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The Peace Corps is a volunteer program ran by the United States Government. The program was established by Executive Order 10924, which was signed by President John F. Kennedy on March 1, 1961. Participants in the Peace Corps program, after three months of training, work abroad for a 24-month period at schools, non-profit organizations, and other places.

Peace Corps

Can you join the Peace Corps with diabetes?

of course you can! they just need the help.

Peace Corps

Does the peace corps pay for college?

There are definitely some benefits to joining the Peace Corps in this regard. The only student loans that can be forgiven through Peace Corps are Pell Grants- otherwise you just have to defer payment while you volunteer. But many schools partner with the Peace Corps either through Peace Corps/Fellows or Masters International and you can potentially get scholarships, full tuition, etc for being in the Peace Corps. I am currently a grad student and get to waive 18 credits in my program (which would have otherwise cost around $17,000) just because I was a Peace Corps Volunteer. How generous the program is depends on the school. See the related link below to the educational benefits of joining the Peace Corps.

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Peace Corps

Does the Advent speaker corp still exist?

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So in short, the name still exists, but the personnel/design change stopped with Recoton ownership.

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This article has inspired me to obtain a pair of them and give 'em the old A / B comparison against today's speakers. Perhaps I'll look up this article at that time and report on how they do...


Peace Corps

Can you join the peace corps if you have back child support?

or any child support obligation

Peace Corps

Is there a patron saint for volunteers such as the Peace Corps?

The Patron saints of Volunteers are:

  • Elizabeth of Hungary
  • Elizabeth of Portugal
  • Vincent de Paul
There is no specific patron saint of the Peace corps.
Peace Corps

What is the Peace Corps?

An organization sponsored by the US government that sends young people to work as volunteers in developing countries.

Peace Corps

Can you defer alternative student loan payment if you go into the peace corp?

Only if it's part of the terms of your alternative student loan. Read the loan agreement or ask your lender.

There is no law that requires the lender of a private/alternative student loan to offer you that option, and alternative student loans in general have none or very limited deferments other then in-school.

Peace Corps

What was a goal of President Kennedy's Peace Corps?

Improving America's image by helping poor and disadvantaged countries around the world.

Peace Corps

Do Peace Corps soldiers get paid?

Peace Corps volunteers are not soldiers. They are paid a modest monthly allowance in local currency based on living costs in the community where they live, plus a readjustment allowance of about $6,000 upon completion of two years of service.

As a Peace Corps Volunteer, you are not paid a salary. Instead, you will receive a stipend to cover your basic necessities -- food, housing expenses, and local transportation. While the amount of the stipend varies from country to country, you will receive an amount that allows you to live at the same level as the people you serve in your community. The Peace Corps pays for your transportation to and from your country of service and provides you with complete medical and dental care. At the conclusion of your service as a Volunteer, you will receive a "readjustment allowance" of $225 (rate as of January 2003) for each month of service. If you complete your full term of service, you will receive $6,075.

Peace Corps

Who are some famous Peace Corps volunteers?

Bob Villa
Christopher Dodd

Peace Corps

What is the purpose of the peace corps?

improved the united states' image around the world
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Peace Corps

What education do you need to become a missionary or part of the Peace Corps?

The peace corps often requires prior experience in the area of work you choose to volunteer. Exerpted below is a list of some requirements for the peace corps volunteers: An associate degree and/or work experience can help make you eligible to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in areas such as youth development, health and HIV/ AIDS, business development and information technology, agriculture and the environment, and skilled trades. Your combination of education, willingness to learn, work and/or volunteer experience, and a demonstrated interest in one of the programs listed below can set the course for a career-enhancing adventure in the Peace Corps, enabling you to put your degree and experience to work in gratifying ways and opening new worlds of opportunity in the future. Programs and Qualifications Business Development and Information Technology Business Advising An associate of arts (AA) in any business discipline (not including economics) with two years of experience as the manager of a business. NGO Development Five years of full-time management or organizational development experience with nonprofit organizations. Computer Science AA in a computer-related discipline with two years of computer work experience. Skilled Trades Construction and Skilled Trades Education An associate of arts (AA), science (AS), or applied science (AAS) in technical education with one year of related work experience Water Sanitation Extension One year of work experience in construction, masonry, carpentry, or plumbing Youth Development AA, AS or AAS in any discipline and one year of full- time work experience in youth leadership training or directing programs for at-risk youth ages 10 to 25 Health and HIV/ AIDS Current licensed practical or licensed vocational nurse with two years of post-license experience or registered nurse with an associate's degree in nursing plus demonstrated interest in planning, organizing, counseling, or leadership within the past four years and demonstrated interest in community health Agriculture and the Environment Applied Agricultural Science AS or AAS in agronomy, horticulture, or other agricultural discipline Animal Husbandry AS or AAS in animal husbandry, animal science, or poultry science Agriculture and Forestry Extension One year of experience in vegetable gardening, nursery work or management, tree planting, tree care, urban forestry, or fish (fresh or marine) cultivation or production Agribusiness Three years experience in farm management and/or agribusiness Forestry AS or AAS in forestry or watershed management or AS or AAS in natural resources, environmental science, or ecology Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Certification in water or wastewater treatment plant operation or hazardous materials management

