Habbo, better known as, Habbo Hotel, is a multiplayer online game that simulates a virtual hotel. You can build rooms, meet friends, get jobs, or even chill out and relax. Teenagers and young adults alike have been flocking to Habbo since 2001.

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How do you make a clear heart?

To do this, you need to press:

Alt and 366



What are the Habbo hotel requirements?

The habbo hotel requirements are:

Adobe Flash Player Installed & updated

Javascript enabled

But you must be at least 13 years of age to play

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How do you get your trading pass in your room?

Change the room type from what it is to trade. It's in room settings.


In order for you to get a trading pass, your account must be 3 days old. Once you pass that, go into your room. Click on settings, change the room floor to "trade".

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When is happy hour in Habbo Hotel?

You get the happy hour badge when you stay on for an hour or more.

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What is force hotel?

Force Hotel is a virtual world were you meet and make friends.

It is also known as a Habbo Retro / Illegal Habbo Server. Play the legit game at habbo.com

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How do you play Trivia Races On Habbo Like What is stb?

It's simple once you know how to play it. First of all you all sit in a row, the aim of the game is to get to the other side before anybody else by answering questions, the first person to correctly answer a question moves up one space.

These are some of the topics:

Gaw - Generate a word, e.g. ha = hat or have, (just make a word out of the 2 letters)

Gmw - Generate many words, e.g. ha li lo = hat live load

Antonym - opposites e.g. cold = hot

Synonym - Same meaning but different word, e.g. sad = upset

Acronym - e.g. lol = laugh out loud, brb = be right back

Homophone - a word that sounds the same as another word, e.g. see = sea

Nta - name the artist, e.g. who sings halo? you say Beyonce

x singer - the host gives a singer you must say a song they sing, e.g. Beyonce = halo

Ft - fastest typer, type the sentence the host gives as fast as you can

N3 - name three, e.g. n3 colours = red blue green

Stb - stop the bus, the host gives a letter and a couple of topics, you must answer the topics with the letter that's given, e.g. a) girls name, boys name, Country - Amy, Andrew, austria

Wc - world capitals, e.g. capital of Poland = Warsaw

Pt - periodic table e.g. O = oxygen

Unsc - unscramble, the host scrambles up a word and you have to unscramble it, e.g. hlelo = hello, cta = cat

Hope I helped :)


How many letters and numbers are in voucher codes?

anywhere above 6 and below 8 that way they can make sure to be safe about anyones voucher cards


What jobs on Habbo Hotel can get you free coins?

You can go to FreeHabboCredits.net and fill out surveys to get free coins. Not a Habbo "Job" as you might imagine it but one that involves actually doing something to earn your credits ;)

Alternatively If you go to an army and it says Army PAYS. some might pay, some won't, they just want more people to work. if you just want the money, ask the people working there if the owner pays.

-Answered By Sustinfan


Who is the habbo name for the owner of habboca?

Acelocksta is the owner and Creator of all habbos.

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How do you make a Habbo retro for starters?

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How do you get thrones on Habbo?

You buy them, there over 300 credits some people sell them . . .

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Are there any games like yo habbo?

Yes, rarehotel.sytes.net is a habbo retro with Lots of custom for sale, Starting with lots of coins and pixiels, Lots of events being hosted by Elle (Event Team) and others. x3

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How do you poste notes on Habbo?

You have to buy stickie notes which are in the Extras part of the catalogue.

Sticky notes cost 3 credits.


What is the voucher code in media get?



How do you fix a server error on habbo?

If you're encountering those annoying in game popup's saying "Sever Error." Simply exit out of Habbo, clear your cache, and then restart the computer.

The Server Errors are faults on Sulake's side not yours, but you can reset your network that connects to Habbo.

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What is happy hour in Habbo Hotel?

Happy Hour is a badge simply awarded for logging in during Happy Hour (A common term for bars).

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Why won't it let you in Habbo Hotel?

There may be a few issues. Try:

  • Updating/Downloading 'Flash'.
  • Check to see if the "hotel" is actually open (always open on .com)
  • Try again later- the server may be down.

A voucher code website?

There is none. Sorry.

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How do you delete someone off your friends list on Habbo?

There are two methods for removing someone from your friends list. The online method and the offline method.

Online MethodIf the person you want to delete is online you can simply open the console and locate the Habbo you wish to remove on your list. Click your friend so that the area turns blue and click the red "X" and select "Okay". Now your friend is no longer your friend. Offline MethodIf the person you want to delete is offline you can simply visit the Habbo.come homepage and select "Account Settings." You will see an option called "Friend Management", select this. Type the name of the friend you want to remove. You'll see a big red "X" next to their name. Select it and click "Okay." Now your friend is no longer your friend.
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Which hotel like habbo gives you free credits?


Boom Hotel.com



buzz hotel.co.uk

ifaz hotel.co.uk

jebba hotel.co.uk

force hotel.co.uk

noobhotel.co.uk that one spannish hotel.



There is more cba 2 add :P

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How do you use Habbo hotel?

All you have to do is click the tiles on the hotel when you want to choose another room you ave to click the house thingy so you can go to another room or you want to make your own room

if you want all the selections of rooms you have to be VIP or HC u have to pay for that.. or if you want free VIP and HC all you have to do is search Zap Hotel its another version of Habbo but fake version. There you get free vip and hc.

Then on habbo there is a chariot that is the shop.

if you want to change your looks click your avatar and then there will be a selection on his or her head. choose change looks and then choose.

then if you want to see ur medals there is also selection in the left side of the screen.

Its a very simple game to play its not hard at all.

but watch out of people who will hack your account dont believe about... Free Coins. Your gonna get banned if you not give your pass. your gonne be raped or wat ever.. Dont believe all they want is to get and hack your account.. Watch out of hackers if you envounter them. Leave the room.


How do you leave a sticky in a room on Habbo?

First, the RO (room owner) must have a sticky pole in their room in order to leave a sticky for them.

If they have a sticky pole, simply open "My Stuff" and click "Wall". You should see your Yellow sticky notes in your inventory and you can click one and drag it to their walls.

It'll open the sticky for you to write on! Don't close out of the sticky of you'll send them a blank sticky.

Lastly, remember that stickies display your name and date on them. So If you leave something mean or someone they will know who wrote it.

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Cheat Codes

Can Habbo be hacked?

Habbo is similar to any website that is on the internet. It has it's vulnerabilities, however, Sulake, the company that owns Habbo, has in place tight security measures.

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Care of Horses

Which habbo retro has pet horses?

habbo hotel and flush-hotel.co.uk

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What is a Habbo Retro?

Habbo™ "Retros" are an exact replica of Habbo, which is owned by Sulake Inc. Retro's are an immediate violation of Sulake's copyright and trademark.

Also note, that people have had legal action taken against them before in regards to owning, operating, and using Habbo Retro Hotels.


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