Potty Training

Potty training, or toilet training, is the process of teaching children to control their bladder or bowel movements so they can use the toilet and no longer have to wear diapers. The process of potty training usually begins when a child is between two and three years old.

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Potty Training

How do you potty-train a 3-year-old boy?

Your boy knows how to control his body functions by now; it's a case of showing him what to do.

Step 1: Go buy "big boy" underwear. His favorite cartoon character underwear is a powerful incentive for him not to mess them up. Briefs "just like daddy's" is also a powerful incentive since he knows by now that he is a boy.

Step 2: Make Daddy show him how to control the apparatus. Give him a potty-training chair... and make him use it. There is no excuse at this stage for him to be afraid of the bathroom, so he needs a chair his own size to practice in. It is a good idea to buy a "booster" chair to fit the regular toilet... and a step stool to get on a bit later.

Step 3: Make a big production about "No more baby, you're a big boy now so you get big boy britches" ...and throw away the diapers in front of him. This will get the message across that he has passed the stage where he can be a baby in diapers. In a couple of days, he will have forgotten all about the diapers and "training pants" and will be running to the toilet quickly so he won't mess up his "big boy" underwear.

A couple of points. When he is so absorbed in something that he plain forgets... make him wear the dirty clothes for at least an hour. Your child has been comfortable in diapers and "training pants" for so long that he does not feel the need to potty on the chair or the toilet... because he just gets his diaper changed. To have to wear nasty briefs -- cold, wet, and chafing -- for a "forever" time will quickly change the behavior. Be strong: You shouldn't have to deal with it but a couple of times before the problem disappears. Make sure he cannot sit anywhere but on the floor... no getting into chairs or other furniture. You are teaching him that "forgetting," because he didn't want to stop the other activity, has consequences. As a "big boy" he has to keep himself reasonably clean... which means that he will be wet and/or stinky for a while.

It is best to have a backup set of overnight diapers for a couple of months for the overnight hours, but it will only be temporary. Your child will learn to control himself in no time if you are consistent. In fact, you might want to keep "baby" diapers around for day use as a threat. "You are still a little baby, so I'm going to have to take away the big-boy pants and put you in diapers again." This one hurts his pride, because he thinks he's a big boy.

For aiming practice... and a fun game... throw a handful of Cheerios in the toilet and play "Sink the Cheerios." Works every time. When your son gets the idea that it is more comfortable to potty-train, he will take pride in the fancy new pants. Sometimes to the point of pulling his outer pants off to show off his new briefs. Tolerate it... it will pass.

Take it from a mom who knows... It won't take long at that age. So be firm, take advantage of the child's pride, and let him be uncomfortable for a bit. This combination has been used by potty-trainers for 100 years... and it works!

Potty Training

Do they have potty training pants for teenagers?

Yes. There are youth and adult-sized disposable diapers and "pull-ups" similar to toddler potty training pants (like DependsĀ®) available at local drug stores and other retail outlets. You can also find a wider variety of products and sizes through specialty companies, such as Diapersite and eSpecialNeeds (links below).

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Potty Training

Does Caillou have a potty training episode?

. Yes

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Potty Training

How do you toilet train a two-year-old who refuses to use the potty?

This is a real problem with little ones, but I wouldn't get too upset because things usually work out. The more of a fuss and the more threats you enlighten her with the more upset she will get. It's not about stubborness at all, but for some reason it's as if seeing their urine or poop splash into that toilet bowl is an unnatural thing.

Here is one tip: Tell her if she "makes a pee pee or a poop" you will let her put some colored sparkles into the water and let her flush the toilet. Make a game of it! Sparkles are cheap to buy and it will only take a few weeks to get her use to it. The idea is to intrigue her enough to want to have a poop so she can see those sparkles go down the drain.

If this doesn't work, let her peers take care of it. Eventually the other kids will tease her for still wearing diapers. Try those Junior diapers that look like little girls undies.

