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The Holocaust's primary effect was death - by gassing, by shooting, or by deterioration due to neglect of human needs. Most of the victims of the Holocaust were dead when it ended. About 6 million Jews were killed as well as were other enemies of the Third Reich in Germany.

Those who survived were malnourished, physically and mentally. Many had nightmares and psychological problems. They were taken from the concentration camps and placed in refugee camps until they found a destination to enter as an immigrant. Many went to Israel, other European countries, North America, South America and Australia. Some went to Asia.
Most were put to death in crematoria.

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Malnutrition, physical labor, and the stress during the Holocaust caused many effects on the people. These effects lasted for many years after the war. Some of these effects were headaches, depression gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, and moodiness.

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First off, they Germans had plenty of food, but it was pork. Pork is strictly banned in Jewish culture, so the Jews refused to eat it. Anyway, the Jews were starved so bad, that when the Allies liberated them and gave them a healthy amount of food for a non-starving person to eat, the Jew's bodies couldn't handle it, so most died.

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Q: What effects did starvation in the holocaust have on people?
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4 million people deid of starvation in the holocaust of world war 2.

What were the effects of the Jewish Holocaust?

many Jewish people died

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Typhus is a disease spread by lice and this is what most of the people died of other than starvation and fatigue

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Most likely yes

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The key means of killing included: poison gas, open air massacres, starvation and working people to death.

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They were great! People enjoy talking a learning about this great event.

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