Heroin is a by-product of opium. Without a license, it is illegal to supply or manufacture the drug in most countries, but it can be used for medicinal purposes under prescription in the UK.

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What is black tar heroin cut with?

from my experiences with it and talking to the Mexicans that i have been buying from which is primarily the Mexican mafia drug cartel which sounds crazy but there a bunch of pussies... any ways they cut it with coca cola, cocoa, coffee, the by product of morphineafter it is produced for pharmaceutical companies which is a really dirty dirty form of heiroin, and i havent reallly heard many others but i know there are more but all i know is that its not the greatest for u but the heroin we get in Vegas is top quality. the only dope that ive ever done that could compare and was actually a lot better was some jersey dope and i think it was some pure afghan brown powder. i was droolin on myself. but that's about all i got to say about what its cut with.


Who is the heroine in brigadoon?



How do you get herion out of your system faster?

more heroin


Who is The Maid of Orleans National heroine of France Catholic saint?

Joan of Arc

Drug Withdrawal

Can you die from withdrawals?

Yes, you can actually die from withdrawls. Benzos and alcohol are considered the most danger to withdrawal from, you should always be medically supervised while detoxing because of the risk.

Good answer. Almost all withdrawal deaths occur from alcohol withdrawal, but it is a dangerous proposition with any substance.


How do you snort black tar heroin?

You put it in a spoon with water and you stir it up, but not too much water so its a thick mixture then you either snort it or pick it up and put it inside your nose. But you don't snort it like coke you leave it on the inside of your nose


Can you use heroin while taking suboxone?

Suboxone blocks the opiate receptors in your brain so the heroin would have no effect.


How do you smoke heroine?

You start by putting your heroin on a piece of foil about say about the size 8inches by 5inches

and roll a piece of foil around say a pen too make a tube. then in one hand you light a lighter and put the under your heroin, this will now start too turn into a runny oil form, you then run the lighter across, underneath the foil, with the tube in your mouth, you chase the heroin along in lines, making sure you suck up all the smoke produced by the heated heroin.

this is a very habit forming, very addictive practise, that will nearly always cause a user distress in life and can often years later be a factor in the users death.


How can you tell if its heroin?

Smell, taste, form, texture...place a bit on tin foil, gently heat the underside of the foil and if it melts into a dark tar which smells like chemicals and fish...its most likely heroin. If you aren't sure if someone's on heroin...look at their eyes. Most drugs dilate ('blow out') the pupils. Heroin constricts ('pins out') the pupils.


Is crack made from poppy plant?

No. Crack is a smokable form of cocaine.

Cocaine is made from coca leaves, not poppy plants.

Morphine is made from poppy plants.

Illegal Drugs

Why is Heroin illegal?

People can become addicted to heroin after only one use, so it's too addictive to be legal. Also, heroin users usually turn to crime in order to get the money to keep using the drug, so it's bad for everybody around them.


What is a bun of herion?

A bun is a bundle of herion ten bags

Literature and Language

What is the difference between a heroine and a hero?

A hero is a male, and a heroine is a female.


How much does one brick of heroine cost?

hard to say how much a brick is, a kilo prolly is bout 30,000 to 50,000 in the States... and prolly cheaper if u buy a bunch...


What are facts about heroin?


some facts are that you can get really sick and you take it because you don't feel good about your self. It will make you look a lot older and you will not look like your self anymore and then you will regret it because you did such a stupid thing.
Heroin Fun FactsHeroin Fact 1: To support their drug habits, users in East Coast cities such as New York and Philadelphia would often collect and sell scrap metal. This gave them the name "junkies."

Heroin Fact 2: Heroin is a derivative of the German word Heroisch which means Heroic. It is said that heroin makes a person feel heroic.

Heroin Fact 3: It can take just three days of regular use for a heroin user to become addicted. After this point, the user will experience physical withdrawal symptoms if he stops using.

Heroin Fact 4: Heroin overdoses have caused more deaths than traffic accidents in the past several years.

Heroin Fact 5: The heroin addict spends between $80 to $200 per day to maintain a heroin addiction.

Heroin Fact 6: Street-level heroin usually sells for $10 per dose, although prices vary throughout the country.

Heroin Fact 7: Over 80% of heroin users inject with a partner, yet 80% of overdose victims found by paramedics are found alone.

Heroin Fact 8:Ninety-five percent of the world's legal heroin consumption is for medical use in Britain.

Heroin Fact 9:In 1898 the typical drug addict in Britain was a middle-class woman in her forties. Today it is an 18-year-old male.

Heroin Fact 10: Some speculate that before his death Heinrich Dreser had become addicted to heroin, the drug he had originally chosen to market over aspirin. He died of a stroke, something that might have been prevented had he been taking aspirin daily. Apparently one bad decision can haunt you for the rest of your life.

Heroin Fact 11: The newly spreading practice in East Africa of flashblood, injecting oneself with blood of another heroin user to get high, has been called "the most effective way of infecting yourself with HIV"?


What does heroin do to you?

Take it from addicts, heroin feels so good, and yet is so bad for you. Heroin is in essence a pain killer, and a heroin high is said to feel just like an Oxycontin high. However, it is hard to give an exact description of what a heroin high feels like.