When you go to the washroom have her in there and talk to her about it and that everything is OK when you do "the #1 or #2." Give her gentle reminders that she'll be a big girl when she can do her business in the toilet. Then ignore it.

Remember, bed-wetting, etc., can be signs of the child's bladder not being completely matured at the rate of her growth, so try to put up with it for a bit and let nature take on the rest. You don't really see 6 years and up wearing diapers and your little girl will get the hang of it. Don't let anyone put the pressure on you for not toilet training your little girl. She will do it on her own time.

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Potty Training

When should you start to potty train a puppy?

How To Potty Train A Puppy

Potty Training should begin as soon as your puppy gets home. Puppies urinate frequently and success in house training a puppy depends on anticipating their needs - they should be given the opportunity to relieve themselves at least every two hours. You can usually tell when a puppy 'wants to go' because it will begin looking around, walk in circles and start sniffing for a place. That's your cue to take your pet outside or to the designated area. Remember you must stick to a strict routine, when house training a puppy, so it will quickly learn to be clean within the home. It is also important when learning how to potty train a puppy, that you don't get complacent, or your dog's toilet training can take a back-slide. Continue with the toilet training routine until you are sure that your puppy knows that indoors is not the place to go. Gradually decrease the number of outdoor trips and newspapers inside, but if there are any accidents, just increase the number of visits outdoors again.

Potty Training

What are some ideas for potty-training your 3-year-old son if he won't tell you he needs to go at home but he will everywhere else?

when my son was 3 he was the same way. I had him walk around at home naked. He HATED when he would pee on himself because it would not be contained to his pants and he didn't like it on his legs. He may not have made it on time but he sure tried and finally he got it. Additional resource: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/512407/how_to_use_positive_reinforcement_in.html

Potty Training

If you are trying to potty train a three-year-old but his grandmother has him one week per month and she doesn't encourage the potty training how do you show him what is right?

Stay on him at home consistently make sure he knows when to go and how to go don't let up on it prior to when he goes to stay with grandma just keep asking him what is he supposed to do when he needs to go to the bathroom and let him show you so you know that he knows how to do it himself. I would talk to the grandmother right off the hop! As an adult caring for your child, she also has a responsibility to ensure that your child is growing up properly, and that your parenting decisions are respected.If she does not wish to aid you in toilet training your child, ask her why!She may not want the chore, may be uncomfortable with the toilet training situation, or is unsure on how to handle it.Maybe she is showing you a passive/aggressive reaction..showing her dislike or antipathy for you by trying to undermine your efforts.If she does care for the child, then asking her about it may help bring it to a resolution. If she is hostile and insistent that she will not help you,or your child, then consider shortening or ending these week long visits.If she will not help you in such a common sense situation, then she is probably undermining you in other ways.

Potty Training

Is potty training considered operant training?

It depends on how the training is done. It could be done using operant conditioning. Most people do it that way. Operant conditioning just means that there are consequences for the dog's actions. When he toilets in the right place he is rewarded to encourage him to toilet in the right place more often in the future. When he toilets in the wrong place he is either corrected or interrupted to decrease the likelihood he will toilet inappropriately in the future.

Potty Training

How do you potty train a two year old?

There are so many opinions given on how to potty train boys, ranging from the process to who should potty train them. Two-year olds generally can indicate when they have to go to the bathroom. For that age everything has to be done for them. Let the boy and trainer -- generally the parent, most often the mother-- agree what the boy will say as a signal he has to urinate or defecate. Depending on anatomy, his penis may have to be gently aimed or held for him while standing at the toilet. There are step stools specifically designed for toileting for small boys to stand up on. While sitting, the penis may have to be aimed downward to avoid missing the toilet (yes, this can happen!!). If it's impossible to take him to a bathroom to pee, take him to some place outside with complete privacy, not in an open area where others can see him. Try not to completely undress him. My son is 3 1/2, he knows how to use the toilet to do #1 and he knows how to do #2 (he did this one time one) but he refuses to wear underwear, I have every style, shape, character and he just will not put them on, he will go around naked and ask for a pull up when he needs to do #2. He will wear a swimming suit and not have an accident, he knows you can't wear a pull up in the swimming pool.

