David Cameron

David Cameron became Britain's youngest Prime Minister on May 11, 2010 after Gordon Brown resigned.

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When is david camerons birthday?

9 October 1966

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David Cameron

What are David Cameron's qualifications?

David Cameron has a first class honours degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford. He achieved 12 O-levels and three A-Levels from Eton College.

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What is a Hamilton Cameron watch worth?

Vintage watches price guide lists them from 325.00 to 600.00

Of course, it depends on market, condition, etc.

David Cameron

How long has David Cameron been in power?

David Cameron became Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on the 11th May 2010.

David Cameron

Does David Cameron have brothers or sisters?

He has 1 brother - Allan Alexander - and 2 sisters - Tania Rachel and Clare Louise.

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David Cameron

Who is boss Queen Elizabeth or david Cameron?

It is the Prime Minister and their government who run the United Kingdom. The Queen does legally have the power to overturn a government decision, but no monarch has done so for a long time. So, the Queen is the Head of State, but doesn't have any real power.

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Which Prime Minister of Britain was a Canadian?

Andrew Bonar Law (16 September 1858 - 30 October 1923) was a Canadian-born British Conservative Party statesman and Prime Minister. Currently he is the only British Prime Minister to have been born outside the United Kingdom.

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David Cameron

What is Bilderberg Group?

A highly secretive group founded in 1954, consisting of few hundred people that all own vast amounts of land, business, news media, military and/or large private banking business like the US federal reserve and the European . They meet once a year (often against country laws and acts which are there to prevent corruption) and descuss what will happen in the world in the comming year. The Bilderberg group has been proven to responseable for the EU (European Union) which has thought stelth has taken over and demolished all the EU counties suvenrenity.

The http://www.bilderberg.org site tracks the groups secretive agenda.

Typing the groups name on youtube or Google gives vast amounts of information on these people.

The Bilderberg Group was formed in 1954, primarily by the powerful banking families of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, along with royal Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who had strong ties with the Nazi regime. The group meets annually with approximately 130 guests consisting of Europe's and America's most wealthy and noble elites from politics, royalty, business, banking, education, media and the military. The overall goal of the group is to bring about a One World Government and global financial system under the political body of a UN style Government controlled by the central banking systems of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. They are also advocates of aspects of modern eugenics and have plans to eventually reduce the world's population by 80%, as called for by the 1974 UN Assessment on Biodiversity. In his own words, on multiple occasions, Prince Philip of England has expressed his desire to 'cull' the surplus population. "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation".

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Read my blog to get the full story. Click on my blog link entitled Bilderberg group exposed that is displayed directly below this window.

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David Cameron

Does David Cameron hate black people?

No. David Cameron is not racist.

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David Cameron

What is david Henry Wilson's date of birth?

February 1,2007

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David Cameron

Who has the governing power in England?

Great Britain includes England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. It is also called the United Kingdom. It has a Parliamentary Democracy, with a house of Commons and a upper House of Lords. The Lords are not elected, being appointed, but the members of Parliament are elected by the voters. Parliament is made up of elected members, each of whom represents a "ryding" or district in the country. The ryding boundaries are based on population density, with each one having about 100,000 citizens. When a General Election is held, the voters cast their ballots for the candidate that they think will represent them well in Parliament. A candidate may be a member of a political party, or a may run as a Independant, with no party affiliation at all. The party that elects the most members to the House, after the election has been held, will form the Governing Party, and the leader of that party will become the Prime Minister. His or her Cabinet will be selected from the members of his/her party, by the P.M. I have used his/her because un-like the USA, Great Britain has all ready had a female Prime Minster, Mrs Thatcher. The party that has the next largest number of members in the House wiil form the Loyal Opposition, and their duty is to ask questions of the Government party and make ammedments to suggested bills before the House. Each day the House is sitting, the P.M., or his Deputy P.M., is required to be present to answer questions as are all Cabinet Ministers. Question Period is the first 90 minutes of each sitting day. Ministers are allowed two days to bring forth an answer, to a question that has been raised in the Question Period. The Govenment of Great Britain is currently headed by Tony Blair, the Prime Minister. The Government rules with the approval of the Monarch, Queen Elizabeth the Second. She has traditionally been "taken into confidence " on all bills. The Monarch remains aloof from day to day politics. The electoral divisions for parliamentaty elections are called constituencies. (At one time Yorkshire had three ridings, but they have had no official existence since 1974).

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David Cameron

Does David Cameron smoke?

David Cameron does not currently smoke - he gave up smoking in later 2006.

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What is David Cameron's postcode?

David Cameron's official residence is now 10 Downing Street, SW1A 2AA.

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David Cameron

What is the name for a diplomatic minister?

They are simply called "Minister".

David Cameron

What are the names of David Cameron's children?

David Cameron and his wife Samantha have had four children; Ivan Reginald Ian, Nancy Gwen Beatrice, Arthur Elwen and Florence Rose Endellion.

Ivan died in February 2009 aged 6.

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David Cameron

Who is Candace Cameron married to?

Russian Ice Hockey player Valeri Bure

David Cameron

Does David Cameron speak french?

Un peu

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Can you have a Roman Catholic Prime Minister of Great Britain?

There is no simple yes or no question to this answer. While there is no express legal bar the election of a non-Anglican British Prime Minister, such a situation would be constitutionally akward given the prime minister's role in appointing senior members of the Church of England. While theoretically, the soverieng has the ultimate power in making ecclesiastical appointments, he or she acts on the advice of the prime minister.

Under the Roman Catholic Relief Act of 1829, sect. 17, and the Jews' Relief Act of 1858, sec 4, no Roman Catholic or Jew may advise the sovereign on ecclesiastical matters. Were the prime minister to be a Roman Catholic or a Jew and alternate system of ecclesiastical appointment would have to be devised.

To date, all British Prime Ministers to date, at least while in office, have professed Anglican faith. Disraeli, while born into a Jewish family, was babtised into the church of England at age 12 and Tony Blair waited till after he stood down from the post of Prime Minister to officially convert to Catholicism.
Gordon Brown does not 'profess the Anglican faith'. His father was a Church of Scotland minister. It is unlikely that any other non-English Prime Minister would be an Anglican (e.g. Alec Douglas-Hume, Ramsey Macdonald).

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Was a student named David Hogan on the 1968 Kentucky Wildcat football team?

NO...there was no David Hogan "officially" on the UK football team in 1968. I was on that team (I was a Jr) and I looked on the roster in the program for our 1st game in 1968 against Missouri (UK won 12-7) and there's no player by this name. As a side note, there were 5 "walk-on" players listed among the 65 varsity players on that roster, but that name was not one of them. We also had another 5 or so "walk-on" players that practiced with us, but they never dressed for games and were not listed on the roster. On the Freshman team in 1968 (freshman couldn't play varsity until 1972), there is a player named David Haydon (from Austin, TX) listed. But that's it. Hope this helps... Phil Thompson (email: xcat80@verizon.net)

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What is the birth date of David Muir of ABC News?

November 8th, 1973

David Cameron

How good is David Cameron's French when he speaks with Nicolas Sarkozy?

David Cameron speaks some French, but he is not fluent in the language.

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David Cameron

How can you contact David Cameron?

You can write to him at: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Or e mail .... camerond @ parliament.uk (remove the spaces)

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David Cameron

What political party is David Cameron in?

The Conservative Party.

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David Cameron

Who preceeded David Cameron as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

Gordon Brown was the prime minister of united kingdom before David Cameron.

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David Cameron

When was David Cameron elected the prime minister of England?



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