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Music consists of sound mixed with elements including pitch, rhythm, and tempo. Here you can ask questions about music and the hottest songs of today and yesterday.

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What is the meaning of EP in music?

EP stands for Extended Play - longer than a single, but shorter than a full album ...
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Who wrote the song Mercy Mercy Me?

Marvin Gaye in 1971, in 1991 Robert Palmer redid it
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What is the full meaning of 2 over 4 as a time signature?

A time signature in two-four indicates that there are two beats per measure and that a quarter note is considered one beat. A two-four measure can consist of one half note, two quarter notes, 4 eighth notes, 8 sixteenth notes, and so on. A quarter note is also called a crotchet in some places. The song "Keep right on to the end of the road" is an example of 2/4 time. ...
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Where did the Beatles come from?

The Beatles are from the port city of Liverpool, on the northwest coast of England. A link can be found below. All four of the Beatles were born in Liverpool. When they got famous they all moved to London to produce music more easily. ...
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What does a medieval music entertainer do?

He sang and played a lute amongst many other instruments, such as a hurdy gurdy, dulcimer and cittern. He or sometimes they also were like a newspaper (which hadn't been invented) and took stories from one place to another, and put the story to music. This way Lords and Ladies as well as the common folk learnt about the scandals of the day, an entertainer had to be very careful though what was said as they could be arrested for what they...
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What is the music in the clique trailer?

Well one of the songs is Here With Me Now by the Clique Girlz, but you will probably find out more on the album of The Clique when it comes out. ...
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What are song titles with shadow in the title?

Shadows on the Wall We Kiss in a Shadow (from The King and I) When Shadows Gather - John McCormack - 1910 Me And My Shadow - Whispering Jack Smith - 1927 Me And My Shadow - Nat Shilkret And The Victor Orchestra - 1927 Me And My Shadow - Johnny Marvin - 1927 Blue Shadows - Johnny Hamp And His Orchestra - 1929 Home (When Shadows Fall) - Louis Armstrong - 1932 Home (When Shadows Fall) - Peter Van Steeden And His Orchestra...
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What are some good wobble bass songs?

Bass Head by Bassnector also most of the stuff from bassnector is good
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Does Jordan Witzigreuter have a cat?

He has three cats. Wallace, Lewis, and Beast. Wallace has a twitter account too! ...
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What are some examples of Western music?

Western music encompasses anything produced in the "Western" world (not to be confused with USA's western, or "country" music): in Europe, the Americas, and some Slavic countries. Think of Western Music as being anything with Equal Temperament; that is to say, if it can be played on a standard piano, it is probably Western. Western music can be both liturgical (church music) and secular (performance or commercial music). Western music dates back to the middle ages in Medieval Europe. Although there has been...
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What are the types of music that appeal to teenagers?

I find that with alot of us, its really alot of pop, electric, dance, rap and other stuff like alternative, but like rock is almost dead. theres station like 92.3 and 105.3 that still play it, but its all the most mainstream stuff. hope this answers your question. ...
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Where can you find sheet music from mermaid melody?

The sheet music can be found in the link below.
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What are five facts about singing?

While singing, sing with the diaphragm and and lungs, not the throat. It is helpful to look like you know what you're doing even if you don't. This is helpful for saving face if you lose your place. When singing you should add a little choreography, or at least move your hips to the beat of the song in order to further engage your audience. YouTube is a very popular platform for up-and-coming artists because of its ease of use and wide exposure. ...
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Who owns the master recording of a song?

"If the artist paid the studio up front for recording services, the artist owns the master. If the studio or record company financed the recording, then they own the master." It can get a little more complicated than that. Without a contract, ownership of the Master Recording can become a very sticky and lawfully expensive problem. The argument of ownership of Master Recording is simplified to "who owns the copyright." The law in the U.S states that once the lyrical and musical content is...
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What does reprise mean on a vinyl record?

Reprise: 1. A record label formed by Frank Sinatra in 1960. 2. In music, a repetition, or a return to the main for first theme. ...
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When will what's my name by Rihanna come out?

It's already out. You can find it on Itunes or other online places and it will also be in stores. ...
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Answers with Remington Rafael?

If our users want to see your stunts and listen to your music, where can they go? And I'm really big into social media so I always like to answer my fans so snapchat me or instagram as well - @krazyremi...
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What does staccato mean in performing arts?

Staccato is a style in which the notes are played shorter than the written value. There is a slight 'time gap' between the playing of each note. It is usually denoted by a dot above or below the note. ...
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What is the lyrics of Take and receive?

TAKE AND RECEIVE Take and receive, O Lord, my liberty. Take all my will, my mind, and memory. All things I hold, and all I own are thine. Thine was the gift, to thee, I all resign. Do thou direct and govern all and sway, Do what thou wilt command, and I obey. Only thy grace, thy love on me bestow, These make me rich, all else will I forego. (repeat 2) >there you go! :D< ...
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What are some good acoustic guitar love songs?

Such Great Heights by Iron and Wine, he/she'll be putty. Something by The Beatles ______________ About A Girl by The Academy Is... (there is an acoustic version) Dashboard Confessional plays A LOT of acoustic music, you should check it out! ______________ Pistol - Dustin Kensrue Of Crows And Crowns - Dustin Kensrue ______________ ...
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Who sings the current Lowe's commercial song?

The song is "Don't Stop" by Gin Wigmore.
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What are some fast low songs for girls?

well i have a low voice myself and im a girl :) but i also have trouble finding songs that suit my voice :s the eliza dolittle songs are low and pretty fast so listen to some of them :) Firework by Katy perry is an awesome song and its SO easy for me to sing, you should try it ...