If anyone has any advice.....please send my way.

My son starts Pre-K in 1 month and he can't wear pull ups to school.

reply to julesg68@yahoo.com When he asks for a pull up to do #2, dont give it to him. let him poop where and when ever he wants. buy him underwear that looks like a pull up. You can also try the pull ups cool alert!!! thoes really work!! Let his peers deal with this. When he does #1 or #2 his peers at pre school will deal with this and perhaps say things like 'You're not even a big boy yet!' You could also put his swimming trunks on and it's time 'Mom put her food down!' You are allowing him to carry on with this behavior and most possibly giving in too quickly because there is always such a battle over it. At his age he should be in proper underwear. Let him turn four and try again.

Potty Training

You are in the process of potty training your new puppy why does he shred the puppy pads?

Look at your puppy like you would a human baby. Small children will tear pages out of books. Why? Because they can, they may like the sound of the tearing paper. Your puppy is just being what they are ... a pup. Point your finger at your pup then the paper and say a firm 'No.' Eventually the pup will get the idea. NEVER hit your pup, but just scold. It's part of them growing up.

Potty Training

When do you potty train a child?


Potty Training

What is the icd-9 code for potty training?

Enuresis NOS, 788.30... closest I could find.

Potty Training

How do you use the Dr Phil potty training method?

Potty Train Your Baby How New Parents Are Mastering Potty Training From Birth! For more details CLICK HERE: https: //bit. ly/3ikJaZe

Potty Training

How do i potty train 3 year old girl at night?

When she is sleeping, carry her to the potty & she will go wee-wee sleeping!

Also, set an alarm for when she has to go to the potty to do her business.

If she wakes up & feels truly desperate to go wee, she must shout you to take her or she must go herself (if she can)

If she really is bursting, then you will have no chocie but to take her, or to have to wash soaked sheets.x

hope this helps!!!

Potty Training

Who rents porta potties?

J&J Services, Inc. - Nashville, TN 37210

Potty Training

What is a potty training song?

A potty training song is a song that helps kids learn how to use the potty properly.

Potty Training

Where can one view a potty training video?

Potty Train Your Baby How New Parents Are Mastering Potty Training From Birth! For more details CLICK HERE: https:// bit. ly/3ikJaZe

Potty Training

How will I know when my child is ready for potty training?

Potty Train Your Baby How New Parents Are Mastering Potty Training From Birth! For more details CLICK HERE: https ://bit. ly/3ikJaZe

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Potty Training

How do you potty train a 3 year old boy who is afraid of the toliet?

Try to think of a different way for the boy to think of the toilet. Tricking him would work too. I saw this on a cartoon. A dad put a clown seat cover on it, and the kid liked clowns, so it worked. Try that or a different seat cover, maybe.

Potty Training

How do you potty train a 13 year old?

If it's been 13 years I seriously doubt that they can be potty trained so you may want to buy some teen diapers or something and if not just live with it and let them wet and mess in some undies like my 13 year old son does

Potty Training

You work full time and your chihuahua is along home how should you do to maintain hes potty training?

He should have a run outside, with some shade AND sun! He should not be able to escape, though they usually don't try. He should have some toys outside, so he can entertain himself. My puppy has that, and we take him to one deignated toilet area, and he is nearly fully trained!!!

