Prince (musician)

One of the most successful recording artists of all time, Prince Rogers Nelson was born in Minnesota in 1958. During his three decades as a singer and musician, he has been called a variety of names including Prince, The Artist, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, The Purple One, and His Royal Badness.

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Prince (musician)

Is Prince a Christian?

"Prince became a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses in 2001 following a two-year-long debate with friend and fellow Jehovah's Witness, musician Larry Graham. Prince said he didn't consider it a conversion, but a "realization"; "It's like Morpheus and Neo in The Matrix", he explained." (Wikipedia)

Will Prince remain a Jehovah's Witness? You decide. "In June 2011, Prince was quoted in The Guardian as saying "It's fun being in Islamic countries, to know there's only one religion. There's order. You wear a burqa. There's no choice. People are happy with that."[125](Wikipedia).

I personally think he will either convert to Islam or become a deist or possibly even an agnostic, but I highly doubt he will remain a believer of the Abrahamic religion.

Prince (musician)

Is blankets real name prince?

yes. His oldest son is nicknamed Prince but is really named after Michael Joseph Jackson & is the 2nd.

Prince (musician)

Is Prince rogers nelson a christian?

Yes, Prince became one of Jehovah's Witnesses in 2001.

Prince (musician)

When will Prince Rogers Nelson go on Tour?

His new tour Welcome To America is scheduled to start in December of 2010. He gives many updates about it on his twitter.

Prince (musician)

What happened to the singer prince?

Prince is still performing but has been having hip problems and sometimes must walk with a cane now, but other than that, he is still the performing Prince.

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Prince (musician)

What Prince music video was it when he's in the bathtub?

hi. I'm pretty sure that the song is "when doves cry". sorry if I'm wrong put im pretty sure. c-ya.

It is "When Doves Cry" - he's in the tub at the beginning of the song.

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Prince (musician)

Who is the Prince of the dead?

The prince of dead was claimed to be OSIRIS after getting killed by his brother, Set. Then, Osiris became god of the underworld and Set became king of Egypt on Earth, but Osiris' son later became king because it was his rightful position.

Prince (musician)

Does Prince Nelson have a brother or sister?

yes he does?

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Prince (musician)

Where does Crown Prince Prof.Dr. Girma Yohannis Iyassu Menelik II live?

He lives in his villa, called villsa Yassu in Ethiopia on the hills of Addis Ababa,.He also lives in Germany and California (also Miami Beach)

Prince (musician)

Is prince the singer married?

Prince has been married twice, and he is recently single. He married his singer and dancer Mayte Garcia on Valentine's Day 1996. They had a child that has a genetic disorder and lasted a week. The couple separated in 1998 and formally divorced on June 2000. On New Year's Eve 2001, Prince married Manuela Testolini, a former Paisley Park employee in a hush-hush ceremony. Testolini filed for divorce on May 24, 2006.

Prince (musician)

Who is the singer prince?

He is a famous african-american r&b rock singer.

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Prince (musician)

What is June Nelson doing now?

June Nelson who appeared on the "Adventures' ofOzzie and Harriet" playing David Nelson wife and in real life too, is enjoying life with her grandchildren and happily living in Sherman Oaks near her two sons, Daniel Blair Nelson who turns 46 years old on August 20; and Jamie Nelson who was 42 on June eighth. Both Danny and Jamie are the nicest men you will ever meet. They're late grandparents, Ozzie and Harriet would be so proud.

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Prince (musician)

What is Willie Nelson's eye color?


Prince (musician)

How many albums has prince released?

This answer was found at Wikipedia
1. 1 That Prince does not admit to being part of in 1977
2. 21 Studio
3. 6 Soundtracks
4. 1 Live
5. 5 Hits Collections
6. 3 Internet LISA

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Prince (musician)

Where is a list of the rock and roll hall of fame's 500 song list in chronological order?

Because I could not find such a list I have put in the time to find the date of each song on the list myself. And in case anyone else who is interested in such a list discovers the question I posted, here's a link to a list of those songs in table form, sortable by title, artist, and release date: There's also a similar table for Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs, and a third table for songs appearing on both lists.

Prince (musician)

Was prince the singer ever marry and do he have any kids?

Yes, he was married and divorced twice and had one kid.

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Prince (musician)

Does the singer of the group B2K J-Boog has a girlfriend?

yes her name is Jondelle Michelle Lee and they have two children, Anaia Jolie

Houston and Jarell Damonte Houston. Anaia is older than Jarell by one year. They were born in 2005 and 2006.

Prince (musician)

How old is Prince?

Prince Rogers Nelson (Prince) was 57 years old when he died on April 21, 2016 (birthdate: June 7, 1958).

Prince (musician)

What is the real name Prince?

Prince Rogers Nelson

Prince (musician)
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Who was the black female drummer for Prince?

Sheila E.

Mother is Creole-French/African

Father is Mexican-American

Cora Coleman-Dunham

Could not locate information regarding her parents.

Assuming she is African/American

Prince (musician)

What was the name of the two wives prince rogers nelson had?

older turtle and younger turtle

Parenting and Children
Prince (musician)

Does prince the artist have children?

He did have a son named Gregory, but he died shortly after his birth from Pfeiffer syndrome. It was one the factors in his decision to seek answers (religious) and causing him to become a Jehovah's Witness.

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Prince (musician)

Does Prince the musician have an official Twitter page?

No he doesn't have Twitter.

Prince (musician)

Does prince rogers nelson have a wife and baby?

A wife, but no baby. His baby died shortly after birth.

Prince (musician)

Who are the female drummers in the Toyota commercial?


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