Cedar Point (theme park)

Cedar Point is a 364-acre theme park located on Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio that first opened in 1870.

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Cedar Point (theme park)

How tall do you have to be to ride all of the rides at cedar point?

The related link will lead you to Cedar Point's height guide.

It looks like you have to be at least 54" to ride every single ride at the park.

Cedar Point (theme park)

Can you get into cedar point with a carowinds season pass?

No, to get into all Cedar Fair parks you need a Platinum Pass, A Carowinds season pass will only admit you to Carowinds.

Cedar Point (theme park)

How much do Cedar Point tickets cost?

Cedar Point tickets are $44.99 if you buy online and $54.99 if you but at the gate for a single day adult ticket. Single Day Junior/Senior tickets are $29.99 and if you stay in a Cedar Point hotel ticket prices are only $34 a day. See the related link below for more information.

Roller Coasters
Cedar Point (theme park)

Will Cedar Point create any new roller coasters?

No, Cedar Point will not be making any new roller coasters in 2010 or 2011. If you meant later in the future, nobody knows but the park officials.

Cedar Point (theme park)

How many bathrooms are in Cedar Point?

Way too many to count. After you get off every ride there is a big public bathroom, also they are scattered everywhere along the main path.

Cedar Point (theme park)

How fast is the windseeker at Cedar Point going to go?

All Windseekers go 30 mph when you get to the top.

Cedar Point (theme park)

How far is Cedar Point from Clyde Ohio?

Clyde Ohio is approximately 30 minutes away from Cedar Point which is located in Sandusky Ohio.

Cedar Point (theme park)

Does Cedar Point shut down their rides when it rains?

Rides normally don't shut down if it is only a light rain unless there is lightning in the area which will result in all rides being shut down.

Cedar Point (theme park)

Is Cedar Point haunted?

Yes, there have been some ghostly sightings at the loved amusment park Cedar Point. A haunted ferris wheel that moves backwards by it's self at night after hours. Staff has spotted some ghostly things as well.

Cedar Point (theme park)

Has anyone stayed at the RV park in Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio?

We tried to stay there this summer but it was booked. We stayed at Camp Sandusky campground and took a taxi to Cedar Point. Camper Village looked really nice, though!

Cedar Point (theme park)

How much is tickets at gates for kids at cedar point and ages?

Just go to their web site (see below) and hover over "Plan a visit". Go over to admission and click on tickets. or just go to the website and click on buy tickets on top right corner.

There often deals from other retailers and resellers so it's worth doing some searching before buying direct from the web site.

Cedar Point (theme park)

How tall do you have to be to ride cedar point rides?

54 inches at the most so anybody under that can ride all of the rides there

Cedar Point (theme park)

How much do cedar point tickets cost at the door?

$43.99 per person.

Cedar Point (theme park)

Does the windseeker go down fast or slow?

Yesterday I rode The Windseeker 3 times at Cedar Point. It does not go fast at all. But it's freaky looking down at everyone from 301ft in the air! It only goes up to 30mph which is not very fast and it's fun in a scary way. There are 2 strings so if one breaks there is a backup.

Cedar Point (theme park)

How much does cedar point charge per person?


Cedar Point (theme park)

On average how many people go to Cedar Point every day in the summer?

21232 every day

Cedar Point (theme park)

Does Cedar Point open the park before the rides run?

Technically, it opens 1 hour early for some guests but 5 coasters are run for the hour. Then all the other rides open. So no, rides are always running when the park is open.

Cedar Point (theme park)

When do Cedar Point Amusement Park tickets go on sale?

The park operates from May to early November.

Cedar Point (theme park)

When did cedar point first open?

1870. And the first coaster was Blue Streak.
The fun started in 1870 and kept building quickly thereafter.

Cedar Point (theme park)

Can you see Canada from cedar point?

Yes but only from the top of millennium force space spiral windseeker and top thrill Dragster

Cedar Point (theme park)

What Are All The Rides At Cedar Point?

In ABC Order, it goes.....


Antique Cars

Balloon Race

Blue Streak

Bumper Cars

Cadillac Cars


Camp Bus

Cedar Creek Mine Ride

Cedar Downs Racing Derby

Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad



Demon Drop

Disaster Transport


Dune Buggies

Flying Ace Balloon Race

Frog Hopper


Giant Wheel


Hot Rods

Iron Dragon

Jr. Gemini

Kiddy Kingdom Carousel

Kite Eating Tree

Krazy Kars

Lolli Swing

Magnum XL-200





Mean Streak

Midway Carousel

Millennium Force




Ocean Motion

Old Timers

Paddlewheel Excursions

Peanuts 500

Peanuts Road Rally

Police Cars

Power Tower


Red Baron

Rock Spin & Turn

Roto Whip


Sir Rub-A-Dub's Tubs

Sky Fighters


Sky Ride

Snake River Falls

Snoopy's Deep Sea Divers

Snoopy's Express Railroad

Snopy's Space Race

Space Age

Space Spiral

Super Himalaya

Thunder Canyon

Tilt A Whirl

Top Thrill Dragster


Turnpike Cars

Wave Swinger

Wicked Twister


Witches' Wheel

Woodstock's Whirlybirds

Woodstock Express

That's All Of Them! Hope This Helped

Cedar Point (theme park)

How far is Canton OH from Cedar Point?

Google Maps estimates that it will take 106 miles or about 1 hour 48 minutes to get from Sandusky, OH to Canton, OH.

Cedar Point (theme park)

Is Cedar Point making a new coaster in 2011?

Cedar point is definatly building something next year. wheather or not it will be big or not is left unknown, but according to Screamscape one of the head people at cedar point announced "the thrill is back next year"...

Cedar Point (theme park)

What is the scariest ride at cedar point?

Top Thrill Dragster for sure! It goes 0-120 mph in less than 4 seconds and reaches the top of the hill at a whopping 420 feet!

Cedar Point (theme park)

How tall is the Millennium Force at Cedar Point?

The ride is 310 ft tall


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