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What should you do if your 3-year-old will poop in the potty but will not pee in the potty and you are getting pressure from his school to the point that the director suggested you spank or punish him?

tell him that the potty is for both and reward him for using the potty for both. when he doesn't, make him sit on the potty for 5 minutes, its cold, its hard, but its not a spanking. explain to the school that potty training is hard for some children and if they want him to learn they have to be encouraging, not punitive, to this habit. If they wont stop the pressure, find another school, or possibly a stay at home babysitter, who will help with this potty training when you cannot be at home with him. I am one that only believes spankings apply when a child is rude or out of control and nothing else has worked, but this is NOT a reason for spanking the child. Tell that Director to put a sock in it and, in fact, if he continues to threaten you in this manner report him/her. You didn't mention if you were married or living with your son's father. If so let daddy take his son into the washroom and have a "peeing contest!" No kidding, it works and it's a game and fun. It takes patience and understanding. If the father doesn't live with you then go to a cheap store and buy sparkles and tell your son if he piddles in the toilet he can sprinkle some of the sparkles in the toilet bowl and flush the toilet. Kids are fascinated by this. Let him know that if he still insists on not going pee at school that he can't do the sparkle thing. Another thing you can use is "Jr. panties" (sort of like diapers, but look like under pants) that have different characters on them. At least if he piddles it will be in this and you'll get the director off your back. I find this director a flaming fool and should know that a 3 year old may have some difficulties in this area. They should be working with you and not against you! Not long ago it was believed that children who bed-wet did so because they were simply too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom (boys especially were notorious for this) but doctors found out that the problem was that some children go through growth spurts and while the rest of them grows their bladder simply hasn't kept up (it will in time) and thus, the bed-wetting. I would suggest you take your son into the doctors just for a physical to be sure there is nothing causing this problem and to put your mind at rest. This way you'll know if it's physical or psychological. Kids have very strange habits when they are as young as your son and that's quite normal. By putting pressure on your child you'll only make matters worse. If you feel what the director said to you is unfair then stand up for your rights and tell him/her to stuff it! Then report them! For now get your son in the Jr. panties with his favorite characters on them and in time his peers at school will take care of the rest. Oh how I agree with the answers above, report that Director. My son was 3 before he peed in the toilet. He had a twin sister who had been using it for months, an older brother and his Dad showing him what to do but just didn't appear to want to. Then one night I took his diaper off to put him in the tub and he said 'wait a minute' peed in the toilet, then the next day said 'no nappy (we are English) today Mummy', and that was it, not even any accidents except once on the freeway. I am just not sure about the Jr pants. Because the child doesn't feel wet he has no incentive to become dry.

Potty Training

What age to start potty training?

age two or three is usual. It depends on the child. Some children can distinguish and tell you when they need to go if you train them to tell you. Others cant verbally communicate well to age four.

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How do you fully potty train a three year old that goes to the potty sometimes and sometimes he won't one day he will potty all day in the potty then the next he poops on himself and pees in the potty?

ask tom Morrison

Potty Training

Potty training a 2 year old boy?

Hi! Potty Training is something some parents think is easy, but others need advice to help them get along. Take me for example. I am the mother of two busy little tykes. I found it to be a challenge for my son. Aaron is three and (finally) potty trained. My daughter: Morgan is only 11 months, so she is nowhere close. How I managed to potty train Aaron is we bought him a plastic training toilet. I told him any time he felt like he needed to 'go potty' to go in his potty. Of course, a small child can't learn from word of mouth, so we had to help him. Pull ups are an easy way to help along, but of course you knew that. Some moms are against this but I found it to be helpful: let him run around in just the pull up and maybe a Shirt. That way you have less things to pull off when he needs to go. Each time your son makes it to the potty, give a small reward, may it be a small piece of chocolate or snack. The reward will get him to want to go more and more often. Also, if he just is refusing to say when he needs to go, about every hour - hour and a half take him to the potty and ask him if he needs to go. (90% of the time he will sit down and go for you) even though he didn't say he had to go, reward the toddler. The reward makes him want to go that much more. After careful training, you son will have it down. The hardest part is weening them off the sweets! Hope this helped. It was all I could remember doing . . . but if I think of anything else, I'll post. Good luck!


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