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James Franco

James Franco is most known for his career as an actor. Along with acting, he is a director, screenwriter, teacher, author, producer, and artist. He has been in movies such as Tristan and Isolde, Pineapple Express, and Spider-Man.

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Is James Franco bald?

no his head is well covered by hair
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Where does James Franco live?

Salt Lake City, Utah
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Who is James Franco?

James Franco is the guy that plays Harry in spider-man. He is '5''11. Sexy! And a good actor! he is also the main character in the movie Annapolis and Tristan and Isolde Really Really Sexy lol He was in pineapple express too! (= He is also in a movie called Sonny and he plays a giggalo much better than Richard Gere lol He has a gig on general hospital ...
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Is James Franco an Italian actor?

No, actor James Franco is not of Italian descent. His father is of half Portuguese and half Swedish ancestry, and his mother is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent. ...
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How old is James Franco?

James Franco is 39 years old (birthdate: April 19, 1978).
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Will James Franco be in the cast of Spider-Man 4?

"Spider-Man 4" was scrapped before filming began- so nobody from the original cast will be playing their roles ever again. It would have only been possible to have used Harry Osborn in a fourth movie if he had been featured the same way Norman Osborn was at the end of the second movie. ...
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Is James Franco going to FSU?

No, he picked Columbia University at the last minute.
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What music does James franco listen to?

the good kind ;)
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Is the actor James franco an atheist?

Statements that he has made would support him being an Atheist. However, being openly Atheist is not a smart move in Hollywood. He has specifically stated that ,"...we only have this one life." Additionally, he seems to be versed in Atheist philosophy. ...
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When did James Franco die?

He didn't die
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Did James Franco play Venom?

no he did not
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Is James Franco Jewish?

His mother is Jewish and his father is Portugese and Swedish.
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Is James Franco in the movie American Graffiti?

No, James Franco was born in 1978. "American Graffitti" was released in 1973. ...
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Is James Franco still dating aHna o'reilly?

No they broke up in late 2011, and they said that they were both very busy and didn't have time for each other, I thought that they were a really cute couple, and I love James Franco so I just want to see him happy. The couple also were together for 4 or 5 years. ...
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What is James Franco next career move?

making a movie!
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Is James Franco related to Dave Franco?

They are brothers, Dave is the little one, they also have another brother named Tom. James is the older, then Tom, and at last Dave, check out their Imdb's ...
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Why did James Franco return to General Hospital?

Understanding the motivation of any person without that person's input is impossible. One can only imagine why. Both of the following possibilities are pure speculation. It did however serve to promote his hosting of the Oscars on February 27, 2011. It's possible that Mr Franco simply wanted the experience of working with this team again, believing that either his work with them moves their stories forward, or satisfies his requirement for the experience. ...
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Does James franco have son?

No he is not even married
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What is James Franco's religion?

His father was baptized Catholic and his mother was raised Jewish. However, his upbringing was largely secular. He said that he appreciates religions for the the way it provides a community. When asked if he believes in God, he replied, "It's a complicated question. Yes, to some extent." This answer puts him in the category of Agnostic. Additionally, he has repeatedly stated, "We only have this one life." If he were Catholic, then he would speak of "the life everlasting" (heaven). And, he...
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What charities does James franco support?

The actor has been a long-time supporter of The Art of Elysium, an organization which helps celebrities visit sick children in the hospital. Also, Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ) and Relief for Haiti, among others. ...
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Is James Franco on Twitter?

No he isn't.
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Was James Franco on one life to live?

No he was on General Hospital
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What is James franco's net worth?

$ 22 million according to celebrity networth