Pink (musician)

Alecia Beth Moore is an American singer who was popularly known as Pink. She ranked 13 in Billboard’s Artist of the Decade list and was named as one of the most powerful celebrity by Forbes Magazine in 2010.

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Pink (musician)

What is the singer Pink's real name?

The famous singer Pink's actual name is Alecia Beth Moore. Although some people think the name P!nk is used as a tribute to Cancer, it is actually a dedication to the character Mr. Pink from the film Reservoir Dogs.

Pink (musician)

Who is the longer haired skateboarder in pink's raise your glass video?

Bucky lasek

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Pink (musician)

Who are the actors in pink's F Perfect Music Video?

Pink (musician)

Does pink have a daughter?

yea in 2 of her songs she has a flashback when she was a teen(f***in perfect) and 1 song is about her not being loved by her mother (family portrait)

Yes, the daughters name is Willow.

Prince William
Pink (musician)

What did Pink say in her letter to Prince William about him fox hunting?

According to Bangshowbiz Pink, real name Alecia Beth Moore and a member of the animal rights group PETA ((People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), told the U.K. music magazine Q that she was shocked by the manner in which Prince William, eldest son of the late Diana, Princess of Wales and Prince Charles, and grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, responded to her letter regarding fox hunting, saying: I wrote to him to protest about fox hunting and I figured he would be this stuffy, privileged a**hole. But he's like a redneck from the south. If you're brought up shooting and hunting animals, if you really think it's second nature and you're blasting away then it's hard to see the other point of view. You need educating When touring the U.K. in 2006 the 30-year-old singer, whose international hits include "Get the Party Started" and "So What", also wrote to Prince William's grandmother, the Queen, in connection with an animal rights issue. As Contactmusic reported at the time Pink penned a letter to the Queen asking for an end to the use of bear skin for the Busbies that are worn by the guards at Buckingham Palace. Pink explained in 2006: I have written to the Queen and told her that I want to her to stop the use of real fur on the hats worn by the Brigade of Guards at the Palace. One or two Canadian bears are killed for each hat and that's totally unnecessary when they could be wearing faux instead. I think the Queen will listen to me because there is no reason for the guards to continue to wear these when animals are being killed just so they look good. It's a work in progress Speaking about her letter to the Queen, Pink has expressed surprise that she did not receive a reply, confirming that she had not been seeking publicity and had suggested that guards wear hats made from fake fur, designed by Stella McCartney, daughter of former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney. However a spokesman for the Brigade of Guards did apparently respond to Pink's letter, stating that the use of fake fur was a possibility, before adding that the alternatives put forward by PETA had not matched the "wear, durability and practicality of real fur". It is not clear from the Bangshowbiz report how recently it was that Pink wrote to Prince William and when she received a reply. But in October 2008 Contactmusic quoted the singer as saying that the Prince was "a bit rude" for not responding to a letter she had sent to him in 2003, declining the invitation to perform at a concert celebrating his 21st birthday and asking him to tell her why it is he hunts. The contents of the reply from the Prince, to which Pink is now referring, have not been revealed.

Pink (musician)

Why did pink decide to become a singer?

It is her passion and she wanted to put out songs that people would like/love.

Pink (musician)

Did pink write the song raise your glass?


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Pink (musician)
Bella Thorne

What is Bella thorne's favorite color?

Pink and Green.....

Kendall Schmidt
Pink (musician)

What instruments are used in Pink's song So What?

electric guitar, electric bass, drums, and vocals.

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Pink (musician)

Was pink on American Idol?

well she was but she wasn't a contestant. she was a guest star

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Pink (musician)

Where can you find free sheet music for sober by pink?

Look on and print them out!

Pink (musician)

What is pinks sisters names?

she has no sisters just a brother

Pink (musician)

What are the names of Pinks songs?

Glitter In The Air

U+Ur Hand

Raise Your Glass

Stupid Girls

Dear Mr. president

Pink (musician)

Does pink the singer have a sister?


Pink (musician)

Is Pink an atheist?

She is often described as Jewish, as her mother is Jewish, however she reported to be "exploring" Scientology. If you count that as not being an atheist, she isn't.

Pink (musician)

Where did alecia Beth Moore go to college?

Alecia went to Kutz Elementary School, Lenape Middle School, and Central Bucks high School West.

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Pink (musician)
The Beach Boys

What is the song in the Jeep 2007 commercial Have Fun Out There?

Jeep commercial by xotrexSunshine by Jonathan Edwards
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Pink (musician)
Van Morrison

What is the name of the classic rock song with these lyrics 'even though you ain't got money you are so in love with you honey and everything is going to be all right'?

Answer Anne Murry's Classic!The singer- Anne Murry

Song- Danny's Song

Album- The Far!

Kenny Loggins wrote it, and Loggins and Messina originally recorded it.


Proof read your question before you submit it, idiot.

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Pink (musician)

Does Pink have any brothers or sisters?

She has a brother named Jason.

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Pink (musician)

What song has these lyrics 'I'm not talking about moving in and I don't want to change your life'?

I'd Really Like to See you Tonight by England Dan and John Ford Coley

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SpongeBob SquarePants
Pink (musician)

What was the song for the Globetrotters called?

Sweet Georgia Brown.

Pink (musician)

Is Alicia Moore Jason Moore's Sister?


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Pink (musician)

Are you pregnant if it is pink after you wipe yourself after urinating?

Pink on the tissue after urinating is probably a tiny trace of blood. It could have come from the vagina, anus or urethra. It could be from infection, irritation or menstruation.

Pink (musician)

How many kids does pink have?

As of June 2011, Pink has one child. A daughter named Willow Sage Hart who was born Thursday, June 2nd 2011.

Pink (musician)

Is pinks brother dead?



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