When you snort it, you usually feel it in your shoulders first. It is like a warm comfortable, relaxing feeling. That feeling spreads through your entire body.

<a href="https://www.quora.com/What-do-you-know-about-heroin-addiction-treatment">Heroin's</a> psychological effects are perhaps more powerful than the physical ones. Addicts often use it to sort of self-medicate feelings of depression. Nothing in the world bothers someone who is high. They use it as an escape from the disappointing realities of life.

To get an idea what heroin feels like, take the best day in your sober life, and amplify it by ten. The problem is that it doesn't last long, and that's why getting addicted is so easy.

It can make you sick and addicted. heroin


Can heroin effect your driving?

are you seriously asking this question?......... ALL DRUGS affect your driving... Never drive while under the influence!


What are the main ingredients in heroin?

The main ingredient? Loss of everything. I'm married to an addict and we are losing everything because of his addiction. I'm finally leaving him.


What is the street value of 1 gram of heroin?

Ranges from $140-150 retail

Provides many "normal' doses to a person. However, as tolerance to heroin occurs, a gram can be used in 12 hours. (In users with high tolerances)

Buying a gram is usually the best way to buy heroin. Buying single hits or bags or bindles can result in poor quality and quanity. You can still get bad quality gram bags, but the chances are LESS likely to happen.



Where I live, the street value for a gram of pretty good quality black tar heroin is about $50, depending on where and who your dealer is. Like Laudium said, it's better to just buy a gram and use it when you need it than to buy single bags or hits, for one thing because of the quality, and another thing it's a pain in the ass to hook up with your dealer every time you need another hit. So a gram is a good amount if you're just starting to do it or if you have good control over your habit, but if you're a really big addict you can smoke or inject a gram in a day, easy. That's a good way to OD, just so you know, so I don't recommend doing a gram right off the bat. Ease your way into it. Smoke instead of injecting, it's a lot easier to get HIV and eventually AIDS when you inject.



Street value of black tar heroine?

for 1/10 of a gram will cost $20 and for a gram it is $150 but some people will scam you and try to charge you more


Has heroin ever been legal?

Yes, heroin was originally developed by doctors to be used as a pain medication, for which purpose it works extremely well, and it is still sometimes prescribed for terminally ill patients who are in severe pain - although there are now other, equally powerful pain killers such as dilaudid which may be prescribed instead. It was only later that heroin came into use as a recreational drug and became a controlled substance.


Is heroin good for you?

Taking street heroin will almost always be 'bad' for you (in terms of possibility of causing addiction and containing impurities) but heroin is also used medicinally.Heroin is a highly addictive drug that kills people every day. It is not good for you.


What happens if you touch cocaine?

Did you touch it with your nose?


How bad is herion for you?

Heroin (look for yourself in the library or online medical journals and sudy results) is not so bad for you. One of the most sever and chronic side effects of heroin is constipation. Heroin, unlike alcohol, does not destroy the liver and so on. Heroin becomes dangerous through how it is ingested and what it is cut with.

In countries with legal clinics where addicts can use, levels of HIV, DVT and 'needle related' illness / injury and infections dissipate because addicts have clean, available and controlled access to clean aparatus and surroundings...unlike addicts in countries in which heroin is illegal.

Overdose is most commonly caused due to the varying potency of 'street' heroin. Unlike alcohol for example which comes with a label telling you how strong it is, heroin bought illegally is neither pure, nor labelled. So an addict prepares a full bag or score =, yet it may be ten times stronger than the last bag they bought.

As well, 'cotton fever' and 'dirty hits' occassionally circulate in batches of heroin or are attributed to fibres and parasites within the types of cotton buds or filters used to draw heroin through. Both cotton fever and dirty hits propel the addict into a high fever and severe flu like symptoms, even hallucinations.

Smoking street heroin rots and discolours the teeth.

There are a lot of health problems caused by an addicts lifestyle, the legality of heroin and how heroin is used, but these are indirect...heroin itself causes few issues.

For example, a lot of addicts in countries where heroin is illegal are malnurished because of a combination of factors attributed or caused by the lifestyle which an addict has to adopt to feed their habit.


Why do people start taking heroin?

People start taking heroin for many different reasons there is no ONE set reason as to why someone starts to take heroin. For instance i have a very nice friend who one day introduced me to my first line of heroin. It came in a little blue wax bag and was stamped "7 UP" bags are stamped so that people can keep track of the quality of the high, amount in bag etc etc. I snorted my first line because I wanted to understand what all the fuss was about, why all these people I had graduated with were destroying their lives by shooting up or "blasting" heroin. I live in a south eastern region of Pennsylvania and many kids i am friends with take a trip down route 41 right to Wilmington where you can acquire a bundle, (13 - 15 bags) for 50 dollars at least through my connect, but to sum it up people start taking heroin because it is the most euphoric delightful drug ever and i look forward to the government legalizing and distributing it at workplaces,elementary through high schools to enhance the moods and lives of millions of boring straight edge Americans who would otherwise only be able to thump their bible and grow up to molest 12 year old. THANK YOU


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