Founded in 2002, Scion is a car brand owned by Toyota that appeals to a younger demographic. Ask questions about Scion cars here.

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What is a priory close?

A priory was a place that housed members of a religious order in the Catholic Church. The Priory Close referred to the totality of building involved in that accomodation - the dining hall, wash rooms, sleeping quarters etc.


What size of speakers do a Scion xb 08 have?



2005 Scion XB What does htis code mean p0446?

Trouble code P0446 means: Evaporative Emission System Vent Control Circuit


Where is the jack on a 2008 Scion xd?

Under the drivers seat

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2006 Scion xb having problem with static electricity causing sparks as you touch metal you don't want to go boom at the gas pump help?

try and put static guard on your seats and carpet.

This is usually caused by tires that don't allow the static electricity to disperse into the ground. One (expensive) way to possibly fix it is to get different tires. Or a cheaper method is to get a grounding strap that hangs down below the car and just touches the ground, this will disperse the static electricity into the ground.

If you just make sure to touch some metal part of the car before you touch the gas pump you'll be perfectly safe. If you don't want to get "zapped", hold an all metal key in your hand and touch that to the car. The spark will jump from the key to the car and you won't feel the spark. You can do this with your scion ignition key so long as you make sure you hand is touching the metal part and not just the plastic part.


How do you reset the maintenance required light in a Scion XD?

You gotta turn the key on and press the mode button till trip A shows on the screen. Turn key off, then hold the mode button and turn the key back on (till all the dash lights come on, do not start the engine). Hold the mode button down until all zeros show on the screen. Done!


What mpg does the Scion XB get?

I have one and I average about 26mpg.

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How do you install Scion 2005 xb cargo net?

There are two clips on each side of the net. In the trunk itself, there are two small loops on which you can attach the net clips. They are right below the rear spearkers.

Car Fuses and Wiring

Where is the radio fuse located on a scion tc?

In the engine fuse box. 20 A yellow fuse.

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Can a glass break before it hits the ground?

It is unlikely that a glass will break before it hits the ground. The glass may experience tiny fractures which will cause it to break upon impact.

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How do you install a Viper alarm 5902?

I just trying find out that. But I was connect some wire to viper 5902 from my truck (2001 dodge dakota)'s wire.

Do you know how connect wire to viper 5902 from my truck?


Viper 5902 --------------------------------------2001 dodge dakota

H3/1 pink (+) ignition 1 input/output ------------------- Blue ignition

H3/2 Red/white (+) Fuse 30A Ignition 2 ----------- SPARE (OR) green/red (18ga)

Flex relay input 87 input ignition 2 ?

H3/3 Orange(+) Accessory output --------------------- Accressory (black/orange)

H3/4 Violent(+) starter output (starter killer) --------- Yellow (to start motor)

H3/5 Green(+) starter input(starter killer) --------------- Yellow ( to Stater)

H3/6 RED(+) Fused 30A Ignition 1 Input ----------------- 12Volt input

H3/7 Pink/white(+) Ignition 2/flex relay output --------- SPARE (OR) green/red second

output ignition 2 ?

H3/8 (+) Flex Relay input 87A key side --------------------- SPARE

if required of FLEX RELAY

H3/9(+) fuse 30A Accessory/starter input ----------------- Second Accessory Green

Please let me know. If I am correct that my answer about connect wire to viper's connect from truck.. But I already contact to Directed but they won't help! I can not afford pay installer about 800 dollar. Please help me!



Is glass breaking a chemical or physical change and why?

Physical change because before and after breaking a glass, the glass is still SiO2 (Silicon): it's chemical makeup is not changed by the breakage.


What size speakers are in a 2005 Scion xa?

3.5"-4" in the dash and 6"-6.5" in the front door. To remove factory door speakers, you will have to drill out the rivets. To replace door speakers, you will have to fabricate a spacer ring or find one to purchase (door is very shallow).


Does the priory of scion really exist?

yes it may exist as it is a secret society there are many claims that they do exist!

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How do you reset the Maint Req light on a 1988 Dodge Ram?

pull down glove box small relay on right side slide push in small red button to reset


2005 Scion XB What do thi code mean P0441?

Trouble code P0441 means: Evaporative Emission System Incorrect Purge Flow


What type of oil does a 2007 scion Tc take?



Scion XB 1st Gen?

What about it?

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How important is the undercarriage shield on a scion?

