This ancient religion from India aims a divine consciousness and prescribes a direction of non-violence to all forms of living beings. The philosophy and practice relies primarily on self-effort in moving the soul up the spiritual ladder.

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Is Lord Shiva related to Jainism?

Lord Shiva may be related to Jainism in some way. Some Hindu Puranas say that Shiva is no else than Rishabdeva, first Jain Tirthankar (though there are many differences between the two).

Caste System

Why are Jains not a Hindu caste?

jain riligion is not part Hindu as most people think. it is very old riligion & has it own identity which belives in non voilens truth ,aprigriha ,sacrifice [tyag]


Are Jainism and Christianity similar?

Judaism is the predecessor or parent of Christianity. Same God. Jews are still waiting for their savior. Christians believe Jesus is our savior.

judaism does not equal jainism (to the person who answered above)

jains and christians are similar in the fact that they both advocate non violence. But otherwise quite distinct when it comes to the more religious aspect, such as which God/gods they serve


While Judaism is the predecessor or parent of Christianity, Hinduism is the predecessor or parent of Jainism.


What are the four pillars of jainism?

Karma, Ahimsa, Aparigraha and Anekantwad.


Why is Jainism unpopular in most parts of the world?

Any religion in history has spread mostly under following condition.

1. When people are not following any distinct religion or

2. When people are forced to follow a religion.

If a community is not following any religion, than a spiritual leader who guides them initiates a religion. Eg. Muhammad , Jesus etc. If people are already following a religion, than it is difficult for them to migrate to another religion.

When a new ruler captured a state, people there were usually forced to follow ruler's religion. This is how people change their religion.

At the time when Jainism started, many religion were already flourished. So people were reluctant to leave their religion. Also, no ruler forced this religion upon the people. This is the region why there are few followers of Jainism.


The 3 most important Hindu gods?

The three most important gods are the Trimurti. Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer. Above all there is one main God Brahman. Other gods and goddess' are just aspects.


Which are the two main streams in Jain Dharma?

swetambars and digambers.


Are Jains vegans?

Not necessarily, though many are. It is not required, but it would be indubitably hypocritical for a Jain not to be vegan.

The answer is complicated, and is equatable to this question, "Can I be Catholic and also be prochoice and believe in divorce?" That would violate some of Catholicism's central principles, but if that hypothetical person says they are Catholic there is not much anyone could (or should) do about it. Religion is personal and can only be followed as that individual sees as best fit.

The central tenet of Jainism is ahimsa, or nonviolence. To support the slaughter and exploitation of animals, which one is invariably doing if not vegan, would be violating everything Jainism stands for. Some Jains are even fruitarians. Many will brush paths clear before walking, to prevent killing insects. Some refuse to drive because of the insects that will be killed on impact with the windshield.


How did the Jain Tirthankar Mahavira die?

Lord Mahavir passed away from his liberation. He finally got rid of all of his bad karma and was liberated from the cycle of death and rebirth


How did Jainism start?

Earlier than 9 century BC when nature was worshipped and a radical religious thought in earlier Trithkankaras emerged as Jainism much before Buddhism .The 23 rd Trithkankara recorded in 9 century BC mentions the priniciple of Jainism.


What Is the Jainism concept of time and reality?

Primarily Jainism assumes that the Universe, with all its components, is without a beginning or an end, being everlasting and eternal. The wheel of time incessantly revolves like a pendulum. In the first half circle from the descending to the ascending stage where human prosperity, happiness, and life span increases and in the second half circle from the ascending stage to the descending stage where prosperity, happiness, and life span decreases. In Jain cosmology, space is not infinite, although it is large. It is also empty. In the center of space rises the great Mount Meru.

Reality itself is a kind of indeterminate state, having the qualities of birth, death, and persistence. The world can be looked at from many points of view, each of which renders a different aspect. The Janis developed something they called the sapta-bhangi or sevenfold formula for discussing reality. It is a typically Indian way of looking at things.


Why were Jainism and Buddhism so appealing to the lower-status Indian people?

Because there was no concept of cast in these religions.Jainism and Buddhism appealed to people with a spiritual orientation and status had no bearing to these decisions. If people like the underlying philosophy of an ideology, they start believing in it.

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Can Hindu girl marry a Jain boy?

You are best off marrying a person of your religion, either by converting yourself, or converting the other, because what will become of your kids?

It is always better to marry in your own religion. But jainism is closely related to Hinduism, therefore, it will not be a very bad thing. Actually many people with the caste name as jain, follow Hinduism. Lord Mahavira was a radical social reformer. Actually, I am sorry that Hinduism did not adopt Vardhaman Mahavira as an avatara of Lord Vishnu.


Who is the real founder of jainism?

Jains do believe that there is no real founder of Jainism as it is an eternal religion. They have 24 tirthankaras of whom Lord Rishabha is considered to be the first one and is accounted as the founder and preacher of Jainism in this kaal (jain division of time).

