certain circumstances, and thus, allow censorship in those cases.

How is the first amendment rights violated in the society of Fahrenheit 451?


Why do you think the First Amendment bars the government from passing censorship laws?

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Which Amendment to the US Constitution would protect Zenger today from prosecution for publishing his newspaper?

The First Amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees freedom of the press, would protect Zenger from prosecution for publishing his newspaper. This amendment shields individuals from government censorship and allows for the dissemination of information and opinions without fear of retaliation or censorship.

A person who claims her First Amendment rights were violated would have her case tried in?

I dont KNOW the Answer?

How did warren court address the separation of church and state?

it ruled that school prayer violated the first amendment,

Did The Alien and Sedition Acts violated the First Amendment which guarantees freedom of speech and press?

truei dont think it did

Why should we get rid of the F.C.C.?

The F.C.C. is an agency of censorship. Some would argue that any form of censorship on writing, pictures, sound and other forms of media works against or even abridges the very purpose of the First Amendment.

One right guarenteed by the first amendment?

Freedom of speech is one. One can speak his or her mind as long as the rights of no one are violated.