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Written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, One Piece is a Japanese shounen manga series which narrates of the story of Monkey D. Luffy who led the Straw Hat Pirates in exploring the oceans looking for the world’s ultimate treasure.

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Why did they stop making one piece English dub 206 I have seen all the update in English sub and its been over a year is it because it got more appropriate like Franky Duffy naked but didn't show?

No. Why they stopped I'm not sure, it might be due to some troublesome technical difficulties. Franky's Voice Actor was cast a while ago, so it wasn't for the nude scene with Franky, Funimation doesn't have a huge problem with that sort of thing (they dubbed Dragon Ball and that had Goku's dick flying around once or twice and they let it slide in translation). Anyway, episodes will continue as normal in the Summer of 2012 under season four.

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Worth of 1943-S and 1943-D steel penny?


One Piece

How did Luffy meet Zoro in Onepiece?

Well, it's a long story, but pretty much this sums it up:

  1. Zoro was on a journey (to become the best swordsman in the world)
  2. When he arrived, a girl, Rika, was attacked by Helmeppo's, the spoiled son of the corrupted Marine captain Axe-Hand Morgan, pet wolf.
  3. Zoro saved her by killing the wolf
  4. Zoro was arrested and Helmeppo made a deal with him: if Zoro could survive a month without food, he would be pardoned.
  5. Enter Luffy and Koby
  6. Luffy asks Zoro to join him
  7. Zoro refuses
  8. Rika tells Luffy about the situation Zoro is in
  9. Luffy makes Helmeppo mad
  10. Fighting ensues (Luffy and Zoro fight Helmeppo and his father)
  11. Helmeppo is defeated and his father arrested
  12. Pretty much after that, Zoro joins Luffy's crew.

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One Piece

How much was Whitebeard's bounty in One Piece?

Whitebeard's bounty was never revealed.

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What ADA toilet is best?

Crane, American Standard are decent brands

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The Young and the Restless

How many pieces are there in one bundle?


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Which episode does shanks meet ace?

It is in Episode 461, 'The Beginning of the Battle! Ace and Whitebeard's Past". Ace meets Shanks in a cave, thanking him for saving his brother Luffy.

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What did the tie say to the hat?

You go on a head, I'll just hang around

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Is there a movie of One Piece crossover Dragon Ball Z?


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How tall is Edward Newgate in One Piece?

He was roughly five times the height of a normal human.

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Why does the abuser apologize after each episode?

Abusers rarely apologize, actuallly. Those who do apologize, believe that their words can "wipe the slate clean", restore the situation to what it was prior to the abuse, and win you back.

But most abusers either shift blame - or deny that abuse had taken place at all!

If you get an is only superficial and not sincere. Also, do you get gifts or a lot of adoration after an episode? If so, then these are just ways to get you to "forget" the episode to keep you in their control.

I do not agree completely with the first .As in my case, my husband always apologises after every abuse.But then,resorts back to the same routine once he has won me back in the comfort zone.

One Piece

How many books of the One Piece manga have been published in English?

so far there should be 25-26 manga in english.

now theres about 56

EDIT: (2/5/2012)

As of now, volume 65 was released in Japan 2 days ago. The English version has 60 with 61 coming out in March

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What is the value of a 1964 Mexican peso?

It is silver and slightly collectible apart from just meltdown value. You should get $8 - $15 depending on quality of the coin on ebay.

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Bleach vs one piece v2.08b cheats?

Some cheats for this game can be found below.

greedisgood 10000



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Where can you watch English one piece?

Buy it from Amazon.

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How much is 50 lbs of pennys?

Word Problem:

The average penny weighs 2.5 grams.

50 lbs = 22680 grams

22680 Divided by 2.5 grams (The weight of a penny) = 9072 grams

9072 Divided by 100 (The amount of pennies in a dollar) = $90.72

How much is 50 lbs of pennies? (Approximately) $90.72

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Can you replace a headliner in a car with just a regular piece of cloth?

You need to select a type of cloth that is not affected by heat and won't rot soon.

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Where can you watch uncut dubbed anime Not 4kids or the tv edit?

Where can you watch uncut dubbed anime

One Piece

Is Sabo from One Piece alive?

Yes he is. Although it was thought he was dead, he survived the attack against his ship. He was rescued and trained by Dragon, reappearing in the Dressrosa arc to obtain Ace's former devil fruit.

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What are all the devil fruits in one piece?

It has been suggested that Dr. Vegapunk knows what all the Devil Fruits are, but the list has not been revealed yet in the series. 54 Devil Fruits have been revealed in the series so far.

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Another name for a straw hat?




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Why doesn't nami like sanji?

Sanji gets on Nami's nerves, and she really only cares about money and her nakama, but not in a romantic way. Also, Oda has stated that he doesn't want One Piece to have any romance.

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What is the price of 23k Gold in Mumbai today?

what can't do for

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What 2005 Reality show was canceled after one episode?

The Will

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How can I get sandisk sansa E280 original rhapsody playlist -that one that comes with the player - back I deleted my by mistake?

If you deleted this by mistake like I did, you will find this answer very helpful.

First off,
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