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The Marvel team, Fantastic Four, first appeared in November 1961. The team consists of Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing. Each member has a different ability, and uses it to fight against various enemies such as Dr. Doom.

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Who Would Win
Iron Man (superhero)
Fantastic Four

Who would win human torch vs ironman?

ironman... Only if he wore fire protective armor.

-The most recent time (and only time) I recall them fighting is in the middle of the Marvel Civil War in the final battle. Iron Man defeated him in a matter of seconds.

Fantastic Four

Name for a group of 4 friends?

Fantastic Four, the quads or if your initals make up a word then use that...

Fantastic Four

Is there going to be a fantastic four 3?


Edit: Sorry, this answer is wrong. Marvel has been waiting for the lisence to return to their name so they may begin a possible reboot.

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Fantastic Four

Who is stronger thing or she hulk?

They are about the same, but She Hulk is a little stronger because she can lift 100 tons. Thing can only lift 85.

-They aren't around the same. What The Thing maxed out at, She-Hulk was able to lift with one hand in front of he and Reed Richards. She also defeated Hercules in arm wrestling twice. Hercules strength is anywhere north of 900 tons. She easily outclasses Thing.

Fantastic Four

What is the name of the actresses in fantastic 4?

Jessica Alba. I'm not sure who you mean though.

Fantastic Four

What is the rock guy on fantastic 4 s name?


Fantastic Four

What is the bad guy's character name in Fantastic Four?

Doctor Doom

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Fantastic Four

What insect has long antennae a long abdomen a very long stinger and two wings instead of four?

  • Photo here:¤t=uglybug.jpg

Most likely you have seen an ichneuman fly (or wasp). a common insect which is harmless. The "stinger" is actually an ovipositor which allows the female to deposit eggs into rotting wood.

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Stan Lee

Does Stan lee make a cameo in Fantastic Four rise of the Silver Surfer?

Yes. In this film, he appears as himself and gets rejected from the wedding by a bouncer.

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If all but four players foul out can the game continue?

Yes. What will happen is that the last person to foul out will get called for a technical because there are no players left to play. The other team will get two technical foul shots, and the game will continue.

Fantastic Four

Who was the blind lady in Fantastic Four?

Kerry Washington

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Sony Playstation 3
Fantastic Four

How do you get past the bit in rise of the Silver Surfer on PS3 where mr. fantastic has to get through the laser wall and there are no more generator boxes to break?

It isn't the end of the game. Apparently (from what I've read elsewhere) you can hit it with a grenade from the top platform. Still working on making that happen. yes this is right but u have 2 throw the grenade whilst going down on the eleavator

Fantastic Four

Who is Chris Evans in Fantastic Four?

Human Torch.

Fantastic Four

Will there be a Fantastic Four 2 game for the Wii?

Yes there is a Fantastic Four 2 game in wii. I saw it. Just go on and punch or type in ''Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer Wii'' and you will see the game for Wii.

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Who Would Win
Fantastic Four

Who would win Dr doom vs hulk vs human torch?


Fantastic Four

When will Fantastic Four 2 be on DVD?

Yes there is and it is out now (1/4/11)

Marvel Comics
Fantastic Four

How fast is human torch?

Human Torch can fly at speeds up to 150 mph

Fantastic Four

Did they really kill Johnny in fantastic four?

no,johnny just fainted but he woke up.thats because you did not watch the part that he woke up.but if you did watched the part that johnny woked up,thats good.

Fantastic Four

Will there be a Fantastic Four 3 movie?

Well the actor for Reed Richards and Jessica Alba both are very certain they can pull it off. But on the other hand Chris Evans isn't so sure. The real Question here is will chris evans finnaly say yes or will fantastic four split up?

And if you didn't already know Chris Evans is playing as Captain America in The first Avenger: Captain America in 2011 and as Captain America in the new Avengers movie in 2012

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How much is the set of four original Elvis Forever 1997 TV Guide issues worth?

you may find out what the public would pay by looking on auction sites like ebay.

Fantastic Four

What are the names of the fantastic four?

Mr Fantastic (Reed Richards)

The Human Torch (Johnny Storm)

The Invisible Woman (Susan "Sue" Storm)

The Thing (Ben Grimm)

Fantastic Four

Who is the super villain in 'The Fantastic Four'?

In the live-action film that came out in 2005, Dr. Doom formerly owner of an American company; later dictator of the European nation of Latveria, with a body that took on properties of metal and the ability to manipulate electricity.

In a somewhat different form for the comics series(far more serious and far less hokey), he has also been a major villain not only for the Fantastic Four but the Marvel Universe as a whole; being portrayed as sometimes working alongside the heroes in order to achieve his ends, he is a far more complex character than the film version.

Otherwise, there are hundreds of "villains" from the Fantastic Four series.

The villain for the second film was Galactus.

Fantastic Four

How did the fantastic 4 become the fantastic 4?

Reed Richards , Sue and Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm are exposed to Gamma radiation while aboard an experimental aircraft resulting in their acquisition of superpowers - Reed has the ability to stretch his body and limbs , Sue was able to bend light around her body and become invisible , Johnny was able to fly and become engulfed in flame and Ben gains incredible strength and durability . All four decided to use their powers to better humanity and founded the Fantastic Four .

Fantastic Four

What adjectives describe the fantastic four?

  • Fantastic
  • amazing
  • freakish
Fantastic Four

Who is the arch nemesis of the Fantastic Four?

Doctor Doom is the archnemesis of the Fantastic Four.


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