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Investment of capital in money markets, capital markets, commodities markets, and foreign exchange markets

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Investing and Financial Markets
Mathematical Finance

What is arbitrage?

Arbitrage is a market activity in which a security, commodity, currency or other tradable item is bought in one market and sold simultaneously in another, or order to profit on the price difference between the markets.

Investing and Financial Markets

What is one disadvantage of equity financing?

becasue of hentler

Investing and Financial Markets

What food product is a major commodity in Argentina?

First of all it is wheat. Argentina is one of the mjor wheat suppliers in the world. Soybeans and Maze are there as well, but the volumes are not that big. It is also an important local beef supplier.

Investing and Financial Markets
Business Globalization

The main challenges face Operations Management?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Supply chain management, lean production and process Analysis, Business process mapping, Operation Research, Decision of Operation management and operating strategy.

Investing and Financial Markets
Stock Market

Why stock market is good example for perfect competition?

The stock market is characterised by non-uniform commodities (shares in different companies) each with a monopoly supplier. If anything it's an example of monopolistic competition, not perfect competition.

Investing and Financial Markets
Stock Market

What is a bear market?

According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, a bear market occurs when a broad market index falls by 20 percent or more over a period of at least a two months and the outlook is generally pessimistic. The average length of a bear market is 367 days, and they are usually accompanied by recessions—periods when the economy shrinks and unemployment rates soar.

Life Insurance
Investing and Financial Markets

How do you view my lic policy account details?

my account see

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Investing and Financial Markets
Business Communication

What is limited receptive communication skills?

limited receptive communication skills = a difficulty language.

Often it can mean difficulty understanding oral directions, question forms (who? what? where? when? why? questions) and basic concepts of time, space and quantity.

Investing and Financial Markets
Foreign Exchange (Forex)

Is Finexo forex trading platform any good?

A great place to see real reviews on Forex Brokers is ForexPeaceArmy. Be very careful when using retail brokers as there are a lot of scams and dishonesty.

Investing and Financial Markets

Does company name E F Hutton still exist?

Not anymore. E. F. Hutton used to be one of the most highly respected brokerages in the world. They now belong to Citigroup.

Another answer

EF Hutton is an active financial company. The firm returned to the market in in 2012. The leadership team includes the grandson of the founder, Edward F. Hutton, and former executives from the time when the firm was last active in the market. In 1988 it was acquired by Shearson Lehman, a unit of American Express, and became Shearson Lehman Hutton. Eventually the firm became a part of Citigroup.

Investing and Financial Markets

What is financial deepening?

Financial deepening usually refers to the improvement or increase in the pool of financial services that are tailored to all the levels in the society. It also refers to the increase in the ratio of money supply to GDP/Other price index which ultimately postulates that the more liquid money is available in the economy,the more opportunities exist in that economy for continued and sustainable growth.It basically supports the view of: Development in Financial sectors leads to development of the economy as a whole.

Investing and Financial Markets
Producers (food chain)

What is producer's equilibrium?

the equalibirium at which producer gain max profit is called producer equalibirium

Investing and Financial Markets
Online Jobs

Is 1 dollar PTC site is real or scam?

Generally speaking a one dollar per click site is a scam....I have tried every ptc site there is on the web. A lot of the ptc sites on that link only pay fractions of pennies for clicks.

Investing and Financial Markets
Marketing Advertising and Sales

What does selling for retail mean?

Selling items in a regular store, such as in a mall or freestanding; as opposed to selling for wholesale, which is selling a large quantity at a discount, such as to stores for resale.

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Investing and Financial Markets

Define what is meant by finance?

Finance is a broad term that describes activities associated with banking, leverage or debt, credit, capital markets, money, and investments. Basically, finance represents money management and the process of acquiring needed funds. Finance also encompasses the oversight, creation, and study of money, banking, credit, investments, assets, and liabilities that make up financial systems.

Investing and Financial Markets
Writing and Composition

What are bullet points used for?

Bullet points are used to draw your attention from the rest of the text. They may be used to highlight important information. Or to just show you the important points of the rest of the text.

Investing and Financial Markets
Stock Market

What did you learn from the stock market crash?

The stock market crash actually taught a valuable lesson to all investors. The lesson is that, don't keep all your eggs in the same basket. Because of the great bull run in the days before the crash, people were so confident of the stock market that they felt it would never crash. So people invested even their retirement corpus and other money into the stock market. Unfortunately when it crashed, the whole economy burned. So the lesson is, keep your investments in different asset classes and have exposure to debt and other fixed income instruments too.

Different lessons could be learned from the different crashes that have occurred. From the 1928 crash, one of the lessons was not to use too much leverage in making one's investments (borrowing too much on margin).

From the 2000 market crash one of the lessons was to avoid bubble stocks as in that particular cash tech stocks.

From the 2007 crash one of the lessons was to not trust the banks nor the government.

Each crash actually teaches us different lessons.

My favorite lesson though all of the crashes has been to make sure you always have a nice fat cash reserve to buy with when everyone else is selling and to build that cash reserve when everyone else is buying.

Investing and Financial Markets

What is scale in operation?

Scale of operations means the volume in which production is been made.

For example : volume , liters, Tonnes, Gallons, Pieces etm.

It is simply the unit of the Product produced during a course of operations.

Hope this gives a brief idea about Scale of Operations.

Take Care.

- jigyasa thakur, PGDM, Pune, MH, INDIA

Investing and Financial Markets
Gold and Precious Metals

Where can you sell sterling silver for its silver value?

Here are some opinions from our community:

  • I would caution you against using eBay. I stopped selling silver there because you will by FAR get you the worst price. Between the eBay fees and PayPal fees, you will lose 11% right off the bat. Not to mention deadbeat bidders, scam artists, etc.
  • Most coin dealers will buy bullion silver. Any pawn shop will give you something for it. Some jewelers will, too.
  • Take your pieces to a local jewelry store, one that specializes in estate jewelry would be best. This is where you will get the best return on selling your items.

Special Note:

Make sure your silver is actually sterling which usually means it will have the word "Sterling" or ".925" marked on it. If not, it could be silver plated, which would have no melt value at all.

Investing and Financial Markets

Is axis bank scheduled bank of India?

Yes it is a scheduled commercial bank in india

Investing and Financial Markets
Real Estate
Business and Industry
Bonds and Treasuries

Difference between debenture and preference share?

Preference share holders have the highest preference of getting their investment bank when the company goes bankrupt. The company has fulfill its obligation by selling its assets. Here the preference first comes to preference share holders and then debenture holders and then equity


Investing and Financial Markets
Synonyms and Antonyms

What is another word for commodity?

article, asset, belonging, goods, material, object, produce, product, property, and specialty.

Investing and Financial Markets
Business Plans
Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

What is the jaw effect in financial terms?

It is when your revenue growth is faster than your cost growth.

Computer Networking
Investing and Financial Markets

What is the NYSE symbol for LinkedIn?

LinkedIn shares will begin trading under the symbol LNKD.

Investing and Financial Markets

What is planned investment?

spending be firm in acquiring the capital goods and inventories

Capital and Gold is good investment planning. Gold investments are sure to yield the best profits to us.


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