Asking Alexandria (band)

Asking Alexandria is an English metalcore band that was formed in 2008. They have released two albums, titled Stand Up and Scream and Reckless & Relentless. Questions about Asking Alexandria can be asked here.

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Asking Alexandria (band)

What are the names of the Asking Alexandria band members?

James Cassells : DrumsBen Bruce : GuitarSam Bettley : BassCameron Liddell : GuitarDanny Worsnop : Vocals

Asking Alexandria (band)

Who are the band members of Asking Alexandria?

Cameron Liddell : Guitar

Danny Worsnop : Vocals

Ben Bruce : Guitar

Sam Bettley : Bass

James Cassells : Drums

Asking Alexandria (band)

What month and day was ben Bruce from asking alexandria born?

October 31

Asking Alexandria (band)

What are all the songs that asking Alexandria has?

Morte Et Dabo

A Prophecy


A Lesson Never Learned

Someone, Somewhere

18 And Life


Another Bottle Down

A Candlelight Dinner With Inamorta

A Lesson Never Learned

A Prophecy

A Single Moment Of Sincerity

Bite Your Lip And Fake It

Bitter Revenge, Sweet Tragedy



Dear Insanity


Gramophone Elegance

Hey There Mr Brooks

If You Can't Ride Two Horses At Once, You Should Get Out Of The Circus

I Used To Have A Best Friend (But Then He Gave Me An STD)

I Was Once Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps A Cowboy King

Morte Et Dabo

Nobody Don't Dance No More

Not The American Average

Reckless & Relentless

Someone, Somewhere

The Final Episode (Let's Change Channel)

The Match

To The Stage


When Everyday's The Weekend

Wings For The Sake Of Falling

Youth Gone Wild

Asking Alexandria (band)

How tall is James Cassells from Asking Alexandria?

Sources tell me he is probably 6'2

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Asking Alexandria (band)

What kind of synth does asking Alexandria use?

In one of their studio updates you can see Danny using a Synth that most believe to be a Korg R3 no one is entirely sure but its the one that matches up with it the most....Hope this helps the next best bet would be a MicroKorg or MicroKorg XL

Asking Alexandria (band)

Is asking Alexandria breaking up?

It is highly unlikely at the current time.

Asking Alexandria (band)

Why did Danny worsnop cut his hair?

Danny Worsnop actually sings about his life before in many of his songs. His life consisted of smoking, drugs, and sex. His haircut was just a beginning of him changing himself for the better.

Asking Alexandria (band)

What is Dedication by Asking Alexandria about?

Danny's drug use and stuff.

Asking Alexandria (band)

Does Danny Worsnop have a girlfriend?

Yes, he has been dating Myca Gardner for 4 years now.

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Asking Alexandria (band)
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Asking Alexandria (band)

What color are the eyes of all the current members of Asking Alexandria?

Danny's eyes are blue, Ben's eyes are brown, Sam's eyes are also brown, Cameron has brown eyes and Jame's eyes are brown to! I don't know why this really matters to anyway but their you go.

Asking Alexandria (band)

Is it all right to listen to asking Alexandria if your a christian?

Yes, as far as I'm aware christianity does not dictate what music you listen to and therefore you could listen to absolutely anything.

Asking Alexandria (band)

When did the Asking Alexandria band start?

Lead guitar of the band Ben Bruce moved back to England from Dubai he contacted his old friends and formed the band. With lead singer of Danny Worsnop, Rhythm Guitarist Cameron Liddell, Drummer James Cassells, Bass guitarist Sam Bettley, and himself, lead guitarist Ben Bruce Asking Alexandria started working on making a good career of a heavy metal band.

Asking Alexandria (band)

What is the song 'A prophecy' by Asking Alexandria about?

A Prophecy is nothing more than a song about a couple's relationship which is now going down hill because of the distance whether it's them living close and not being able to see one another or just they're becoming distant towards one another. Rumors are going around saying that they won't still make it through the hardships they are having. "They think that we'r drowning but our heads are still above the waves." The "tides" he's speaking about is the problems and he's saying they can pull through it.

"You never said goodbye" is her breaking up with him and him left there thinking damn.. is she serious? That's when he get's upset about it all, moves on, and says "And now you're on your own" because now she may want him back cause she's all alone and he doesn't want her back.

Hope this helped. :)

Asking Alexandria (band)

How many songs has Asking Alexandria released?

On Stand Up and Scream, there are thirteen songs.

On Reckless and Relentless, there are twelve and remixes of songs from the first album.

An EP with only remixes of a few songs, Skid Row covers, and a song from the new album, but the one of the new album is slightly different.

but there are a total of 25 songs that they recorded and released, everything thing else is remixes and covers.

Asking Alexandria (band)

How old are the members in asking Alexandria?

Danny Worsnop turned 22 on September 4th 2012, Ben Bruce turned 23 on October 31st 2011. Not sure about James, Sam and Cameron. :)

Asking Alexandria (band)

Is Asking Alexandria Christian?


James, however, their drummer, is a Christian.

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Asking Alexandria (band)

Why is she asking for a break?

It's obvious by your question that one of the problems is the lack of communication. You shouldn't be asking us, but asking her.

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Asking Alexandria (band)

What year was Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria born?


Asking Alexandria (band)

Does Danny from asking Alexandria have a kid?

he has a daughter (i think she is two..)

Asking Alexandria (band)

Where did Danny worsnop go to college?

He is 21 right now and stated with AA when he was 18, just out of high school; do you honestly think he is a college educated person?


Sorry to interrupt but:

I guess he went to college since I've heard Ben saying that "he knew cam and sam from college and another bands", reffering to Danny by "he". Don't believe me?

Lyrics and Sheet Music
Asking Alexandria (band)

What does Asking Alexandria Morte Et Dabo lyrics mean?

It's pretty much saying "F*** any higher power that thinks they're better than me and wants me to bow down to them. You are nothing to me and I wont give you the satisfaction of worshipping you." I dont neccessarily agree with the lyrics considering I'm Christian and all, but the bass and beat to that song is killer..

Asking Alexandria (band)

Who is the lead singer of Asking Alexandria?

The lead singer from Asking Alexandria is Danny Worsnop.

Asking Alexandria (band)

Is Danny worsnop dating Bruce?

danny has a girlfriend and a daughter

Danny does not have a daughter! i asked his girlfriend myca gardner and she said the only daughter he has is luci his dog.


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