What are different hero types?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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There are several ways of describing heroes in categories or archetypes. None are right or wrong, but they all help us to conceptualize what a hero is. My favorite archetypal pattern is one of the simplest. In it the five types of heroes are:

1. The god or superhuman hero who is indestructible (or nearly so) and more powerful than any human or group of humans.

2. The perfect or nearly perfect human being who is willing to sacrifice him/her self for the safety or good of others.

3. The human being who has a flaw, often a fatal flaw that leads or nearly leads to his/her destruction.

4. The ordinary man or woman who prevails or tragically fails because of his or her humanity.

5. The hero who is a fool, albeit a well intended fool who wins in spite of, often because of his or her fallibility.

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Q: What are different hero types?
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