The shield has a couple purposes, mainly thermal control to maximize fuel efficiency. The secondary purpose is to protect the engine and other assemblies from road hazards.

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What does the maintenance required light mean on a 2005 Scion tc?

it simply means it's time for an oil change.


How do you fix code p0012 scion xb 2005?

Okay... I am not a mechanic, but my '05 xB threw these codes. Without getting into too many specifics, the p0442 is fuel evap system, small leak. This is the Scion "gas cap" code. I got this periodically until I replaced my gas cap. Didn't see the code again for about 600 miles. Then one day it threw p0441, p0442, & p0446 together. When I searched for answers online, one mechanic on an xB forum asked if an owner with the same issue had 'topped-off' the gas tank shortly before the lights came on. Sure enough, I had forced about a dollar's worth into the tank at the pump the day it threw those codes. This mechanic said not to do this. In addition, the original gas cap on my Scion says that if the cap is not replaced properly during regular fueling, a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) my illuminate! This is right on the gas cap! Basically, I disconnected the positive terminal of my battery and left it off for about 30 minutes, reconnected the battery, and the lights disappeared. A local mechanic told me to try this. If there is really an issue, the lights will be back. I bought a cheap OBD II code reader from O'Reilly Auto Parts store to check the computer (contrary to some nervous and/or bogus mechanics, everyone should have one of these nowadays), and the codes haven't come back in over 1500 miles (I drive a lot)!!! Rant: Many mechanics complain about owners attempting to educate themselves about their cars. Don't trust a mechanic with this kind of attitude. Yes, a person with a little knowledge can be a pain in the backside to those who are pros, but consider that in Europe, there are certain repairs an operator must be able to perform successfully just to get a regular license! The OBD II code system does not diagnose problems, it simply narrows the areas a mechanic needs to check to solve the problem. That said, I read a lot of rubbish online from some mechanics admonishing the uninformed not to "throw parts at the problem," but this is exactly what many dealerships and mechanics do, and Toyota does not help. This kind of self-serving statement serves only to scare do-it-yourselfers from doing it themselves. I've read that some folks have replaced their entire fuel systems because of these same 3 codes by dealerships and other "reputable" shops. How much did that cost? Who pays that cost? Because of 1 honest, experienced Scion mechanic, I fixed the car myself for NOTHING!

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What is the tire pressure for Scion tc?

Front set at 32psi Rear set at 29psi 32psi for the front cuz of the motor. It also will tell you in the owners manual

Car Fuses and Wiring
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Where can you find a wiring diagram for a 2005 Scion XB?

You can order a wiring diagram from the dealer, I believe it is about $50- $60, there is no beter wiring diagram than a factory diagram

Check Engine Light
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How to reset check engine light on Scion tc?

Every 5,000 miles, a "Maintenance Required" light will blink for the first couple seconds after you start your car. It will continue to do so until it is reset. If it is not reset, than it will eventually turn on your "Check Engine" light. The purpose of the maintenance required light is to remind TC owners to change their oil. The factory recommended interval is 5,000 miles, but you can reduce the interval the light will come on to a mileage interval of your choice.

1. Before starting, make sure that the odometer is not on one of the trip mileage odometers but is displaying the standard odometer.

2. With the car off, press and hold down the odometer reset button. While still holding it, start the car.

3. The light should continue to blink for a couple seconds and than disappear. That will reset the light for another 5,000 miles.

4. The following are steps to change the interval in which the maintenance required light comes on. Right after you turn on the ignition while holding the reset button, you'll notice that the odometer display will show 5 bars. Each bar corresponds to a 1,000 miles. As each bar disappears, the interval will increase (0 bars = 5k, 1 bar = 4k). Release the reset button at the interval you desire.

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How do you reset the Maintenance Required light on a 2006 Scion xa?

If you are noticing a problem with your car then you need to get it checked out by a pro! However, if you have just finished doing an oil change on the car then you want to follow these easy instructions... Turn the power switch Accessory Position-ON and make sure that the Odometer is displayed, now hold down the long button by your Odometer. Turn the power switch OFF while still holding the button down. While holding the ODO button down, turn the power switch Accessory-ON The reminder light will flash with dashes until the reset is completed. The reset is complete when the reminder light turns OFF. After the reset, the ODO/TRIP meter displays as a set of zeros for 1 second, then displays your normal odometer mileage. There is also a youtube video of someone doing this on their XB, good luck!


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