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The ideology of cultural relativism was started by Franz Boas. Cultural relativism decrees that an individual should be judged based on their culture.

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Who started cultural relativism

What is the synonym for enculturation

Which of these terms refers to the process by which a social group becomes part of another social group A accreditation B association C assertion D assimilation E abduction

The nationalism displayed at the Olympic Games is evidence of this characteristic

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Q: Who started cultural relativism?
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When is cultural relativism vulgar and how do anthropologists avoid this vulgar cultural relativism?

theoretical anthropology

What is a cultural relativism?


What is the difference between cultural relativism and multiculturalism?

Cultural Relativism is the moral philosophy. Multiculturalism is its political enactment.

What is a major flaw in cultural relativism?

"The major flaw in cultural relativism is that the concept of relativism is wrong. We are now witnessing "cultural relativism" throughout the world with particular emphasis on terrorism: their cultural relativism is the world's capitulation or death with no other choices. " Above a typical Enlightened Absolutist opininion (no offense). Using the word 'wrong' in absolute way. And pointing at unfavourable views as 'terrorism'. An enlightening example of what is not cultural relativism

What is marketing relativism?

Marketing relativism is a subtle and unintended result of cultural conditioning.

Sociologists agree that it is important you always practice cultural relativism in viewing other cultural practices true or false?

Most sociologists agree that it is important to practice cultural relativism because it leads to tolerance. Cultural relativism is a term used that believes that all value systems are correct.

What is the term for understanding someone behavior based on his or her cultural context?

Cultural Relativism

What are the causes of cultural relativism and ethnocentrism?

learning languages

What are causes of cultural relativism and ethnocentrism?

learning languages

What action is morally right according to cultural relativism?

There is no "moral right" in Cultural Relativism. That is the entire point of the philosophy; all value systems in all cultures are equally valid.

What is the antonym of ethnocentric?

The antonym of ethnocentricism is cultural relativism. Or Xenocentrism.

Is human trafficking an example of cultural relativism?

The justification of it would be.

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