Igneous Rock

Igneous rock is formed from cooled magma or lava. The magma turns solid as it cools, and eventually becomes rock. It is sometimes crystallized.

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Igneous Rock

What are some examples of igneous rocks?

Igneous rocks are generally classified first on the basis of their formation (and therefore their texture) as intrusive or extrusive. Intrusive rocks are solidified from magma under the surface resulting in a visible crystalline texture, and extrusive igneous rocks are solidified from lava at or near the surface, resulting in a small or nearly invisible crystalline texture.

Igneous rock can additionally be classified by general chemistry composition as felsic, intermediate, mafic, and ultramafic. Felsic rocks are higher in silica and aluminum. Maficrocks are higher in magnesium and iron.

Examples of igneous rock include:

  • pumice
  • basalt
  • andesite
  • wehrlite
  • monzonite
  • anorthosite
  • welded tuff
  • nepheline syenite
  • aplite
  • websterite
  • kimberlite
  • gabbro
  • diorite
  • granite
  • basanite
  • troctolite
  • pegmatite
  • diabase
  • picrite
  • latite
  • granodiorite
  • tonalite
  • peridotite
  • ignimbrite
  • hornblendite
  • lampophyre
  • phonolite
  • dunite
  • syenite
  • tachylyte
  • monzogranite
  • tephrite
  • granophyre
  • boninite
  • rhyodacite
  • trachyte
  • carbonatite
  • harzburgite
  • icelandite
  • pyroxenite
  • trachyandesite
  • foidolite
  • rhyolite
  • obsidian
  • scoria

Words used to describe igneous rock or igneous rock typesinclude: ultramafic, mafic, intermediate, felsic, aphanitic, porphyritic, phaneritic, extrusive, intrusive, vesicular, glassy, coarse grained, fine grained, acidic, basic.

Igneous Rock

Would pumice be good for making a floor?

yes it would but you shouldn't put heavy or don't drop or spill anything cause it may break.

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Igneous Rock

Is granite porous?

Granite is relatively non-porous due to the interlocking nature of the crystallized minerals which it contains.

Igneous Rock

Is diorite's texture a aphanitic?

Yes diorite's texture is aphanitic.

Igneous Rock

Is lignite a igneous rock?

Lignite is a kind of coal (brown coal).

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Igneous Rock

What is a lava rock hardness on the Mohs scale?

depends a rock made from lava is an igneous rock.

Igneous Rock

What is hot molten rock inside the earth called?

The molten rock inside the Earth is called magma. When magma reaches the surface, it is called lava.

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Igneous Rock

What is pumice used for?

Pumice has remarkable abrasive qualities that allow it to be used in many places. We see it used as a dental abrasive, an abrasive hand soap ingredient, an ingredient in polish, and a cosmetic skin abrasive.

Pumice is also used commercially in several ways in construction. It can be used in landscaping and as a soil conditioner. We also find it used in insulation and as a additive to concrete.Pumice is also really light and soft i use it for pillows

Igneous Rock

What are the molten rock thrown out of a volcano called?

The rocks inside are called intrusive igneous rocks, however when the volcano explodes it lets out lava which drys into metimorphic rocks.

Igneous Rock

Which has the greatest density water granite iron or dry air?

its, IRON

Igneous Rock

Is conglomerate igneous?

it is sedimentary

Igneous Rock

On what basis are igneous rocks classified?

where they were formed

Igneous Rock

Why are igneous rocks called mother rocks?

because other rocks originate from it,it leads to soil formation,

Igneous Rock

What is molten rock called on land?

It is called lava above the surface, and magma below the surface.

Igneous Rock

Is a stock an intrusive igneous body?

No it is not intrusive because of the difference in body heat and intrusive igneous

Stope is not an intrusive igneous body. apex

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Igneous Rock

What rock can float?


Sedimentary Rock
Igneous Rock

What kind of rock is basalt?

Basalt is an extrusive igneous rock, which means it has solidified from magma above ground. It is a mafic rock, meaning that it is relatively high in heavier element content, particularly magnesium and iron. Compared to felsic extrusive igneous rocks, like rhyolite, basalt is heavier and darker. Because of rapid cooling, basalt is composed of smaller crystals. Color ranges from greenish-black to black.
Both are igneous rock.

Igneous Rock

Is chalk a type of igneous rock?

No. Chalk is a form of limestone, a sedimentary rock.

Igneous Rock

Cold Granite- Stuart Macbride summary?

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Igneous Rock

What type of rock forms when lava solidifies?

Extrusive igneous rock forms, such as basalt, rhyolite, and obsidian.

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Igneous Rock

How can you tell if a igneous rock is igneous?

Igneous rocks often contain grains that can be seen with the unaided eye.

Some igneous rocks have no visible grain and appear glassy

they show colored rains that are not in bands

Igneous Rock

Is Brockram an igneous rock?

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Igneous Rock

What is the best thickness for a granite counter top and why?

Granite, is quarried at different locations throughout the world. Hundreds of colors and patterns are available from such countries as Italy, Spain, France, China, Brazil, and The United States. Typically, blocks are extracted from the granite quarry located high in the mountains on the outskirts of a major city. These blocks, averaging 9 feet by 5 feet by 5 feet deep in size are transported down the mountain to the fabrication plant in the city. Once at the plant, these blocks are either cut into tiles or slabs. Tiles are usually cut to standard sizes of 12" x 12", 16" x 16", 18" x 18" and 24" x 24". Tiles range in thickness from 3/8" to 3/4". Slabs sizes usually vary depending on overall block size. Average slab sizes are usually 9 feet by 5 feet and are typically 3/4" (2cm) or more in thickness. After the tiles or slabs are cut, they are sent through a large multi-head polishing machine, which puts a natural shine on the face of the stone using abrasive compound bricks or diamond polishing discs. Tiles are usually beveled as a final finishing step. Several other finishes can be applied to the slabs or tiles at this time such as a honed finish or, on some granite, a flamed finish. By far, the most popular finish tends to be the high polish.
Due to it's high density, acid resistance, low absorption rate, and scratch resistance, granite can be used for a wide range of applications including floors, fireplaces, furniture and kitchen counter tops. One of the leading uses of granite is for kitchen counter tops. Hundreds of colors and patterns are available as well as numerous edge details to allow granite to fit in with any kitchen design scheme.

Igneous Rock

When molten rock undergoes crystallization above ground what type of rock results?

Extrusive igneous rock

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Igneous Rock

What type rock forms when magma cools and hardens?

mineral crystals


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