Citroën is a French car manufacturer founded in 1919 by André Citroën. It was the first mass-production automotive company established outside the United States. Eight years after its founding, it became the 4th largest automaker in the world.

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Antifreeze and Engine Coolant
Citroen Xsara

What antifreeze do you use in Citroen C2?

Any, it does not matter.

Citroen C5

How do you change the aerial on citroen c5 estate?

Open rear hatch, remove both D-pillar trim internally and pull back roof lining giving access to the base of the aerial. You can disconnect it from there.


How do you change the headlight bulb on a citroen c2?

how do i replace a h/lamp bulb on citroen c2 o/s.or easy way to remove headlamp

Commercial Vehicles
How To

How to change 2001 1.9D Citroen Berlingo water pump?

Remove cam covers,and do job doon as a leak could cause cambelt to come off,replace belt with new one

Remington Firearms
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What is the value of Remington 1903 in perfect condition?

there is a blue book for fire arms, the name I don't remember, but it is listed by percentages (finish)@ 98% value is shown as $1800.

Antifreeze and Engine Coolant

What coolant to use for a Citroen C3?

Its likely you will need a OAT (Organic Acid Technology) antifreeze if the original stuff is bright pink.

Don't mix different colour of antifreeze. If you have Blue or Green in the car, it will need a complete flush before refilling with pink (OAT)


Where is the citroen c1's spare wheel?

In the boot under the carpet overlay.


What is value for citroen 2cv in perfect condition?

Depends of exact version and condition,price for citroen 2cv in perfect condition is up to 15000$


Could anybody tell you where the glow plugs are mounted on a citroen c3.1.4hdi?

Having spent ages looking for them on my daughters car, i can now tell you the glow plugs on the c3 1.4 are situated on the cylinder head on the bulkhead side of the engine.

The air filter box must be removed for access. Space is very limited and a light and mirror will probably be needed to see them. The mounting bracket for the airbox will need to be removed.

Not a nice job, i`ll bet a lot don`t get changed! Chris.

But be careful, the glow plugs are barely used, and are unlikely the cause of poor starting as the C3 1.4hdi is a high pressure common rail engine.

Citroen Picasso

How do you change fuse in citroen c3?

There are 2 fuse boxes in C3. One in the glove box and the other under the bonnet next to the battery. You will need to remove the battery cover to access the fuse under the bonnet. The fuses are numbered so you need to know which fuse you want to change as the fuse may have different ratings.

Head Gaskets and Valve Covers

What are the torque wrench settings for a Citroen C3 cylinder head?

2da n/m @ 240 degrees

Brakes and Tires
Flats and Tire Pressure
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What is the tire pressure for a citroen c3?

On my C3, there is a sticker on the inside of the passenger front door, visible only with the door open, if I remember rightly, it is 2.1 BAR front and rear for an empty car, and 2.1 BAR front and 2.5 BAR rear on a heavily loaded car


Which oil for a citreon berlingo diesel van?

Castrol 10/40 Magnatec Diesel Semi-synthetic will suffice.

European Cars

What is Citroen?

A Citroen is a high performance car. It was made by a French manufacturer.

Spark Plugs and Wires
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How do you remove citroen 1.9d glow plugs?

Firstly remove the glow plug link cable that goes between the 4 glow plugs,these are secured with a 8mm nut,it pays to put a bit of grease in side the socket when you do this to stop the nut dropping (use this method when re fitting as well) after the link lead has been removed you will need a 12 mm deep socket to drop down over the plug ,then unscrew anti clock wise . You may need to loosen the injector pipes to allow an easier access to the plugs . number 4 cylinder is the hardest plug to access and can be done with a 12 mm spanner. Don't forget though number 4 cylinder is at the timing belt end on these engines.

Once the plugs are out its a reverse of the above to refit.

You can check the plugs though without taking them out, just remove the the link lead across the top of the plugs then get a piece of wire and hold one end on to the live terminal on the battery then touch it on to the threaded part of the plug ,if it sparks then the plug is ok

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How do you replace an electric wing mirror on a citroen c2?

You dont!!

You dont mess with anything electric on the Citreon unless you are willing to get irritated constantly by warning sounds and flashing alerts.

It should only cost £45 for the new mirror and £20-£30 labour so just go to a garage....

Citreon C2 Code Special Edition 1.6, Lowered, 18" alloys, Full limo timt, undercar lighting, subwoofer, rear rally coil, incudtion kit, remapped/limiter disabled and twin exhaust.

Trust me ^^^^ it isnt worth messing about with it yourself!!

**Update - from original question-asker! ** We bought a compatible mirror on ebay, approx £36 from what I remember (was a while ago now) and my now husband fitted it. Took about 10-15 minutes. No future problems, was absolutely fine. Have now sold the C2 but it was fine for months after the fitting.


Where is the bonnet release on a Citroen C8?

the side of the pass seat

History of France
Eiffel Tower

What year did Citroën light up the Eiffel Tower?

The Eiffel Tower was used as a billboard for Citroën from 1925 to 1934.


Who invented the citroen?

Andre Citroen founded the Citroen Car Company.

Citroen Picasso

How do you stop airbag fault on your citroen xsara Picasso?

Had the same prob for a couple of weeks. in the end i just waggled the wire loom under the front passenger seat and also tilted the seat backwards and forwards a couple of times. I think the prob. maybe in the side airbag.

Good luck!


Where is the trip reset on a citroen c3?

It is the button on the Dash board just below the green flashing light of the right turn indicator

Operates when ignition is on. After the trip mileage record is displayed a long press of this button resets it to zero.


How much oil does a citroen c3 gearbox hold?

Manual gear box 2 litre

Automatic gear box comes as sealed unit

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Change password for the start engine for citroen saxo?


Does the sheriff or repo man have the right to enter your home or garage to look for the vehicle in Missouri?

Repoman?? NO,NO, and NO. the sheriff?? IF he has a replevin OR warrant, YES. In ANY state. And for the repoman to say he can is ILLEGAL. Call an attorney.

Fuel Filters

Where is the pollen filter on a 1.9 citroen berlingo?

There is none.


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