Peace Corps

What education or training do you need to join the Peace Corps?

You may already know that all Peace Corps Volunteers must be U.S. citizens of at least 18 years of age. Here are a few things that might surprise you: There is no upper age limit. In fact, the oldest Volunteer ever to serve in the Peace Corps was 86. You don't have to know another language. Having a four-year college degree by the time you're ready to leave for the Peace Corps will help your chances of acceptance. But it isn't absolutely necessary, and for some programs work experience, relevant skills, and/or a community college degree can qualify you.

Peace Corps

What did the peace corps help people in other countries with?

all are correct

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Peace Corps

Name the president who established the peace corps and also forced russia to withdraw its missiles from cuba?

JF Kennedy was a part of the Cuban Missile Crisis and negotiated the Soviet withdrawal

Peace Corps

Which president was responsible for creating the Peace Corps?

John F Keennedy

Peace Corps

Can a felon join the Peace Corps?

No, the Peace Corps will accept people who have been convicted of non-felony counts as long as they occurred before your 18th birthday but not felonies. However, depending on what type of felony it was, there are instances when that ban can be waived, providing the felony occurred some time ago.
The Peace Corps may accept felons depending on what the crime was. They may also choose not to accept felons if they are deemed dangerous to other members.

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Who founded the Peace Palace?

The original idea came from Friedrich Martens, a Russian diplomat and Andrew White, an American diplomat. The funding came from the Carnegie Foundation, (Andrew Carnegie).

Peace Corps

Did male Peace Corps volunteers in the 1960s receive exemption from the Draft?

There were several ways someone could legally avoid the draft during the 1960s. The Peace Corps was one way. As long as you were in training or in service in another nation, you would not be drafted. You could also join VISTA, Volunteers in Service to America. It was a domestic type of Peace Corps. If you were a teacher you were also exempt from the draft. If you remained in college and took a full schedule of classes, you were exempt.

Peace Corps

The president responsible for creating the peace corps was?

JFK! John f Kennedy

He signed the federal authorization of the corps. He wasnt the founder though, no president was, more like the campaigner.

Peace Corps

Who started the peace corps?

John Kennedy was president when the peace corps was started in 1961 and he pushed the idea in his campaign speeches before he was elected. Sargent Shriver, husband of Eunice Shriver, was its first director . An earlier initiative for such a program came from Senator Hubert H. Humphrey, Jr. (D-Minnesota) who actually introduced the first bill to create the Peace Corps in 1957.

Peace Corps

Is the peace corps a religious organization?

No. The Peace Corps is a governmental organization, and it is discouraged for Peace Corps Volunteers to proselytize.

Peace Corps

How have the peace corps volunteers helped?

It is very difficult to quantify the benefits of Peace Corps. Peace Corps has been sending volunteers to countries that request them for 50 years, so there must be positive outcomes.

The Peace Corps' mission has three simple goals:

  1. Helping the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women.
  2. Helping promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the peoples served.
  3. Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.

As a returned volunteer and someone who has documented volunteers in 22 countries around the world it is my opinion that the way the Peace Corps "helps" is by bringing together people. People look at Peace Corps as a big agency, and they look for results as if Peace Corps volunteers were going into countries en masse and doing large development projects. That is not how Peace Corps works. Once Peace Corps volunteers get through training they are then placed on their own with an agency of the country where they serve and they live amongst the people they serve, so that they become integrated into the culture and work at the grass roots. Because of this Peace Corps volunteers develop a greater understanding of where they serve, and the people they serve learn about our country through the Peace Corps volunteer.

So, it is this exchange ... a development of understanding between different people, that is how Peace Corps helps. Then the volunteers bring what they learn back to the United States and helps spread this understanding and awareness of others.

Peace Corps

Can you join the Military and the Peace Corps?

Yes, but you can't be both.

Peace Corps

Who created the peace corp?

Jonathan Reilley


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