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Nativists resented immigrants for their willingness to work for lower pay. Nativists also feared they would lose their culture.

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Q: Nativists resented immigrants because
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Why did nativists dislike immigrants?

Natives disliked the new immigrants because they (took jobs from white Americans).

Prejudice was against the immigrants in the 1800s?

Yes, because people were nativists.

How did the nativists feel about the ability of immigrants to assimilate?

Nativists are people whom do not like and usually discriminate against immigrants. Therefore, they feel as if immigrants will not be able to truely assimilate into the new culture that they have arrived in, and will cause problems for society because of this.

Why did nativists oppose immigrants?

Natives opposed immigration because they believed immigrants would take their places in regards to employment. Natives also lacked trust and were therefore insecure.

Many Americans resented immigrants on the grounds that they?

Many Americans have resented immigrants throughout American history because they believed that immigrants were taking jobs by offering to work for less money. The irony of the situation is that many of those people were immigrants or their parents were immigrants at some point.

Why did nativists believe that fewer immigrants should be allowed in the country?

Nativists believed that fewer immigrants should be allowed in the country because they felt that immigrants took jobs away from native-born Americans, caused social problems, and diluted American culture and values. They also feared that immigrants would not assimilate into American society easily.

Why did nativists worry about an influx of immigrants during the 1880?

Because there was amazing amount of Immigration during the 1800's, many people ( including nativists ) experienced lower wages and had difficulty find jobs and homes. Nativists were already against people who are "different" and the consequences that followed because of the increased immigration made them hate immigrants more. Hope this helped!:D:)!

Why did nativists dislike the new immigrants?

Natives disliked the new immigrants because they (took jobs from white Americans).

Native-born Protestant Americans distrusted and resented the Irish mostly because these immigrants?

were Roman Catholic

What does nativist mean?

nativists means U.S. citizens who opposed immigration because they were suspicious of immigrants.

What was the goal of nativists?

To stop immigration =APEX

How did nativists view the new wave of immigrant in the late 1800?

Immigrants were considered second-class citizens for their poverty. Irish, German and Chinese immigrants were treated harshly and many were denied work. They were looked down upon because of their culture. Although America boasted being a "land of the free", poor immigrants had little employment opportunities.