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Music consists of sound mixed with elements including pitch, rhythm, and tempo. Here you can ask questions about music and the hottest songs of today and yesterday.

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What are strophic forms?

this form of music keeps the same melody, rhythm and harmony for all of the verses. only the words change. this may or may not have a refrain in it. also its called AAAA ...
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Where can you find and download music for free?

Most music mp3 downloads are illegal because of the copyright on the music as well as the licensing. Most popular songs are not licensed to be freely distributed - without paying for it. This is piracy. There are several services which allow you to download single songs rather than full albums - one of which is iTunes, and will generally cost you around .99 per song. There are some free services that allow you to stream music, such as Pandora, Spotify, and...
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Who sang it was love love love?

I've managed to answer this myself - it's Crown Heights Affair and it's called 'You gave love to me'. ...
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What songs contain drums bass guitar and keyboard?

Basically any rock song out there. All-american rejects, the Fray, Green Day (sometimes), use those four instruments. A lot of songs from the 60's and 70's, definitely 80's include those instruments, but many bands in those time periods were not always consistent in their choice of instruments, especially after synthesizers became popular. Pretty much any rock song, and some hip-hop songs you would listen to use these instruments. ...
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Who were the black female singers from 50's and 60's?

Here's a few: Lavern Baker Etta James Aretha Franklin Mary Wells Little Eva Martha Reeves Diana Ross ...
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Who sing Gun Lae Gun?

Witwisit Hirunwongkul
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What are the effects of music on plants?

There are many different viewpoints on this. A selection of contributors' thoughts are included below. Answer 1: DOROTHY RETALLACK STUDY Many scientific studies have been done regarding the effects of music on plants. The simple answer is that past studies have suggested hard rock or heavy metal music seems to have a detrimental effect on plant growth. There is a well-known study from the early 1970s, conducted by Dorothy Retallack at the Colorado Woman's College in Denver using the college's three Biotronic Control Chambers. In...
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Answers with Andy Grammer?

What's the last song you listened to on your iPod? "True Love" by Coldplay... So good....
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Who sings first real love - old soul song?

The signer for First Real Love - Old Soul Song is Patte labelle
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Who originally sang She's The One?

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What does an upside down cross mean?

"Some hold it to be a sign used by devil worshippers." Although some do, this is not the actual meaning of this cross. The cross is also regarded as the cross of st peter (who was crucified upside down). Although other people believe this to be a sign of someone who has lost faith. There are many cases where people believe poltergeist activity actually causes this type of behaviour from normal crosses (turning them at night). ...
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Who are the top ten richest musicians in the world?

1) Madonna: $110 million 2)Beyonce: $87 million 3) Bruce Springsteen: $70 million 4)Coldplay: $70 million 5)Kenny Chesney: $65 million 6)Dave Matthews Band: $65 million 7)Rascal Flatts: $60 million 8)AC/DC: $60 million 9)Toby Keith: $52 million 10)Bon Jovi: $50 million According to Rolling Stone Magazine, the top ten richest musicians are: U2 The Rolling Stones The Eagles Paul McCartney Elton John Neil Diamond Jimmy Buffett Beyonce Knowles Celine Dion Noxolo Qwabe ...
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What are the three characteristics of impressionist music?

Kind of a dreamy sound world, that provides an impression of an experience rather than presenting the experience as it is. Musically: Pedal used, Whole tone scales used Rich orchestration ...
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Who Wrote the Song You're in the Army Now?

STATUS QUO did wrote that song.But it became also a hit in the pop music fields when it was sung by the BOLLAND Brothers(1982 or earlier). Status Quo ...
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Where can you get free glockenspiel sheet music?

International music score library project - public domain. The link is in the 'Related Links' section below. ...
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Answers with Anberlin?

How do you hope the band will be remembered? Deon: I hope we will be remembered as a band that wrote great songs and put our all into every performance every time we stepped on a stage. We just wanted to be a positive influence on anyone who heard or saw us, so time will tell if that's what came through....
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How do you play Hockey Night In Canada theme song on the piano?

I take it you are referring to the Hockey Night in Canada musical theme that was played at the introduction/closure of the televised games from the mid-60's through to the mid 2000's. This theme is not a song since there are no lyrics. Unfortunately the British composer of this theme refused to renegotiate the use of her composition with the CBC television network and so it is no longer heard. The musical score may be available in some music stores. ...
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Who are the K3 Sisters?

The K3 Sisters are Kaylen (13), Kelsey (11) and Kristen Kassab (9) who front the Texas pop group K3 Sisters Band. They perform primarily in the southern United States- always with both parents Jamie Shipman-Kassab and Bruce Ray, as well as Kalem Bradley & Nate Abraham. They have their own website if you are interested in further info on the sisters & their band. ...
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What genre does Adele sing?

Adele mostly sings soul. Generally, her genre is Pop/Soul. Adele calls it "Heartbroken Soul". She has music which crosses boundaries though, like Cold Shoulder (Hip-Hop as Adele puts it) and Lovesong (Spanish guitar). That's why I love Adele, she's willing to experiment. ...
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What does base mean?

I see this question is in the music category. If you mean the musical term; bass, bass is the term used to decribe an instrument. So if you have a Bass clarinet, you have a Clarinet that plays low. It's also used to describe the lowest male voice. In maths it means the number we group bigger numbers by: normal numbers are grouped by tens, so we say base 10, whereas computers use base 2 numbers (binary). The base of a geometric...