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Puzzle games involve working your way through a mental problem to get to the next stage or level. Traditionally, each level gets progressively harder, taxing the player a little more each time.

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Super Collapse 2 puzzle 21?

Step 1: Kill all the red

Step 2: Blow the right-side black bomb

Step 3: Kill the yellow

Step 4: Blow the left side black bomb

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What are the mah jongg puzzle options?

The internet has many different Mah-Jongg puzzle games. For the one on the related link the options are:

  • Theme
  • Layout
  • Tile Set
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How do you poker hack puzzle pirates?

You don't.

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Puzzle Type the answer to go to the next level. answer?

Henry cloud

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What is the answer to topple lite puzzle nine?

Why is it that people who know it the least, know it the loudest.

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How do you get the carpentry bot on puzzle pirates?

You are given bots when you have too few pirates on board your ship. At that point you can assign them a task which could be carpentry.

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What is a t-spin in the game Tetris Evolution on the XBOX 360?

well from what i know a T-spin on tetris evolution is using the purple "T" shaped piece in a way that almost seems in possible. it is indeed difficult to explain without a visual aid but when there is a spot that seems unreachable and you manage to squeeze the "T" shaped piece in by flipping it at the right moment you are awarded with bonus points for a "T" spin assuming you clear a line via the "T" spin move.

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How do you beat level 11 on Me and the Key Logic Puzzle for Kids?

Type the word key on your keyboard.

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How do you beat level 9 on me and the key 2?

Don't move the mouse at all: the penguin will think about the key. Place the mouse cursor where the key was so you can click on the key location without *moving* the mouse, when he thinks of it again.

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How do you beat level 14 on Me and the key 2?

This is an extended version of the "snake" game, where clicking the moving line turns it to its left only (it circles counterclockwise), and it gets longer with each ball you hit. You have to hit all the orange balls without letting the line hit itself. After all the balls, the key appears, and you steer into that.

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How do you beat level 5 on me and the key 2?

So each penguin has a letter and you click each penguin to spell ME AND THE KEY 2, and on the penguin with the 2 it'll have the key !

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How do you beat level 19 on Me and The Key?

The balloon says "right." Right click your mouse and push the word "key!" on the Flash Player description.

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What is the solution to crossmatics puzzle 3?

fill this in going across










Dooors (game)
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How do you beat level 5 on 100 doors?

Use two fingers to pull apart the door. Pick up the hidden fish from the top right corner and give it to the bear. Now press the bear to make him go away. See related link for screenshots.

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What action would you take to help you cope under pressure?

Delegate some of the tasks to your colleagues/assistants if the pressure is' work pressure'. Negotiate the timing of job deliverables. Priorities your work. Put in extra effort and hours into the work. Fayaz Malik Birmingham

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Apple with 3.14 puzzle?

Apple pie

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What do you do in resident evil code veronica x painting puzzle?

You have to be able to trace the family history of the Ashford family. The first painting you need you need to push the button is Veronica's. She's the only female currently pictured in the room. One of the last one's is Alexander, Alfred's and Alexia's father. He's one of the last paintings you push. The very last one is Alfred at the top of the stairs. The rest you can find out.

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How do you beat level 14 on me and the key?

Shake the tree with the mouse until the key falls out.

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How do you beat level 22 on me and the key 2?

Move the purple keyhole around by dragging the screen around it. (Click near the top or bottom of the hole to grasp it.)

Move it toward the lower left corner of the screen. You should find a smaller, bright blue keyhole. You can grab this one the same way while it is visible in the purple keyhole. Drag them both, alternating, toward the upper right side. You should find a white-and-green keyhole. Again, you can grab it and move it within the blue keyhole. Take turns dragging the white, blue, and purple keyholes toward the upper left, and you should eventually see a key there through all three holes.

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What are some good puzzles?

There are 4 numbers. When added the result is 7.11. when all 4 are multiplied the result is 7.11 . Find the 4 numbers

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How do you beat level 15 on me and the key?

Point to the first penguin (don't click), then follow the orange path to the second penguin without leaving the line. The second one has the key.

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When your Ashley on resident evil 4 how do you comlpete the puzzle piece?

u need to keep on moving the Pisces . but you can search on google to to find out the exact way to do it.

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How do you beat level 2 on me and the key 2?

Use your keyboard to type the letters on the balloons and they pop.

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How do you solve the clock puzzle in Resident Evil outbreak?

There are numbers written on the last page of the memo on the desk. it says hour (two numbers (differing depending on difficulty)) and then minute (two more numbers). In the other pages of the memo (excluding the last page) there are several numbers arranged in a random order. there are four pages of these random numbers and corresponding numbers on the last page (that i already mentioned). Check the first number on the last page, and head back to the first page, and see that the first number on the last page is prevalent in the random numbers and make out the shape of a number. this is the number you want to put on the clock, repeat with all four numbers until you have the time (it will be 03:25 on easy). go to the corner of the room with the clock (the corner near the door by the desk) and push x near a painting on the wall, it will slide up and reveal a button, push it and go back to the clock, its hands are now lit up. go to the clock and move the hands to the time you got from the memo, and the clock will open and give you the red jewel.

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Solution to super collapse 2 puzzle 78?

first click the three blue ones in the bottom left corner . click the white that comes from that. then the blue again. then the green. then th yellow. click the red next to the corner . then the white in the corner. then the red on top of the one on top of that. then the green at the bottom. then the white that comes from that . then the yellow. now go all the way to the top right corner and click the green. then the red then the yellow then the blue then the red at the bottom left of that NOT in the corner. then all the white you see. then go all the way to the top in the middle and press the white.then the red beside it then the blue under it then the red beside the green then the green then the blue. then the white close to that on the left................TO BE CONTINUED


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