National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is one of the Big Three television networks in the U.S. NBC was formed in 1926 by the Radio Corporation of America, and is the oldest major broadcast network in the United States.

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National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Are computers from Shop NBC TV worth it?

You could buy one off there, but you are going to be paying a lot more for it. You could get a new cheaper ones elsewhere.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

What channel is NBC on cox?

on channel 11....HD channel 2011

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Are the computer systems sold Shop NBC worth the money?

The biggest factor is support and warranty. Is some cases the more you spend the better the equipment. In most cases it all boil;s down to how well you take care of a machine. Keeping it clean, and cool. I would like to know the same thing. To the person that answered, Shop NBC only sells one brand and that name escapes me right now. I know I have never heard of it before, starts with the letter "V". If anyone owns one of these I hope they will answer this for us. they certainly sound great but being a name I don't know worries me. I have owned HP, Sony snd DELL and had serious problems with all of them.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

What happened to Darlene Rodriguez of NBC news?

she became a crackhead

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

When will Life return to NBC for 2009?

On May 4th 2009 NBC officially announced that Life will not be renewed for a 3rd season

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Why was Stone Phillips fired by NBC?

Stone Phillips was not "fired" by NBC in the classic sense. Rather, his contract was not renewed because executives at NBC could not justify the cost of having two anchors (Ann Curry being the other) for the Dateline program and General Electric, parent company of NBC, is in a major cost cutting mode. The decision not to renew Phillips' contract was, therefore, a budget decision and had nothing to do with his job performance.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

What the name of the classical music piece in the episode Danse Macabre of the show Grimm on NBC?

The name of the music is Danse Macabre by Saint Sean.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Where can you find the red coat Amy Robach wore on New Years NBC?

You can get it any where like at the mall

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Why did NBC make a spinoff joey from friends?

The people just messed friends and joey up now Both shows are ruined. the least they could ave done is have a good ending, friends ending was alright put joey's ending did not feel like the end.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

What channel is NBC?

It depends on the channel line-up on your cable or satellite service. Check your local listings.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Do you think that the quality of jewelry from Shop NBC is worth the price?

Your question should be: Is it worth the RISK? The correct answer is NO. The knowingly misrepresent, mislead, lie. Tread carefully if you decide to go there.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

How tall is David Gregory of NBC news?


National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

NBC Today Show newcomer Al Roker look alike?

Memlon Williams

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Did Chuck on NBC reference LOST from ABC with the crash of oceanic flight 815?

Yes, he said "Oceanic Flight 815 was a SHOT DOWN!".

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Is Scott hanson the NFL reporter a brother to chris hanson of NBC?

No, they are not related. I worked for Scott's father when he was a teenager, so I knew the family well.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

When is the pch winner announced on NBC 2012?

November 30, 2012

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Is NBC's peter Alexander married?

No. He is dating, but is not in a monogamous relationship.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

What is the song in the NBC commercial for Thursday night shows?

with me - sum 41

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

What is the song in the commercials for the new NBC tv series Chase?

lil johnes new sinqle

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

What year was Marion brooks of NBC Chicago born?


National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

What is the NBC logo?

== == The NBC logo is a peacock with rainbow colored feathers.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Can the super bowl be seen on ABC or NBC channels?

No, its on Fox.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

What happened to bill kelly the NBC channel 12 weatherman in Phoenix Az?


National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Where did Rob Morrison of NBC go?

Rob and Otis are both alive and well at CBS 2 New York.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

What famous Hindi song is played in NBC's new show Outsourced?

Bachna Ae Haseeno


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