Who is Jamie Follese?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Jamie Follese is the drummer in the band Hot Chelle Rae. They have been out since 2005. If you wanna know anything else about him or the band go to or look them up on Google.

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Q: Who is Jamie Follese?
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Are Ryan Follese and Jamie Follese related?

Yes; they are brothers.

Are Ryan and Jamie brothers from Hot Chelle Rae?

Yes, Ryan Follese' and Jamie Follese' are brothers

What hand does Jamie Follese' write with?

Jamie Follese' (Drummer for Hot Chelle Rae) writes with his right hand !!!!!!(AKA: he is right handed)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When was Jamie follese born?

December 30

What year was Jamie follese born?


When is Jamie Follese's birthday?

On the 30th of December.

What are the ages of the band members in Hot Chelle Rae?

he band consists of Ryan Follese (lead vocals, guitar), Nash Overstreet (lead guitar, vocals), Ian Keaggy (bass, vocals), and Jamie Follese (drums). Also, Nash Overstreet is related to Chord Overstreet, also known as Sam on Glee. :)

What is the name of the drummer from HCR?

Jamie Christian Follese

What are the members of hot chelle raes names?

Ryan Follese Jamie Follese Nash Overstreet Ian Keaggy

What is the name of the drummer from Hot Chelle Rae?

Jamie Christian Follese' (<3) And he's brothers with the Lead singer, Ryan Keith Follese' (<3)

Is jamie follese single?

Yes I think he is but I'm pretty sure yes

What are names of the boys in the band ' hot Chilli Rae'?

Did you mean Hot Chelle Rae? If so the guys in the band are Ryan Follese, Jamie Follese, Ian Keaggy, and Nash Overstreet.