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The probability of a certain event is a number expressing the likelihood that a specific event will occur, expressed as the ratio of the number of actual occurrences to the number of possible occurrences. In mathematics, it is a measure of how often an event will happen and is the basis of statistics.

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What is the area of a 33 foot circle?

The area of a 33-foot diameter circle is 855.3 square feet.
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What is the difference between an open circle and a close circle on a number line?

An open circle means that the value that it refers to is not part of the valid solution. A close circle indicates that it is. ...
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How do you find ratio 8 and 7?

8/7=1.1428571428571428571428571428571 so the ratio of 8:7 means it takes 1.1428571428571428571428571428571 sevens to equal 8 ...
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Are there homeschool test scores available?

Sorry for the typo in the last message, I was interrupted. What I meant to say was my other two kids will probably also graduate at 15 yrs old. They are currently 14 and 11 1/2 yrs old. Yes,there is a great book on the statistics of homeschooling. It is called "Homeschooling: The Right Choice!" by Christopher Klicka, Loyal Publishing, Check out Chapt. #5. We have purchased the book for our family a couple of times because we continue to lend...
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Find two consecutive integers whose sum is 45?

First suppose the two consecutive integers bex and x+1then according to the situationx+x+1=452x+1=452x=45-12x=44x=44/2x=22now our assumed consecutive integers were x and x+1 , Now put x in itx=45x+1=45+1 =46Thus the Solution set is {(45,46)} ...
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What to do when the z score is not in the z score chart?

The average z score chart lists z scores with three significant figures. For example, you can find the z score -1.81 on the chart, but not -1.812 or -1.818. In the case that you wish to look up a z score with more than three significant figures, round it to three significant figures and then use the chart. OR You can also use a calculator if you wish to get more accurate results. The link for calculator is mentioned below. ...
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How rare is a 'hole in one'?

Approximate odds are 8200 to 1 on a average length par three hole tee.
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How many 2's are in a deck of 52 cards?

There are four 2s in a standard deck of playing cards.
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What is downside probability?

This is a very simple statistic to comprehend and to calculate. It takes the frequency distribution method of calculating probability. The statistic is calculated as This statistic is simple to interpret as well. What it calculates is the probability of the portfolio to get a negative return. It can be comprehended that a higher figure would mean a higher probability of fund to do give negative returns. ...
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How do you plot your boat's estimated position?

There appears to be some confusion regarding DR plots and IT (Intended Track) plots as well as how they apply to an EP. A basic estimated position is based on a DR plot (time and speed only, no current, tide, leeway or other corrections applied) and the LOP (with bearing and time noted). When drawn, it is done by dropping a perpendicular from your DR position at the time of the LOP (shortest distance). The intersection of the perpendicular and the LOP...
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Explain why estimating before you divide 624 by 6 helps you place the first digit in the quotient?

b/c by rounding 624 down to 600, you know that 600 divided by 6 is 100, so the first digit will probably be a 1 ...
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Real life application of quadratic equation?

How about the path a baseball takes when hit by a bat...
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What does the central limit theorem say about the shape of the sampling distribution of?

The Central Limit THeorem say that the sampling distribution of .. is ... It would help if you read your question before posting it. ...
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What is difference between uncertainty and probability?

Uncertainty is the uncertainness of any happening which may occur but probability is the ratio of which the happening will occur.The number of happening can also be included in the probability section but not in uncertainty.Both the words are roughly opposites of each other. ...
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What is cm2 in maths?

Square centimeter, a unit of area: the area equivalent to a square that has a side length of 1 cm. ...
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What is the probability of having 3 girls?

33% for every girl... (quick but wrong) 2. for a given solo pregnancy, we have the b-g option, or 1/2. For two pregnancies, we have bb, bg, gb, gg. for three pregnancies, we have bbb, bbg, bgb, bgg, ggg, gbg, ggb, gbb. Of which some outcomes are equivalent in terms of numbers. (e.g. ggb, gbg, bgg) However only one of the eight outcomes gives three girls, so the answer is the probablilty is 1/8. An easier method, and necessary when the number are greater, is to...
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Why is the sample mean an unbiased estimator of the population mean?

The sample mean is an unbiased estimator of the population mean because the average of all the possible sample means of size n is equal to the population mean. ...
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Why is the Monty Hall paradox true?

The Monty Hall paradox is true because it is actually not a paradox, it is a case of misdirection and/or misunderstanding that probabilities do not change just because you open a door. Restating the problem: You are in a game show with Monty Hall. You have three doors to choose from. Behind one door, there is a car. Behind the other two doors, there are goats. You choose a door. Just then, Monty spices things up by opening one of the other...
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What is the theoretical probability of getting a head and a tail?

if you flip a coin once, the chance it will be heads is 50%
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Can dizygotic fraternal twins be conceived a week apart?

I think so. My twins are three days apart according to every ultrasound so far. It seems perfectly reasonable that they could be up to a week apart especially considering that is about how long strong sperms keep on working within the right environment. I am not a Dr., but my guess would be it must be possible. Take care While it is possible for non-identical (dizygotic/2-eggs) twins to be conceived apart (and by different fathers!), it's generally not the case. An...
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Does an ogive best represent the shape of a distribution?

While a two-dimensional ogive or a cross-section of a three-dimensional ogive may represent the shape of a given distribution, they are only good for representing higher-likelihood (one- and two-sigma) outcomes because ogives do not have characteristic low-likelihood tails tails. For very well managed processes (better than four sigma accuracy), a custom ogive may provide a very good approximation of resulting distribution. ...
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Why is t score equal to z score in a normal distribution?

Because as the sample size increases the Student's t-distribution approaches the standard normal. ...
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What does the 'hits' mean in hockey statistics?

Usually body checks that made an opposing player lose control of the puck Answer At the end of the 2002 season hits were no longer kept track of because it was too hard to judge exactly what one was. Unlike shot and saves, it is hard to train a stat keeper on what one is. Answer I don't know where this guy got his information but the NHL still keeps the hits statistic. I was curious about this myself so I asked my old...