However, some of the modern historians believe that Lord Parshwnath (23rd Tirthankar of Jains) was the founder of Jainism.


Which term refers to the practice of nonviolence by Jains?



Who is the founder of Jainism?

Rishabha is considered as the first Tritankara (Jain guru) but popularity of this religion soared only with the 24 Thtritankara-Vardhamana Mahavira.


Where did the Jainism worship?

Jains worship or offer their daily prayers at a place called a Jain Mandir (or, Jain temple) or a Nasiyaji or Derasar.Some Jains also go to Upashray or Sthanak

The Difference Between

What are the differences between Jainism and Buddhism?

While there are indeed many differences between these two great faiths, there are also some similarities. Buddhism and Jainism are both eastern religions which originated in and around India: they share a belief in karma, dharma, reincarnation, meditation, and maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle; many Buddhists and Jains also share a strong belief in ahimsa-- non-injury (in other words, not engaging in wars, not harming animals, etc). And both believe that their founders were great teachers but not necessarily gods. (But while Buddha and Mahavira are not supposed to be regarded as gods, many Buddhists and Jains offer prayers before an altar with Buddha's or Mahavira's image on it.)

Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni (whose honorary title is "Buddha"-- or the enlightened one). Buddha taught that by following his teachings, there could be an end to suffering and misery, and that believers could ultimately attain liberation from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Among Buddha's teachers were the "eightfold path": this was a way of living that would lead believers to discover their true nature and no longer be impeded by illusion and distorted perceptions. These desirable qualities included right understanding, right attitude, right speech, right action, and right livelihood. Buddhists use different scriptures from Jains (Buddhists use the Sutras and other writings based on Buddha's teachings; Jains use the Agamas, which are holy writings based on the teachings of Mahavira.)

The Jain religion was said to be founded by Adinatha, but some historians believe he may have been mythical; we do know that another great religious teacher named Mahavira is widely recognized as the spiritual leader of the Jain religion. Buddha and Mahavira both taught different sets of beliefs, and offered followers guidance about how to end the negative emotions like greed or envy that cause human beings to suffer. Mahavira put much more stress on austerity and self-control, as well as on non-violence; in fact, ahimsa is so important to many Jains that to this day, some will not even hurt an insect. (On the other hand, most Jains are practical, and they do believe in being allowed to defend oneself against harm, should such a situation occur.) The name "jain" comes from "jina"-- or conquerer. By following the teachings of Mahavira, one can learn to conquer one's selfish tendencies and find inner peace, as well as ultimate liberation from the material world.


What is the date of Mahavira jayanti in 1986?

every year mahavir jayanthi is celebrated on chaitra sudi theras according to the jain calender which comes on late march or early april


Do jainism have holy books?

Yes jainism have many holy books.One of them is Kalpa Sutra


What is the holy book of Jainism?

The holy book of Jainism is known as the Kalpa Sutra or Sutras.

Jains are very caring over the environment, they wear masks over their faces to prevent inhaling of any small insects and they carry large brushes so they can brush the floor in front of them to prevent stepping on any plants or insects. they believe in non-violence.

There are four significant texts - the Kalpsutra as mentioned previously, the Agama, the Tattvartha Sutra, and the Sanmatti Prakaran.

Jain scriptures were written over a long period of time, but the most cited is the Tattvartha Sutra, or "Book of Reality", written by the monk-scholar, Umasvati (aka Umāsvāmi) almost 1800 years ago.

There are many holy books of Jainism. Some of these include: Angas Shatkhandgam Tattvarthsutra Mahapurana Samaysara, kalpa sutra kalpa sutra and the tatvarthsutra.

Call Agam means the speech given by any enlighten person like Bible in Christianity and Kuran in Islam, Gita in Hinduism. All has same meaning, if understood by self realized person.


What is the language of Jainism?

Jainism isn't a language, it's an Indian religion that doesn't believe in violence.


What are the long curls called on a Jewish person?

These curls are called (plural) peiyot. The custom of allowing the hair in that area to grow, is a voluntary stringency based on (Leviticus 19:27) "...and do not destroy the corners of your beard." These corners were interpreted by the rabbis (Talmud, Makkot 20a) to mean the hair in front of the ears extending to beneath the cheekbone, on a level with the nose.


Why don't Jains kill living things?

jains dont kill living things because it is also a living organism like us and has soul like us

Conditions and Diseases
Skin Disorders

If a Jainist got head lice or scabies what would they do?

As you are probably aware, Jainism rose in the 6th century as a revolt against Hinduism. They believe in asceticism, immortality of the soul and the transmigration of the soul. They do not believe in a perfect and supreme being. They are people, sadly mis-informed but they would probably do as any other, seek the quickest most effective treatment. A guy told men one time that if you shave one half of your head and set the other half on fire, the lice would all run out so you could hit them with a hammer. I did not try it nor do I recommend it.


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